Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stop Blaming Others For Your Failure

No One Is to Blame
No One Is to Blame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When you blame other people for your failure, you are giving power to the situation to drag you deeper into greater failure. Failure is not confirmed until you blame somebody else, people who succeeded had failed more times than you can imagine but they took responsibility for every mistake and failure. When you own up and accept the fact that you failed and more than that you take responsibility that it was your fault and not any other person's, then your creative abilities will go to work on how to do it better next time.

Saul was told by GOD to destroy the Amalekites, saving none alive, destroying everything but Saul acted on the advise of people saved the king and capture some good things to use and to sacrife to GOD, a thing that greatly displeased the Lord, See 1Samuel 15. When the prophet Samuel told Saul that God is not pleased, He told the prophet that it was the people that made him to spare the best animals and the king. He did not see the need to own up and accept his mistake and repent of his sin.

The major difference between Saul and David is this, whereas David would accept that he sinned, and ask God to forgive, Saul always like to shift the blame on someone else. It is pride in the eyes of God when you don't accept your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Every time you shift the blame instead of fixing the problem, you are inviting failure to bind you more. Do not blame your wife, solve the problem; stop blaming your husband help him to become better. Why must you continue to blame your government? You blame your nation's economy for your woes, you blame the church, condemn the priests and blame everyone else but yourself. You are wrong! This is the reason why you are operating below your installed capacity, repent and have a change of heart before it is too late.

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