Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your Responsibilities in Times of Troubles

English: BC base of an incandescent lamp
English: BC base of an incandescent lamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Be bigger than your problem. This is a decision you have to make NOW, do not wait till tomorrow. See yourself as someone who is bigger than that large dept, you are bigger than that sickness, you are bigger than that marriage problems, you are bigger than those needs. I John 4:4 says
“You are of God … and have overcome them because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”
There are problems in the world; God is in you. That makes you bigger than any problem, I see them as challenges and I am bigger than them.

You are a spirit, you can never cease to exist, if you die, you will still continue to exist. All those problems, whether physical or spiritual are temporary, they will soon pass away, but you will not pass away, you will not cease to exist, you will live forever (either with God or the devil, the choice is yours). If you will not vanish away form existence and this is the TRUTH; but no matter how long it stays, your problem will vanish one day, then it means you are bigger, better, stronger and more important than your problems. Friend, believe this, you are stronger than that problem: it is too weak to weaken you, wake up the sleeping giant in you. Thomas Edison failed ten thousand times, but he continued and so he succeeded in making incandescent lamp. You are of more value than any amount of money; you are priceless. The best houses that were built two hundred years ago are now out of fashion. Things come and go but your value cannot depreciate.

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