Friday, May 22, 2009

Count It All Joy

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

We are admonished in the book of James to count it all joy when we fall into different types of temptations. I used to wonder in those days why I should count it a thing of joy each time I faced a difficulty, afterall such experiences of difficulty are not palatable nor convenient to us as human beings. As I grew older in the faith and by my personal observation of things here on earth, I began to see the wisdom of God in this admonition.

The first reason is that nothing is permanent, things change, events pass away, even people die, so when you adopt the attitude of counting it all joy because you are aware of the temporary nature of the problem, then you are the wise one. You need to realize that temptations, trials and sufferings are not designed to mar you but to make you, this is the truth as I have proved this statement over and over again in my life and in the lives of many people in my congregation.

Let me also remind you that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior did not promise us a trouble free journey in life but a safe landing in

peace of mind. Consider some of these statements from the Holy Scriptures:

In the world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheers... John 16: 33

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but The Lord delivereth him... Psalm 34: 19

Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ... 2Timothy 2: 3

Life is full of battles... Ephesians 6: 10-12

Life's battles are originally spiritual 2Corintians 10: 3-6

The devil is out to kill steal and destroy... John 10: 10

There are so many of such in the Bible.

You need to count it joy because the Bible says that you are of God, meaning you belong to God, and that you are made up of God's stuff. There is something about you that has a touch of divinity. You are loaded with possibility. problems are made to provide you with the opportunity to prove that you are more than conquerors. When you have problems, difficulties, challenges, then it is good, count it joy for the privilege of seeing a miracle soon. That you are having it hard now is an indication of a victory knocking your door so count it joy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Untouchables

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

There are some groups of people on the face of the earth who are untouchables, they are the anointed ones of God. The Bible says in Psalm 105:13-15

When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people; He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea He reproved Kings for their sakes; Saying, Touch not Mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.

The people of God are untouchables on the face of the earth, no one can touch them and go free, not even kings, or presidents of nations, they are very special to the Almighty God Himself, and He is the one that takes care of them Himself. These group of people are called by God Himself, as peculiar, they are the ones who have given their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that as many as received Him are given power to become children of God. When you are given power to become a son of the Almighty God, it puts you over any problem of life, it elevates you into an enviable position as an untouchable, favored child of the King of kings. If you have not done so already, I am inviting you to give your life to Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Savior. As you respond to this message the Lord will support you to become the best you were created to be.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Get the Most From Your People

Watch people playing softball, bowling, scrap booking, gardening, etc. What do you see? You see people enjoying what they are doing. You notice passion, initiative, energy, creativity, drive and a striving to do the best that they possibly can. It is obvious that the average person has these characteristics. These are the same people that are your employees. So what don't you see much of this at work? The challenge for business leadership everywhere is to focus this passion, and the energy that results from it, on the work they do for the company. When you accomplish, you have put your organization on the path to becoming elite. You have people working for you, not machines. They have a desire to succeed, ideas, needs, energy and many other capabilities and drives.

If every one in the company made a list of these personal attributes, you would notice that all of the lists are very similar. Even Yours! This leads me to the thought that at a high level, everyone is fairly the same. Of course, we have different strengths and skills. After all, a company is a collection of different skills working together to accomplish a mission. All people are equal, we just have different jobs. The more you treat them as people rather than part of the machinery, the more willing they are to release their passion and energy on the work they do. The more you treat them as responsible adults rather than simply "units of execution", the stronger the company becomes. This is easier for some leaders than others. A lot depends on how you were raised, what you value, how you learned to manage an organization, company norms and culture and your ego. Leaders who developed in a collaborative, inclusive environment place a higher value on teamwork and equality.

They treat employees as valuable people. Their people are part of the solution. Leaders, who developed in more of a traditional, hierarchical organization, place a higher value on top-down structure and authority of the position. They have a greater tendency to treat people as "units of execution". Their workers are part of the problem. The most effective way to get your people to care as much about the success of the company as you do is to encourage them to participate. The more they feel part of what is happening in the company, the more of themselves they are willing to invest. This leads to greater productivity. The inclusive type of leader allows the people to contribute as much as they can, getting increased value from each person. The traditional type of leader tends to keep participation to a minimum walling off the additional value that the people could bring to the company. Which type of leader are you? If you are already an inclusive leader, think about the strengths of your people. Then find better ways to allow them to focus their strengths and passion creating business results. If you are a traditional leader, you probably have a lot of people who just do what they are asked to do but not much more. Put yourself in their place. What would cause you to get excited enough to pour your energy into doing only excellent work? Then DO IT!..for your people and for your company's success!

Bob Maitland
Bob is a consultant, coach and author who helps the leaders of companies to improve their bottom lines by focusing on the business goals throughout the company, increasing employee engagement and streamlining processes.
Maitland Performance Solutions
When you absolutely have to get better

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Speed Reading Manual

"Now You Can Finally Learn How to Double or Even Triple Your Reading Speed Easily, At the Same Time Improving Your Comprehension..."

If you're interested in being able to read 3 times as fast as anyone else, with a comprehension level that's 20% higher than the average, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's what this is all about:
My name is Stephen Manley, and until very recently, I was an "average" reader. It took me ages to finish a book, I often got bored and distracted while reading, and even if I tried to just sit down and dedicate some time to reading something important, I would have to re-read it several times to make sure I understood it. Since then, however, my reading speed has tripled, my comprhension has gone up by 20%, and I enjoy reading now more than ever.

So how did I go from being an average slow reader to now being a super-productive speed reader?

Allow me to explain...

Little Did I Know, A Simple Shift In Perspective Would "Unlock" A Reading Ability I Had No Idea Existed.

In my first day of classes at University, almost every one of my professors greeted the class with more warnings than welcomes.

"This course is going to require
you to do a lot of reading."

All the professors said the same thing. If you're in University or College, I'm sure you've heard something similar from your profs.

For every course, there was a required textbook. Each textbook was between 500 and 800 pages long. My stack of textbooks ended up being over 6 inches thick.

After a little math, I found out that if I wanted to keep up, I would have to read about 200 pages a week!

That Was A Problem.

I didn't mind reading - I even enjoyed it occasionally. But textbooks? How am I supposed to enjoy reading textbooks?

Textbooks are very strange things. You KNOW they're packed with information, you KNOW they're useful, you KNOW that they'll help you learn tons of things, but still, they're just unbearable.

You sit there with the textbook in front of you, trying to trudge through to the end of the chapter. You just want to "get it over with."

But while reading, you think to yourself "I just need to check my email..." or "I just want to check Facebook for a second. " And of course, you never feel like going back to studying.

Or sometimes you'll be in the middle of a paragraph only to realize that you're only looking at the words, and not really letting them sink in. So then you keep starting the paragraph over, but you can't seem to hold your focus on the text.

Or, maybe you decide "OKAY! Right now I'm going to read through that chapter I was supposed to read through." You slam down the book, get comfortable, and start plodding through the text. After you finish a section, and you get up to get yourself a snack... a clock catches your eye - you see the time, and to your astonishment, you realize that you just spent 3 hours reading, and you're not even done the chapter you were supposed to read.

I was experiencing the very same things...

I knew that this couldn't continue. I needed a change. I needed a solution.

And then I discovered "speed reading"

I'm sure you know something about speed reading already. Being able to read faster than normal, at a higher comprehension rate? Why not?!

But once I did some research, I found out there are...

Click the link below to find out more

The Speed Reading Manual

Is it Possible to Control Blood Sugar Levels Without Medicine?

Scientists have advanced knowledge about the proteins that help control blood sugar, or glucose, during and after exercise, and this knowledge could lead to new drug therapies or exercises more effective for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and other health problems associated with high levels of blood sugar.

Insulin resistance occurs when the body is not produced by properly stimulating the transport of glucose, a type of sugar inside the cells as an energy source. Too much glucose in the bloodstream can cause a variety of medical problems including Type 2 diabetes, said Gregory Cartee, a professor in the School of Kinesiology and principal investigator of the study. Katsuhiko Funai is the co-author, graduate student and researcher in the School of Kinesiology.

Insulin and muscle contractions are the most important stimuli that increase glucose transport into the interior of muscle cells. The cells can then use glucose for energy, said Cartee. But scientists do not know exactly how this works.

The group reacted Cartee watched two different proteins that were considered important in stimulating the transport of glucose by two different enzymes, linked also with the transport of glucose. The goal of this study was to understand the contribution of the two proteins, called AS160 and TBC1D1 in skeletal muscle stimulated by insulin.

"Trying to rule out or determine what proteins are important in the exercise," said Cartee.

The results indicate that the protein TBC1D1 was the most important for the transport of glucose stimulated by exercise and suggested that the second protein, AS160, may be less important for this effect of exercise. Give attention to the protein works best, in this case the TBC1D1, scientists can develop methods for making proteins that work best for people with insulin resistance, Cartee said.

Insulin resistance is a major health problem affecting millions of people, he said.

"Almost all people with diabetes have Type 2 muscle resistance to insulin," said Cartee. "This does not cause diabetes by itself, but it is an essential component that contributes to type 2 diabetes. This affects millions of people. Even people who are not diabetic insulin resistance is linked to numerous health problems. "

In the longer term people who have insulin resistance or whose muscles do not respond normally to insulin are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, said Cartee.

"Apparently the muscles have the machinery to respond to exercise even if they do not respond normally to insulin. If we knew how the exercise could develop more effective protocols for exercise, "he said. "In other cases of people who can not exercise, we could design a drug therapy or something else to control insulin.

Controlling blood sugar levels is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details in diabetic foods to eat AND diabetes foods to avoid.

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Blood Glucose Testing Errors - 8 Tips on Avoiding Mistakes

We all make mistakes and you won't be surprised to hear that people that test their blood glucose also make mistakes. We've compiled a list from other people's experiences of the most common mistakes when testing your blood glucose which often result in error messages. After reading these errors hopefully you won't make them!

1) Using out of date strips - test strips have expiry dates just like food and if you use test strips after their expiry date you may get an error message on your meter or worse a wrong reading without knowing it.

Make sure before testing that the test strips are in date.

2) Wrong test strips code - most test strips come with an individual code on the bottle/packaging. This code must match the code displayed on your glucose meter. If the codes don't match you will get error messages.

To avoid this problem check every new box of test strips has the same code as shown on the glucose meter. If not, change the code on the meter.

3) Re-using a lancet - this is a common mistake. Re-using a lancet could affect the accuracy of your reading and could be very painful.

Every time you test your blood glucose, use a fresh new lancet.

4) Uncapped test strips - test strips need to be kept capped in their container. If the container is uncapped for too long then this can affect the accuracy of the test strips.

Always cap your strips after use. If you find a test strip container that was not closed properly or you're not sure how long the strips had been uncapped for, then replace the test strips.

5) Poor storage conditions - test strips need to be stored in a dark, cool, dry place. If they are not, this can affect the accuracy of the strip. A bathroom or a window sill would not be good places to store test strips as bathrooms generally have a lot of water in the air and sunlight exposure on the window sill will degrade the strips.

6) Meter accuracy - the best way to check your meter is still accurate is to do a control check. Aim to do a control check at least every 3 months and perhaps each time you use a new box of test strips.

Always remember control solutions have a 3 month expiry, so after 3 months make sure you replace them. This applies to all control solutions from the one touch ultra control solution to the accu-chek aviva control solution. Click on the link to learn more about the control solutions.

7) Order of testing - some meters, such as the one touch ultra range, require you to put the strips into the meter first then place the blood sample onto the strip, other meters ask you to place the blood sample on the test strip first then place the strip into the meter.

Make sure you know which order your meter needs you to test with otherwise they will be an error message on your meter screen.

8) Meter units - glucose meters can measure in 2 units, mmol/l or mg/dl. Which units your meter measures in does not really matter as long as YOU know what units it measures. There are meters available which can measure in both mg/dl and mmol/l. The risk here is if you accidentally change the units and you do not realise there could be a huge difference in the actual readings.

Always look on your meter screen to see what units your reading is in. All meters will show you the units. Ideally, if you have meter which measures only in one unit it would be best.

All the meters at measure only in one unit, mmol/l.

Hopefully, you can learn from these common mistakes and avoid them!

This article was brought to you by John Ngijseh from the team strives to be an expert in diabetic products and is a great resource to learn more about diabetes. Visit the links within the article to learn more about our site.

We have some great article and learning resources, why not check out our article on types of diabetes.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

10 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Make your potential customers forget about the
competition. Just tell them to forget with a factual
and believable reason why they should.

2. Joint venture with your competition if you can't
beat them. You could agree to work together and
beat the other competition then share the profits.

3. Visit chat rooms were your potential customers
would gather. You can lurk and do market research
or mention your product to people.

4. Make your web site sticky by building a large
directory of web sites your visitors would enjoy.
It saves them precious time searching for them.

5. Start a free-to-join business association from
your web site. Just ask all members to place your
association logo and link on their web site.

6. Make extra revenue for your web site by selling
advertising space on your web site, in your e-zine,
in your free ebooks, on your classified ad site, etc.

7. Switch your marketing plan when your market
dies for your product. Be flexible and redesign your
product for a different market.

8. Make your web site worth revisiting. Give your
visitors original content, free ebooks, information
web site links, free useful software, etc.

9. Build your opt-in e-mail list using an FFA (free
-for-all links page). People can submit links to your
links page and you can send them a thanks e-mail.

10. Reward your customers for giving you product
feedback. It could be discounted products, useful
software, information products, etc.

Kewys Of The Kingdom

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two Key Elements to Achieving Success

Peter Drucker and Jack Welch, two experts in anyone's list of experts, have identified many key elements leading to personal success. The following two are so fundamental and critical, but often get pushed aside in favor of the "silver bullet of the month" element. They bear repeating.

Drucker said there is nothing as worthless as doing well something that doesn't need to be done at all.

Jack and Suzy Welch, in their weekly "The Welchway" column in Business Week, advised a questioner seeking career advice - a self described introvert - to find and release his inner extrovert if he wanted greater success in a large organization. Relationships count, and being known and having your value known is a personal responsibility - so adapt.

What do the Peter Drucker statement and the Jack and Suzy Welch advice have in common? They deal with two key elements required to achieve success

Key Element One - You've got to be doing work that others see as valuable and it's up to you to advertise it's value.

And the valuing of the work starts with the person doing it. If they don't see its value, you can be sure others won't either. It's the difference between being "just the receptionist" and being " the first person people meet when they come to my company." It's the difference between being a "retail clerk" and an "expert on men's fashions."

The burden of establishing the value of the work belongs to the person doing the work - they're the person most affected by the perception of the value of what they do. It's in their best interest to advertise and promote what they're doing as worthy and valuable to the enterprise. In many organizations, expecting that your work will speak for itself results in disappointment and frustration.. When there are so many others speaking out for their work you gotta stand up for what you do.

Ask yourself - Can you, in thirty seconds, explain what you do and its value to your organization? Not being able to do that effectively creates the perception of low value. The story of the three bricklayers illustrates that point. The first, when asked what he does, said " I lay brick." The second said "I'm helping build a school." The third said "I'm contributing to the building of a place where children in our community will learn - a special place." Same job, same outcome, same pay - three very different pictures of value added. Which of the three would you rather have working for and with you?

A story about how to keep value and accomplishment a secret:

A good friend was in a new position promoting a new enterprise that was going to open its doors in about a year. Her job was to promote and develop interest and commitment in this new enterprise in its target market. She started from scratch, with very little to work with other than her knowledge and presentation and relationship skills. The results of her efforts would not really be apparent until the enterprise opened. She did an excellent job of promotion - outside her organization. Inside her organization - not so much. She was working independent of any direct supervision. She was advised to develop a regularly published report - weekly preferred, at the least monthly - to communicate her activities and accomplishments. She thought that was too much like self promotion, and, besides, she didn't like doing that kind of work. So her bosses really had only anecdotal information on which to judge her effectiveness. Had she put together a routine of reporting and creating a vision of what she was doing, she would have been seen as the highly effective, valuable and successful person she was. But no one was in a position to see her success. She was lucky. She had a patient boss. Many aren't so lucky.

Key Element Two- Know who you are - your unique blend of skills, motivators and behaviors. Not just who you think you are, but how you are perceived by others. Then get to know your organization's expectations and culture. Then adapt to meet the needs of your organization - you must accept the responsibility of matching up with the requirements of the work and of the culture.

Sounds like a nobrainer. But many a can't - miss prospect, a big success in one situation, ends up not succeeding in what looks like a similar situation. The cause?

It starts with making the assumption that what worked at one place will work at another - that the motivators, values, behaviors and personal skills brought to the job match the requirements of the new enterprise. It's amazing how often they don't. It's also amazing how out of touch people can be with the reality of their personal skills, motivators and behaviors.

An example:

A manager whose experiences and values have resulted in her being very successful as a planner and preparer. She now works in a mid size company where speed to market is an absolute value. She insists that everything be planned and prepared so that chances of 100% success at implementation are as high as possible. No ready, fire aim for her. She's convinced of the rightness of her ways. Chances of success in that environment unless she adapts her values and behaviors - very low.

To put these two key success elements to work for you, take Drucker's observation to heart and make sure you do work valued by both you and your organization. And, of course, do it well. And take Jack and Suzy Welch's advice to heart and get to know the culture of the organization and how you fit in it and adapt to make sure your work is valued by others - self promotion is a valuable personal skill. It's an outcome of being convinced of the value of what you do, and, as the expert on what you do, you have the unique capability to share and create that value with others.

Andy Cox is President of Cox Consulting Group LLC. The focus of his work is on helping organizations and their people increase their success in the hiring, developing and enhancing the performance of leaders and emerging leaders. Cox Consulting Group LLC was started in 1995, and has worked with a wide range of organizations, managers and leaders - helping them define success, achieve success and make the ability to change a competitive advantage. He can be reached at or at

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Personal Integrity - Pathway to Success

Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." And William Shakespeare said, "Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself."

These two giants knew what they were talking about and they were right in their assumption. Integrity which may be define as the quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one's actions is indeed the royal pathway to personal and professional success.

Personal integrity demands that we follow the path of our convictions and that we remain true to our values. It may not always be the shortest and easiest route but it is the only one that will prevail in the long run.

One of man's greatest asset is his word. It is sacred and, no matter what the circumstances are, it should not be placed in jeopardy. It is the basis upon which trust and confidence are built and it is the hallmark of a man of integrity.

We do live in a world where, for some, all that matters is the results and we have seen the effects of that shabby thinking. Giant corporations on the brinks of disaster and CEO's in dishonor or in jail.

A strong structure needs a solid foundation. So does a successful personal and professional life. The corner stones of that foundation are honesty and truthfulness. A lack of integrity may win a battle but chances are extremely high that it will lose the war.

Lasting success depends on long term thinking. It depends on quality thoughts, deeds and behavior. It depends as much on personal integrity as it does on efforts and quality planning.

When we look at the men and women who have positively affected the affairs of man, we see honor, truthfulness, courage and integrity. There are no exception to that rule. Great accomplishments are the results of quality individuals. People who had the essence of character and nobleness. Not of people who would lie for convenience or cut corners for expediency.

Our actions and the results of those actions are a reflection of who and what we are. We recognize a tree by it fruits. People of character will produce grand and worthy achievements and those of low moral will leave a trail of disaster and destruction.

There are no shortcuts to personal and professional success. It requires planning, efforts, focus, dedication and above all integrity. It is that personal integrity that will cement all those elements together. Without it, everything is bound to crumble sooner or later.

A person can be highly gifted and intelligent but without a strong moral core, all that is moot. When ambition and greed rule disaster is sure to ensue. A man without strong personal integrity is like a ship without a rudder. That person will be guided by whatever tide, current and wind that comes his way. Not only will he never reach port but he will also be a menace to anyone on his path.

To ever hope to enjoy both personal and professional success, an impressive bag of tools is necessary. Among these are desire, confidence, focus, talent, dedication and above all personal integrity with all that it entails. A person may build a great life without some of these tools... but it cannot be done without integrity.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog and Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Motivation Slump? 7 Steps to Banish Unproductivity

All of us have times in business that zap us from the energy or the desire to keep going. When we are not motivated to work our business we jeopardize success. When we are unproductive we are losing valuable income by being idle. Instead of generating cash we are immobilized. As we continue in our unmotivated state we perpetuate the problem by finding more and more ways to avoid the action we should be taking. Then we begin to feel guilt or we give in to a bit of panic. Worse, we start to lose our desire to make this business work. This cycle must stop before we sabotage all the effort we have put in previously.

So how do you regain your motivation?

1. Take responsibility to stay motivated. You alone are responsible for your motivation. Don't count on others. This is your life.

2. How do you find motivation? Each person has their own inner motivation triggers. What are yours? Think back to times when you have been completely revved up to accomplish something. What was the driving force behind that motivation. Stir up that motivation trigger again.

3. Keep your goal/goals forefront in your mind. Keeping your goals alive gives inspiration. Keep a dream journal. Use pictures of your dream as your screen saver. Keep a list in your day planner and schedule time at least weekly to review your goals.

4. Support from others. We need encouragement to know we are doing the right thing. Develop a mastermind team that knows your goals and encourages you to pursue those goals.

5. Know your purpose. When you know your purpose your life takes on meaning. Following your purpose gives you the fulfillment that puts you on a path of inspiration.

6. Action breeds motivation. Do something right now that will give you results. You will discover that the first step is the hardest. Once you get involved in that first action step generally the motivation returns.

7. Do what you love. Still stumped? Take the most exciting part of the project and begin with that part. Pick one thing from your list of action steps you need to take, make it something you enjoy doing, and determine to spend 15 minutes doing that task.

And for your benefit, one extra tip:

8. Listen to motivational speakers. Find motivational speakers that can get you excited about living life to the fullest. Some of my favorites are Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and John Maxwell. Find some podcasts and be prepared to be ready to get back on to the fast track to success.

As you keep referring to this list and the things you've discovered about yourself you will find the times of being unmotivated become farther and farther apart. You will have found your own inner drive and that's the best motivation of all!

And now I would like to offer you free access to my 3 Success Strategies for Work At Home Moms. You can download them by going to

From Pat Anderson - Inspiring Work At Homes Mom to make a difference!

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How to Empower Yourself and Your Life

Do you remember a time when you felt fully empowered - that feeling of being on top of the world, honoring yourself and your values, expressing yourself, your talents and your gifts as you choose, living the life you want? You might feel like this right now, or you might not. Even if you don't remember a time like this in your life, can you imagine what it would feel like, how freeing it would be?

Empowerment is about owning our power, and it comes from within. No one can give us freedom; we have to claim it for ourselves. The funny thing about life is that when we stop blaming others and circumstances for restricting our lives, we begin to see that we have been our own persecutor, our own judge, our own jailer, and ultimately our own liberator. At first it may seem sad and frustrating, but once we start to free ourselves from our own self-defeating behaviours, beliefs and limitations, the lightness and ease kicks in and we can't help but laugh at how silly it all has been - we see how we've lived our lives as though caught in an old episode of the Twilight Zone. All we have to do is change the channel.

Owning more of your power involves being honest with yourself, connecting with who you really are on a deeper level, knowing what your needs and values are, what you like and don't like, what your passions and priorities are in life. When you know who you are, what you want and where your boundaries are, you feel empowered, confident, peaceful and on purpose in life. You trust yourself and the process of life. You know that everyone and everything that comes into your life has either a gift or a lesson to offer you. And you are able to receive and give openly and generously.

Reflect on these questions to gain insights:

* When have you felt empowered in your life - at what times, in what situations, with which people? How did you contribute to this?

* When have you felt disempowered in your life - where, with whom? How did you contribute to this?

* Where do you currently give your power away - in what situations, with whom and why? What are you getting in exchange for your freedom and power (other's attention, approval, love etc.) and is it worth it?

Try these inspiring ideas to feel more empowered in your life:

* Imagine fully owning your power in the situations you tend to give it away. What boundaries would you have to set? What would you need to do for yourself to feel safe, accepted and loved in these situations?

* Explore what your needs and values are in life. The things that you need to have or be in order to feel comfortable in life (honesty, order, clarity, acknowledgment etc), and how you like to live and express yourself in life (adventure, beauty, creativity, leadership etc.). Where are you honouring your needs and values in the various aspects of your life? Brainstorm ways you can more fully honour these in all areas of your life.

* Try taking some time to let your imagination show you the possibilities of owning your power and how freeing it is. Start by sitting comfortably with your eyes closed letting your body relax. Imagine filling your whole body and energy space with a clear gold color as a way to fill yourself with your own certainty and power. Let every cell of your body vibrate with the feelings of enthusiasm and freedom. Then start to imagine what your life can be like when you are fully empowered. Go through a day, a week and even a month or year from the perspective of owning your power and honoring yourself. Notice what you are doing, saying and feeling. Just before coming back to the present moment, ask yourself what it is you most need to do or be in order to take the next step in owning your power.

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach, Writer and Spiritual Teacher. She is the author of the book "From Chaos to Calm: How to Shift Unhealthy Stress Patterns and Create Your Ideal Balance in Life" and the CD, "Create What You Want In Your Life". Gini utilizes a powerful blend of Spiritual Energy Awareness, Co-Active Coaching and Wellness Counselling tools to guide people to connect to their inner truth and bigness, move past blocks and create a life of joy, ease and freedom. For more information, articles or to receive a complimentary monthly e-zine, "Insights & Inspiration", visit

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5 Ways to Get More of Your Own Personal Power!

Here are a few pointers:

1. First and foremost, believe that you are enough! You are exactly as the universe has created you and you are ENOUGH! This is a big one in claiming back your own personal power.

2. Don't give your personal power away to anyone! You can do this without even knowing it by doing things you just don't want to do or go along with. Ever had someone really want you to do something - think about that for a minute! Your boss, a close friend, what about a family member? By giving in and not standing up for yourself you are giving them some of your own personal power each and every time. This does not mean you have to be mean or nasty with them but stand-up for what you are believing in.

3. Protect yourself and your energy fields to make sure you are not being attacked on an energy level from a psychic vampire or energy drainer.

4. Say yes and be open to possibilities. Have you seen the movie the Yes, Man! It is a wonderful comedy, but has a great meaning behind it as well! They take this to an extreme in the movie, but the point is to be open to possibilities as you never know where they are going to come from.

5. Last but not least, HAVE FUN and ENJOY LIFE TO ITS FULLEST!

If you need help in working on any specific area of your life feel free to contact me as I am here to help in anyway I can! I hope you enjoy the tips and remember that you are enough!

Many Blessings and Love and Light


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Friday, May 1, 2009

Stretch Out of Your Comfort Zone - Top 5 Benefits

There are many benefits to stretching out of our comfort zones... in this article we will cover what I believe to be the top 5. Read through them and see which ones speak to you.

Build Confidence in Yourself
How important is confidence in our quest for happiness and fulfillment in our lives? In my past, I had little confidence in myself. I was often fearful to try something new because I was not sure I could do it or worse, I worried about what others might think. I soon began to realize, though, that every time I did something for the first time, stepping into the unknown, it changed me a bit. I felt a little stronger, proud that I had done it. It was as if each new step brought me closer to my realizing my full capacity - a sense of confidence that made me want to do more.

Overcome Fear and Worry
Mark Twain once said "I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never actually happened" Does that sound familiar? How often do we spend countless hours worrying about what might happen, the "what if's...." that we let govern our lives? When we spend all of our time worrying and wondering "what if", we lose sight of what is most important... WHAT IS. We all know that most of our worries never come true, for when we actually try something we were fearful of what happens? We realize that it was easier than we thought it would be and often even better than we thought.

Continue to Grow
You may remember a movie called Pleasantville. The characters lived in a small community bound by routines and beliefs that were known and accepted by everyone. They never deviated from this norm, they never even knew anything else existed beyond the streets of their perfect town, this perfect comfort zone. That is until one day, two characters appeared from another place and brought with them new knowledge, ideas and practices. As this new information was introduced, everything began to change, people began to question, to see, to experience things for the first time. Remember, growth happens every time you venture our of your comfort zone and experience new activities, "try on" new ideas, and learn new knowledge.

Have More Fun
How often do we move through life watching, from the sidelines, others playing, active, exploring, experiencing...? How often do we long to be engaged in some of these fun activities - but we hold back because we don't know how to do it, or it doesn't seem safe, or possible? What would it be like to let go of the trepidation holding us back, to take that first step out of our comfort zone and try something new. How much fun do you want to have? It's yours, for the taking, you just have to want it and then go for it!

Live Your Life to the Fullest
How often do we go about our lives in a rut, moving through each day just as we did the last, in a veil of contentment or complacency? A heartwarming movie that brought up the importance of living our lives to the fullest is "Last Holiday". The lead character of Georgia Byrd looks longingly through her book of Possibilities; images, and words that she has collected through her life representing all that she wants for herself, all of her "somedays". When she decides to spend her savings living some of her "somedays" and takes a wonderful "last holiday" abroad in a beautiful magical place, she finally lets her true self, her desires and possibilities emerge.

How has stretching benefited you and others in your life?

Stefanie Zizzo is a Career and Life Transition Coach who helps people take their life in a new direction. People who have stretched themselves to the edge of their comfort zone, who are tired of looking out the window, and are ready to step outside and truly experience a life full of possibility. With experience in career counseling and life coaching, she has helped hundreds of people to focus on what they want in their lives and careers, think and grow beyond their current beliefs and fears, and take purposeful action to make things happen. She offers both individual coaching, live workshops and will soon be publishing a Workbook called The Journey From Comfort to Possibility. For more information, visit

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7 Secrets to Find What Truly Motivates You - Empower Yourself!

How can you motivate yourself effectively? I have written this short article to inspire you to think deeper into your inner motives and empower the creative you to win influence in your daily life. Ask yourself these questions and take time with pen and paper to tease the answers from your subconscious mind.

1. What do I enjoy?

2. Who makes me feel relaxed and inspired when I am with them?

3. What turns on my creative powers?

4. What do I really really want to achieve in the next two years?

5. Do I care about what I eat or where I am living? What I really want here?

6. Am I happy with how I spend 70% of my waking hours? What do I need to improve or remove?

7. Whom do I most want to meet? Where?

OK! I make no apology that the questions are so short. It is the answers you create for yourself that matter! I want the answers to both surprise you and enliven you! I want you to dare to be open with your inner motives and to live daily challenging yourself "Is THIS what I really really WANT?" and then to eliminate the places, people and activities in your life that do nothing for you so you can open yourself up to becoming whom you want to be, where you want to be, with whom you want to be. Get out your rut. You only live just once so what is holding you back from being the true YOU? Just go for it and be creative and get on your own personal road to happiness and success.

The quality of your life now stems from your ability to create the answers YOU WANT to the questions you ask yourself. Be YOU! Believe in YOU! No one else can be YOU: so!

Louise Woodcock Piano Teacher, Success Motivator and Internet Business Strategist. You can discover more about me at
Please feel free to use this article however you wish! God bless! ;)

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Be Careful What You Believe

What you believe determines your life's outcome. You cannot achieve what you believe is impossible. You will not even attempt it, unless under compulsion. To attempt a task, you must first of all believe it is possible; not only that, you must also believe that you can achieve it. It is only when you give yourself a fair chance of achieving success that you can really commit to the task you have given yourself.

What you believe almost always turn out to be a self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you can't, you can't. If you believe you can, you can. You have to believe you can, before you attempt it.

Believe it or not, you believe the chair you are sitting on can carry your weight, before you lowered your full weight on it. This decision was taken in a split second as you approached the chair. If for whatever reason, you have doubts that the chair may not carry you (maybe you noticed a crack I one of the legs, or the chair has three legs instead of four), you will proceed with caution. You will either look for another chair, or if there is none, make the decision to stand, or make do with the "disabled" chair by lowering a fraction of your weight on it.

It is hard to believe in our desired goals when reality shows that past attempts have failed. This is where many fall into the trap of thinking that since past attempts fail, the net attempt is going to fail as well. It is easy to loose the lessons the last failed attempt offered. Failure speaks. It tells you what you did wrong, if you are willing to stay behind long enough to learn the lesson. Consequently, as series of "failures" amounts to a series of lessons learned. Each lesson should make us wiser, and better positioned to excel in the next attempt. Failure is part of the process, and not the terminator of the process, unless we chose to chicken out and drop out of school.

Your belief will determine the extent to which you will commit your resources to make it happen. Believing says it is doable, so let's do it. Believing sets the stage for committing resources to make it happen, hence believe without action is not believe, but mere wishful thinking.

Every one has a belief about the future. Everyone has an expectation. Things you believe are possible and achievable, and things you label impossible. Be careful what you believe, for it shall surely come to pass.

Usiere Uko is an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and webmaster of an inspirational blog of discovering your passion and fulfilling your God given dreams. Visit and get inspired to start your journey to financial freedom today.

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The Incredible Power of Belief and It's Impact on Our World - Part 1

When I read this statement, "As a man believes in his he is" almost fifteen years ago it really struck a cord with me like never before. Of course I had heard this before, but this time it was different. This time it really got through. It means to me that when you have a true belief...not just a casual belief but a true, deep seated, unshakable, unquestionable belief that is backed by real conviction that it is IN FACT true, then this is in fact reality...for you!

What do I mean by this? I need to tell a story here...a very true story. Do you know the true story of the 4 minute mile?

For thousands of years it was believed that man was not physically capable of running a mile race in under 4 minutes. For generations the elite of the runners could never get past that barrier. Four minutes and a half...four minutes twenty seconds...four minutes fifteen seconds, but never close to the actual 4 minute barrier. In fact many doctors were on record having said it just was not possible...the human body was not built in such a way that it could endure the strain needed to accomplish such a feat. Many said that the heart itself would simply explode or fail under such strain.

Generation after generation ran as hard as possible only to yield to the 4 minute barrier. Then one day in 1954 Roger Bannister did the impossible---he ran the mile in under 4 minutes. When he was interviewed afterwards he was asked how he did it. His answer was simply, "I ran the mile in my imagination so many times in under four minutes...lap by lap....stride for stride....breath by breath, that I new it was only a matter of time until I would accomplish it in real life".

He imagined the strain he would feel, the fatigue, the burning lungs, the straining for oxygen and he imagined running through all of this successfully. It was only a matter of time in his mind until what he had already accomplished so many times in his mind would actually be played out in real life at an actual track event.

So it wasn't any new physical training techniques, or new vitamins or supplements, or new and better running shoes...but merely the belief...the conviction that he would actually accomplish what everyone else deemed to be impossible.

What is even more powerful though is that though is what happened after Roger Bannister did the "impossible". Within one year 37 other runners also broke the 4 minute barrier. Within two years over 300 other runners also did the "impossible". Why? Because it was no longer impossible---someone had paved the way to show that it was possible and as a result had created a whole new belief system in it's place.

That sudden shift from what was once "impossible" for thousands of years was changed in an instant through one simple thing...the power of belief.

It is so critically important we take a close look at the beliefs we hold true. Are they empowering or disempowering? What are they based on...simply that we have not yet accomplished something yet and therefore believe it is not possible? I think when we actually look closely at the beliefs we do have, many of them were simply "adopted" because they were easily accessed.

What I mean is that we often accept the current beliefs of those around us, those we respect, those of our society because we unfortunately just "go with the flow" of current thought. It actually takes time and effort to really dig deep and find out what we truly believe and most are not willing to do this, so they take the easiest way out and go with what others believe unless or until it no longer serves them or it causes some major conflict for them.

There is incredible power in belief itself...and when you combine belief with true, unshakable conviction you have an unstoppable force. Whether the belief is actually "true" or not is irrelevant because for the one who holds that is true is true in their world. This is why it is so very important we take a close look at what we truly do believe about ourselves and our futures. Let's make sure our beliefs encourage and build up instead of tearing down ourselves and others.

What beliefs do you currently have that are holding you back from accomplishing something worthwhile in your life? Challenge those beliefs that have held you back from going for those goals that inspire you. Find new beliefs that propel you forward to accomplish those things in life that make you whole and complete. Go for what makes passionate about life and don't allow old thought patterns to hold you back anymore!

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Work Smarter and Not Harder

What does it mean to work smarter and not harder? And how can we know whether we are working smarter and not necessarily harder. There is one thing that is certain and that is we, referring to individuals, corporate organisations and governments could be working harder but not necessarily smarter. So how can we work smarter?

In the Good Book, the man credited with over 3000 wise sayings (proverbs), Solomon stated in that:

"If the ax is dull and it's edges unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success" (Ecclesiastes 10 verse 10)

The idea of having to use more strength to get something done is what Solomon was putting across. Let's create a scenario here for a minute. You are in the kitchen cutting some vegetables with a very blunt knife or cleaver in the case of meat. Because the knife is blunt, you need to use a little more strength to be able to slice up your vegetables or cut through the meat. This is what it means to work hard. On the other hand, when you have a sharp knife, you will slice up your vegetables or cut through the meat with relative ease; albeit not with so much strength and that is working smarter. The skill which Solomon talks about is the sharpness of your knife which makes it possible to cut your vegetables with relative ease. The good thing about the sharpness(skill) of the knife is that it brings success.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have evolved methods for living life. From our hunting-gathering pre-stone age right through to the sophisticated technological advancement of the 21st century, we have striven to work smarter and not harder. Our microwave, iPods and laptops are all evidence of our quest to be efficient, effective as well as relevant in what we do. Productivity, relevance and effectiveness are at the core of lives and this has influence our quest to be smart in what we do. In agriculture today, crude implements such as hoes, cutlasses and the act of burning bush has been replaced by modern machinery such as the combine harvester, planter just to mention a few. So why have we evolved these seemingly plethora of things in order to be smart at what we do?

The fundamental reason is that of purpose and relevance if you would like. We have over the centuries discovered the reason why we are here on earth and that is to meet a need; to serve which has today become known simply as ministry. In our quest to fulfill our purpose, we have strived to find ways of becoming productive in fulfilling our purpose without using too much energy; an energy which can be channeled into becoming more productive. So, how can we work smarter without using more strength? How can we achieve our goals as individuals, corporate bodies and national governments?

First of all, we need to know what we are about. The articulation of a clear and focused vision is the first step to working smarter. This eliminates any potential distractions that often blurs the image of our vision. There are many things that competes for our attention but which are not relevant to our vision. If we give them our attention, we lose sight of the goals. Thus, when we articulate clearly when our mandate for doing what we intend to do are, we are then on a path of achieving our goal with relative ease and that is how to work smart.

Having the requisite skill set is equally vital to working smarter. Having a right skill set will place us in a position where we would be effective in fulfilling our vision. For individuals, this may mean among other things, developing our God-given talents and abilities; polishing them up by attending college or university. For corporate bodies, it may mean investing in the recruitment of people who have the right mentality, attitude as well as the aptitude to do the work.

Positioning ourselves strategically is another way of working smarter. For corporate organisations, this may mean employing the law of comparative cost advantage through the outsourcing of products and service which it cannot produce. An organisation can produce these products and services. However, it may come at a higher cost which may not be financially as well as industrially prudent to them. Outsourcing their services may prove to be the effective way of maintaining if not expand their market share. For individuals, it may be aligning ourselves with people who are successful in the area we intends to work in or even fellowshipping in a place where the spirit of Lord, excellence and entrepreneurship is flourishing so that you would also develop that spirit.

And to be able to position ourselves strategically to work smarter, we need to have knowledge and information. We live in an information age and it safe to say that those who have knowledge and information are the ones ahead of the game. Understanding the market and taking advantage of it depends largely on the knowledge and information base of the individual or organisation.

Being open minded and having the right thought pattern is another way to working smarter. We have to 'renew' our minds as the Bible teaches us. This includes having the right world view about what we are about but also being open minded to opportunities when they present themselves. We would be way ahead of the game; companies and corporate organisations will increase their market share with open mind and a right world view bout their calling.

Emmanuel Donkor is a budding copywriter and an entrepreneur who is committed to seeing men and women rise to their highest potential in life. As a copywriter, Emmanuel Donkor is committed to putting up well-researched, informative as well as educative articles that will inspire people to achieve their best in life.

To find out more about the articles written by the author, please go to:

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When Something Isn't Working - Try Something Else

When you are not succeeding in what you are doing, chances are there are a number of processes taking place.

First of all, there is the possibility that you are about to succeed if only you do not give up. It is often not so much about something going wrong with the method you are employing to achieve the goal. One may actually be applying the best method and at the right time. Persistence and perseverance becomes an important tool to getting the job done. Remember the parable of the persistent widow recorded in the Bible (Luke 18:1-18). The widow literally wore the judge out till she got justice in the end. When we persist in the project or whatever we are aiming to achieve, success comes in eventually and in due course. What does this mean for the individual, an Organisation and a nation as a whole? It means we need persistence in what we are doing. That is the key to achieving our goals.

There are instances where we are not succeeding in our area of life primarily on the basis of wrong knowledge or information base. Ignorance, it is often said, is a disease and the lack of it often leads to the 'death' of a people or a nation. No one builds a house without first of all counting the cost. You need to 'spy out your land' in order to have the competitive edge. An Organisation or business wishing to increase its market share will have to acquaint itself on where it can have the comparative advantage in order to achieve its goals. This will have to be accomplished by acquiring knowledge of the market. It also involves an Organisation setting up a research and development outfit or repositioning the already existing outfit to gather current and relevant information about their target market in order to have success. This could also take the form of paradigm shift in mindset and attitudes.

Thus having the persisting attitude is very important to the success of an Organisation as well as having the relevant knowledge base and the right paradigm.

There are however, circumstances in which it is not prudent to embark on a project. Persistence in this case will only lead to waste of time and resources which could be put to other equally important activities. This is more evident when the above processes have been used with some degree of consistency. It is important to notice that there are some activities or project that is not worth embarking on. A good discerning heart will save the Organisation the time and resources. Under such circumstances, it is clear that trying another option becomes the best choice.

All that is required is a good discernment and the relevant information base to be able to embark on a project and be successful.

Emmanuel Donkor is a budding copywriter and an entrepreneur who is committed to seeing men and women rise to their highest potential in life. As a copywriter, Emmanuel Donkor is committed to putting up well-researched, informative as well as educative articles that will inspire people to achieve their best in life.

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Mindset Tips - Are You Allowing Logic to Rule Your Life Or Are You Listening to Your Heart?

Before I came to my apprenticeship with John Assaraf, I had absolutely no reason to believe that John would take me under his wing. How could I? I had absolutely NO ties to the personal growth industry. Logic would clearly say in a run on sentence, "Sean! You have ONE more year to get your college degree and you're thinking of joining a program by this dude you don't even know for a couple thousand dollars and giving up everything you've been doing in school the last 4 years for the hope that he'll take you under his wing?! Don't be foolish!"

That logical idea reflects the thoughts that were going through the minds of friends and family when I made my choices to not go back to school and to join the Having It All Challenge. And it's easy to understand where they were coming from with the perspective of me being foolish. But what about now looking in hindsight?

The fact is that whenever you take risks in life, logic will most always win by saying that you're making a bad decision. Your heart may be telling you to do one thing, but your mind will counter it by making excuses.

It'll say "well the chance of you achieving your dream is very unlikely. Here are all the reasons you won't succeed..."

I have to ask though...


I don't believe they would.

Look, I'm not saying that we shouldn't listen to our logic. It has good points. But ultimately when you're living in integrity and true to your life's purpose, it is your heart that will lead you.

Logic is really good at creating fear for the unknown. When you're letting that rule your life, you are out of your heart space.

When logic is bringing attention to potential obstacles and allowing you to see another perspective with no emotion attached to it though, that's great! Observe it as it will help you in your journey...Just be sure that it is ultimately guided by your heart.

Now I'm curious,

What's your burning desire?
What's your burning passion?
What's your heart telling you to do right now?
Is it telling you to change careers?
Is it telling you to get out of a relationship that isn't serving you?
Is it telling you to go on an adventure?

Ask yourself if the path you are on is serving your life's purpose and if you are truly happy doing what you're doing.

I'm serious!

Stop reading right now for a moment and think about it.

Listen, sometimes we do have to undertake delayed gratification and be involved in things which are not EXACTLY what we want. There are many situations where those scenarios are preparing us for what we truly desire.

But we also have to be careful that we don't mistake delayed gratification as being a replacement for our dreams. There are people who have been living in delayed gratification for 40 years. Don't let that be you. And if it is you, think very deeply about what I'm saying here and how you could change your life by tuning into your heart.

Make sense?

I hope you'll ask yourself the questions I've written, and when you do, listen to your heart for the answer.

For more mindset transforming tips and ideas for creating an extraordinary life, I'm inviting you to visit

Join me and other voracious learners as we learn from the direct mentorship of thought leaders who are changing the world.

From Sean Patrick Simpson, The Mindset Apprentice.

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You Dream of Wealth - Your Program to Get It

For you to achieve success, if you haven't found it, look within! Your subconscious is absorbing all that you hear, see, and think. Until you take control of the thoughts you send to the subconscious, it will be impossible to change. There is one simple step to take control. Develop your Faith. The way to do that is through persistent, consistent daily self-talk. Find your strengths and work on those weak areas with your positive self-talk. You can use any affirmations as long as they eliminate your weaknesses.

Start with 1-3 areas depending upon how persistent and consistent you are. For example, you have to get all the information before making a decision. One affirmation for you might be: I'll make a decision as soon as I have enough information to see the big picture. Repeat this each time you start going off on a tangent. So, faith is needed, faith in yourself. How do you develop this faith?

"FAITH is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion." Napoleon Hill. Let's expand on that statement starting with "state of mind". There are 2 areas of concern. One is the negative state of mind. The second one is a positive outlook. The biggest producer of failure is the negative mind set.

If you think you'll lose, you've already lost. The first step is eliminate the negative thoughts that bombard you daily from TV, radio, or any other source. This might mean avoiding friends unless you can influence them with a positive take on any situation. I am doing this program. This is one of the hardest areas I've found to change. Persistent is the watch word. Keep at it. You will change.

"FAITH...may be the subconscious mind..." is the crux of the matter. Each time you fall into negativity, repeat your affirmations. Better yet, repeat them constantly throughout the day, from the time you get up until you go to bed. I started out with 15 affirmations. I have a lot to change. Besides taking a long time to go through them, this was overwhelming. I still use them but only the ones directed to the activity I'm about to do. I used the "Think Power of the Daily Dozen" from Joe Girard's book, "How To Sell Yourself".

I, also, changed some of them from "I Am Successful", to, "I Choose to be Successful", when my gut feeling or subconscious replied, "Who are you trying to fool, you fool, not me!" Even so, you have to constantly repeat them. Go through the ones pertaining to the activity before you start. When you project positive thoughts, soon others will catch the good vibes coming from you. You'll be influencing others which will better their lives. You'll achieve your Dreams by persistent and consistent auto suggestions of affirmations.

I couldn't change as much nor as quick without joining a group of people who have already done it. You can find this Mental Cleanse group through Success In 10 Steps. There are some other goodies on personality traits in there, too.

96 3/4 % of the people won't do what is necessary for change. The other people do whatever is necessary to succeed. They are the people who are true to THEIR vision, THEIR dream.
For "Success For Any Business" go to
Read it! Do it NOW before you forget. You will not regret it.

Written by Jerry L. Collins, A Mentor with a Servant's Heart.

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How to Get Out of a Rut - What to Do When Nothing Seems to Work

It is said that the only difference between a rut and a grave is the fact that one is deeper than the other. That may be accurate or not but it is a hard fact that being in either of those place really stinks. The main reason that it does stink is that it creates a feeling that there is no way out of these situations which in turn gives rise to feelings of helplessness, depression, lethargy, apathy, torpor and paralysis.

That's a disempowering scenario and one that has to be changed to an empowering one. Changing from a negative to a positive attitude is not only the first step that must be taken to get out of a rut it may also be the hardest one to accomplish. We can't talk our way out of a bad mood and no one else can do it for us. So we must grab the bull by the horns and do it ourselves.

We said that we can't talk ourselves out of a negative state of mind. If it was that simple, it would have already been done. Auto-suggestion or self-talk will not work but we can trick ourselves into a positive state of mind.

The best way that changing state of mind can be done is by altering our body posture and breathing pattern. Some explanation is needed to understand this concept.

Our physical body and our breathing pattern reflect our state of mind. When we are in a depressed mood, we stand and we breathe like a depressed person and when we are happy and feel like we are standing on top of the world that is what our posture and breathing pattern will reflect. State of mind and bodily posture reflect and reinforce each others.

So if state of mind and body posture influence each other, it then becomes evident that by changing our posture and breathing pattern we will automatically influence and modify our mood or state of mind. So, the first thing to be done to change our mood and get out of a rut is to start standing and breathing like a strong and confident person and thus start transforming our state of mind to a more positive one.

The next thing that needs to be done on our way out of a rut is to write down at least ten tentative solutions for our current problem. Now, most of these solutions might not solve anything but they will certainly change our focus and get us to think about solutions rather than concentrating on the problem.

Once those tentative solutions have been written down, the most promising ones have to be expanded and explored until they lead to a workable applicable solution. A solution does exist and that list is the map that will lead to it. Like all maps, the easiest and most promising route may not be immediately evident but it is in there to be found.

Being stuck in a rut, a morass or a dead end situation is not the end of the road. It simply means that changes must be made, new paths must be explored, new targets and destinations must be sought and, most of all, action, sometimes massive action, must be undertaken. There is always a way out and its our job to find it.

The sun always rises after the sky reached its darkest point and the brightest times in our life always follow the most somber periods. Seasons change so does our reality. Nothing is eternal, least of all periods of hardship. With hope, work and persistence we can change anything. Any lemon can be turned into a lemonade. Now, get out there and do it.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog and Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.

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Look For What Makes You Happy Not Just Rich

It is a tough time we keep hearing. But is it? If you think so you have not looked around at the people who are being successful, business that are booming. Yes you may have to change direction but maybe it was time to do that anyway. People think, and I was one of those, that I could never run my own business, or being an entrepreneur is not for people like me! Why not? are you an alien, do you not have a brain like everyone else. It is how we use it that counts.

Searching through the internet can be a frustrating, depressing experience as you just don't know who to trust or where to turn. But you cannot go through life thinking everyone is scamming you or they are all after your money (which you probably don't have anyway) so what have you got to lose. There has to come a time when you take a risk. I did just that and am I so glad. I found a gem, a British company that is on the London Stock market. Now there are good companies out there, find the once that are on the stock market, are doing well and are in an industry that has huge growth and huge growth potential. That is featured in such places as Which magazine which is you the public voting for those in there.

Click onto links and trawl through the information. How long have they been in business, what sort of industry, their growth, their services, do they sound like they care. Go further and chat to someone in the company. When you have all your information then you can take it further. At the end of the day it is up to you. You want financial freedom, we all do, you would like to retire earlier than you ever expected, great time for family and great journeys, live the dream. Many are doing just that, nothing is impossible if you want it enough. This is your life, don't accept what you have if it is not what you want.

Get out there do something about it now rather than later. If I can do it at 62 then anyone can. It does not matter what job you are or were doing you can easily be trained into doing something that will give you a great future and happiness. That is key to me, enjoying what you do and living a great life. Helping others do the same once you are successful is very gratifying and will always add to your success. The most successful people in the world are those who have helped others and given others a helping hand to improve their lifestyles. Remember this quote, change who you are or you will always have what you have got. This is so true, if you don't go for what you want then how can you have more than you have now.

Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. I love quotes they are simple and not too long to read and they make me feel good and motivate me too. Go for it become what you want to be.

I am a business owner working from home. It is never too late for anyone I am 62 and just started on my second business from home helping people improve their health and start up in their own business and make enough to retire sooner than they ever expected. My phylosophy is helping others always helps you. Seeing people's live change is so rewarding. The team I am working in offers free training in internet network marketing and offline too.

A great genuine British company helping people save money and make money. I have found a gem. I have four children who are very important in my life and my dream is to have a home near them and spend more time with them and through my success help them too. Never say you can never do anything or people like me don't become entrepreneurs. Not true anyone with a dream and ambition can do anything they put their mind to. I am living proof. I love my life and am living it to the full with the knowledge that I can do anything. Most important is to be happy. Information is all here to take a look and decide if you want a bite of the pie.

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