Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hold On In Faith

Abraham was reported in the bible that like GOD who raise the dead and calls those things that do not exist as though they do, he also against hope believed in hope. GOD want you to resemble our father Abraham who was mighty in faith.

Can you imagine a barren couple that GOD called the father of many nations, yet he believed. His wife had entered menopause, yet he knew GOD WILL DO what HE said to him.

His body was too old at near hundred years old but he held on in faith. Hold on dear one, your miracle is near. Believe it, be rest assured and go abour like Hannah who went out cheerfully after Eli had prayed for her. It is time to shout for joy because you are too sure that GOD has done what He says He would, its just a matter of time. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might, put on the whole amour of GOD that you may be able to STAND... Ephesians 6: 10,11.

We are told in Exodus that GOD is a man of war, in Psalm 144:1,2 we are told that HE teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight. Our GOD is mighty in battle and so we His children cannot afford to be weak as He teaches our hands to battle, we need to be strong, look your problem in the face and say it is enough.

When you know your GOD and say what His word says concerning you, even the devil will be afraid of you. It is important for you to see beyond the problem.

You are unique, favored and positioned to rule over all your enemies. Have a nice day as you are blessed, please remained blessed.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seeing Possibilities

Almighty GOD promised you in Isaiah 45:1-3 that "I go before thee, and make the crooked places straight... I will give you the treasure of darkness, and the hidden riches in secret places..."

GOD does not play with words, when He says it, He does it all you need to do is believe no matter what. It may not look like GOD is with you but He is. You may not feel blessed but you are because when GOD is really involved it has nothing to do with feelings.

See beyond the facts, see beyond the now, see GOD making things work for your good, see what GOD is saying in your heart and truly and surely you will eventually become what you see. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

God Heard You when You Called

The fire of GOD fell down when Elijah demanded for it to consume the sacrifice he prepared on mount carmel see 1kings 18:17-40.

When you demand by faith that GOD should intervene in any situation, He will do it if you stand your ground in faith. This is the reason the bible says "they that know their GOD shall be strong and do exploit.

You have to know that GOD heard you anytime you called in the time past. He will hear you again whenever you call.

When you know this and you strongly believe it, you have occupied a position that no devil can access. I just hope you see this, be blessed and remain blessed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Your Miracle On The Way

This is the season of the miraculous, GOD is doing great things and it is your turn to key in to that flow.

GOD never leaves nor forsakes you, HE cares for you. HE said in Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope".

GOD cannot lie, you need to shout for joy, be excited because it is your turn to experience one miracle after another. Be expectant because GOD will do a new thing in your life, I see it very clearly.

May the grace to flow in the realm of the supernatural where miracles happen everyday be imparted to you right now IJN.

May the power of resurection come upon you to silence every opposing force of wickedness that is determined to stop you in Jesus name. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wait For The Blessing

The bible says in Habakuk 2: 1-3 that the vision is for an appointed time and it may seem to delay but GOD says wait for it that it will not tarry.

There is a set time for you to shine, bible admonish us to wait assuring us that GOD's time is the best.

Be excitedly expectant of the blessings and the goodness of The Lord. The goodness will surely manifest more than this, know it, believe it, rest assured in it and it will happen.

Smile today, allow joy to flow because you are blessed and will remain blessed.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bless You

May the fulness of the blessing of GOD be your portion today and always in Jesus name.

The Lord will guide you and help you to avoid making mistakes that can drown your destiny or cause delay in the actualization of your dream.

Receive the wisdom to make the right decision at the right time in Jesus name.

Let me advise you by the guidance of the Holy Spirit that you should be careful with your utterances this coming week, avoid speaking negatives.

The Lord will make you to shine and fill you with blessings that no one can stop in Jesus name. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Personal Experience in Solving Problems 1

At a certain point in my life, things got so bad that I was totally confused. At that time, everything I was doing seems to be going wrong. There were problems at home, my business was falling, valuable relationships began to develop problems and on every side, I was faced with failure.

I had lost a lot of money in some business deals (more than 3.5 million Naira), one land which I purchased long time ago and I was developing; the plot came up under serious litigation. The people who sold the land were part owners of the land, but not the only ones who have right on the land. The other co-owners took the matter to court and won, meaning that I had lost the right of ownership, though they (the winners) pitied me, yet they took over the land.

It was not my fault, I was a victim of the covetous sellers of land who refused to pay back my money; all the money expended in buying blocks, gravel and building to window level, and to develop the plot of land went down the drain. Everything was happening fast and one would have thought that God was partial and uncaring.

One day a friend of mine invited me to see a prophet who would pray for me and tell me the secrets of my problem and what I could do to get out of the mess. When we got to the prophet, he told me some deep things most of which were actual facts of my life, I was moved, and I wept. The solution was spiritual, he would do certain rituals which he explained and that he would do it on my behalf, but I must pay him the sum of twenty five thousand Naira.

For God’s sake, I was broke – very broke. Ordinarily, that amount of money was not a big deal, but at that particular point in time, it was to me a very big Herculean task. Borrowing money to do such ritual was unthinkable for I hardly go for any type of loan. I went back to my house.

In the morning of the seventh day, which was the deadline or else according to the prophet, my enemies will pull the last trigger. I was troubled and disturbed; I paced back and forth in my office thinking. Without money, the prophet wouldn’t commence the ritual (I call it ritual, but they call it prophetic work). As I was walking from one end of my office to another, I got to where my bible was placed.

To be continued tomorrow

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How do you solve people's problems?

One thing to do about people's problem is to speak God's words to those problems. Speak out the solution you so desire and the solution shall come to be, it has never failed for those who knows how to speak forth God's words. When you are faced with empty pocket, all you need to do is speak God's words and say, “But my God shall supply all my needs according His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

When you are faced with the problem of ill health (or maybe anyone of your loved ones) all you need to do is to declare the words of God which says, “By the stripes of Jesus Christ, I am healed” as you maintain your confession, it will surely come to pass in your life. Every problem you encounter or your people encounters can be solved by speaking the word of God to that problem with determination.

Always remember this that you are saved to save others, you are blessed to be a blessing to others. I have seen it again and again that when I face other people's problems, my own problem have always run out through the window. Go and do likewise and you will witness a lot of miracles in your life.

To sit down and do nothing but to expect luck or a big brother to appear out of the blue to drop it (solution to your problem) on your lap is an illusion, a mirage in the desert, a dream that can never come through. As quoted in the opening passage of this chapter, I love the saying of a great man whose name I do not know, he said, "some people are successful because they are destined to, BUT most people are successful because they are determined to"

I do not know whether you are destined to be successful but I do know that you can become successful if you are determined to. Destined to be or not, if you are determined to and you can give it what it takes, even you too can get there, I mean to the solution that takes people to the mountain top of success sooner than you or anyone else may ever expect.

Believe me dear friend, you can make it, you have what it takes, all you now need is to give it all it demands to make you a success in life, remembering that those friends of yours who have made it big are not better than you, they are not smarter, meaning that if they could make it, so can you. If you have been failing in an endeavour, that does not mean you are a failure in life. There is always another opportunity to do it all over again. As a child of God you have to understand that who you really are is different from what you are going through. You may be going through failure, that is not who you are, you are passing through it to the glory land of success

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Word of GOD

GOD, WHO at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds. Hebrews 1:1-2

GOD is still speaking to people today, He speaks to us every day and every moment through HIS only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The word of GOD is the wisdom and the power of GOD.

JESUS is the word, the written word and the spoken word. You know GOD more by studying the written word, this helps you to distinguish the spoken word of GOD from that of the devil. Start studying now, be blessed and remain blessed.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Save Your Marriage

Love, Wedding, Marriage
Love, Wedding, Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Save Your Marriage
Marriage is an institution which was established by God when He created man. The bible says that God sees that it is not good that man should be alone, so he made an helper for him, and that is the woman. When the man saw her for the first time, he exclaimed, "this is now the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman." God brought his wife, and he recognized her immediately, when you see your wife or husband, that thing on the inside of you will click, the love deep down there will well up and go for that person. It is a knowing that we cannot explain particularly, it is inside everyone of us, the problem is that we are too much in a hurry to notice it.

In this write-up, I am examining the science of saving your marriage because I know that God values marriage and did not design it to be broken or for it to end in divorce. You have a part to play as a man or woman to keep that marriage. There are many reasons why you need to keep your marriage, the most important thing to note is that every marriage will be fought against by the devil, so you need to understand from the very beginning that conscious effort from you is needed to make your marriage work.

The society is becoming increasingly sophisticated that marriage values are rapidly declining, in South Africa where I presently live, most young ladies I see around are single mothers. More marriages are failing with the passing of each day, and except individuals do something urgently and desperately about their marriages, more divorces will take place in the years to come. When a marriage begins to produce children, the man and wife have greater responsibilities to make their relationship work for the children sake. Research shows that many of the people that have become dangerous and destructive to the society comes from broken homes. Many truly happily married couples live longer and raise more successful children than families that broke up or separated.

Many things out there are competing for the attention of your spouse. many unmarried people are out there to snatch husbands or wives that are not taken care of or respected at home. Love is a very important aspect of the marriage life, the degree of the love between man and wife will naturally rub off on the children. It has been scientifically proved that children whose parents love each other and who are loved and raised by both parents always do better. Keeping your marriage is a responsibility that holds reward for you here on earth and up there when we get to heaven. Go all out to make your marriage work, just Click Here! to learn more and please drop a comment here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Created to Enjoy Solving Problems

Everyone of us was created to solve people's problem, the work you are presently doing is the avenue given to you to help solve their problems. Let me explain it in a graphical form. A doctor helps the sick people of this world get solution of healing to their problem of sicknesses and diseases, that is glaring. Some people's work does not seem to be helping other people solve problems but I say to you that every work that we do on earth helps people in one way or the other. This book you are reading is a product of hard work and sleepless nights of writing and thinking, but one way or the other, it is helping anybody that reads it to become better in handling their problems.

All human activities that are negative add to people's problem and should not therefore be encouraged by you. Activities like stealing, lying, killing, destruction of other people's properties are all negative and adds to the problems of our world. What happens to you after the encounter of a problem in your life depends so much on you and what you have on the inside of you. One of the reasons why I wrote this article is to encourage you to develop thick skin against the problem virus. To do that, it is good for you to understand the source of all problems. Who is behind my problem? You ought to know the force or forces behind every problem you may ever have in the land of the living. All problems came with a hidden agenda to accomplish in your life, but the good news is that each one of them have an expiry date. When you know the force behind your problem and the worth of that force, you can put up a greater force to overcome it.

The joy and beauty of this world is that those natural problems have helped put more money in people's pockets. The problem of rat invasion in most homes have created employment opportunities for thousands of people who works in companies dealing with rat killers. Anytime a natural problem occurs, intelligent people find solution and this solution always involved many other people who profits by making a good job out of the said problem. This tells you that most problem came to make some people rich, though it will never be seen as an opportunity except by the wise fellows in the first instance. The problem you are currently facing may be an opportunity to make you rich, think about it again, it may be an opportunity to help make many other people rich.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You Are Created to Solve Problems Part 2

The Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution =...
The Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Life is not all about problems, its all about how you handle your own problem. Problems of life has brought this earth to this level of beauty and greatness. The problems of sicknesses and diseases has led to the production of so many doctors in this world, we have produced so many pharmacists, and these are helping us to get solutions to some of these problems. Always remember that problems should only be allowed to bring out the best that was hidden on the inside of you. You are loaded with unusual capability to deliver, you are full of creative abilities, problems of lives were designed to bring out these qualities hidden on the inside of you.

I want to challenge you from this time forth, to begin to look at problems from another advantaged perspective, see problems as opportunities which they are, see them as another great challenge that will add solution and ease to the way people live on planet earth.

Another dangerous thinking in the minds of some people is that they themselves are problems. You are not a problem, you are a solution, even if you are handicapped, you are not a problem, rather there is a problem you were created to solve. This is the pure truth, and I want it to really done on you, that you were sent here to provide a solution to a certain problem, discover that problem and begin from today to think about how to bring a global solution. This is very essential.

Say to yourself a million times everyday, "I am a solution that this world is waiting for", really, this world is waiting for the solution that you will proffer. The Wright brothers gave us airplane that is making people fly from one country to another, Thomas Edison gave us electric lamp, Faraday gave us electricity and so many others giving us solution to problems and now our planet is becoming sophisticated and global peace is becoming possible. You have to realize that you matter, no matter how insignificant you may think that your contribution to this planet. Your little contribution goes a long way, please do not allow this consciousness to depart from your thinking. Those teachers teaching the little children are doing great jobs, the cobbler who mends people's shoes is so important, the taxi driver who takes people to their destinations is doing a great job.

Whatsoever it is that you are doing in a positive way goes a long way to help make this world a very better place, keep on doing it. What you do positively is helping to solve other people's problem so keep at it, there is a reward. When we gave birth to our first son, we did not have a car, but the night my wife was going to deliver the boy, we needed a car to take her to the hospital and it was late in the night, suddenly, a taxi was just driving past, I chattered the taxi and he took us to the hospital. In less than twenty minutes, my wife delivered, can you imagine, if the taxi did not come by to take us to the hospital, she would probably deliver along the street, and no experienced midwife could have attended to her leading to danger to the baby and its mother. Every work that people do is important and is a form of solution to other people's problems.

Monday, September 8, 2014

You Are Created to Solve Problems

Hard Time on Planet Earth
Hard Time on Planet Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the mystery of problems is that we are created to solve them, they are not here to destroy us but to make us stronger. There are two types of people on the planet earth, those who create problems, and those who solve them. When we look at this world, everybody falls into one of these two categories, the big question is, on which side are you, problem creator or problem solver? There is nobody who can sit on the fence. The purpose of this write-up is to motivate you to be among the problem solvers of this world.

People who live a problem centered live always cause more problems for other people, do not allow your present problem take the best of you, refuse to be a problem centered individual. Problem centered people are those who carry their problems on their faces, they go everywhere with the consciousness of their problems, exposing their problems to everyone around them. They live as if their problem is the only thing that this world is all about, they usually weep, and show a very sorrowful countenance.

Some who are problem centered go all out to make lives difficult for the rest of the world, some of them go in the guise of religion, causing riots and unrest, leading to unnecessary killings and destruction of lives and valuable properties. The story is always a bad one especially when a problem centered politician losses an election, he uses his problem to cause problems and political unrest in the nation.

Please note that there will always be problems, there is no living human being on the face of the earth today who does not have his or her own problem. You do not need to use your own peculiar problem to disturb the peace of your immediate or remote environment, to do that is to become an unthoughtful problem centered individual. There is no problem that you are facing that someone else had not faced at one point in time or the other. The same problem which you have allowed to break you has given some others a great breakthrough in life, many have become rich and famous because they have worked hard with great courage to overcome that same type of problem which you are using to disturb your community.

I have found out from my study of great men that greatness begins when you face that problem squarely and with a determined effort to solve the riddle behind it. Those who faced the problem with the intention to get a solution have always gotten the solution they so desperately desired. They have helped mankind to become better and turned this world to a paradise of some sort, you are called to be among those who will help make this world a better place for the coming generation of people. What is your own little or big contribution to the development of your environment?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Prayer for You

Greatness and success is a very precious achievement. Some people attain it by fighting and struggling to get to the position they are, there was no way they could get there without a dogged determination and hard work, one example in the bible is David. Some other people get to that level by inheritance, these ones did not fight any battle, they simply occupied a great position because of the family they were born into, one good example in the bible is Solomon. Some others get to the position of great success by getting favour and help from someone else, Mordecai is an example of such, he became very great because he was promoted by the king.

The important aspect of life is that, it does not matter how you get there, either by fighting, inheritance or by receiving favor, you need to be successful in whatever you have choosen to accomplish on earth. I pray that the grace of God that makes rich and add no sorrow to it will be your portion in the land of the living. One thing I want you to go away with is this, whether you are born to a great family or not, you too can attain to greatness in life. The truth is that those achieve great honor and power by their own effort treasure are more than those who inherited it, so you can rest assured that God will help you to be the person who will leave great inheritance for the coming generation.

May the heaven open for you today to empower you with strength and anointing you need to become great in life. The grace of God will come upon you that will make you worthy of the inheriatance of the saints in light in Jesus name. Receive the grace to be favoured by those who will help you to accomplsh greatness in destiny in Jesus name. May God open to you today a book of remembrance that will attract great blessings to your life in jESUS NAME, be blessed and remain blessed.

Doing God's Work With His Word

Faith believes that what you said is already done; it is different from hope. While hope believes that God will do it, faith believes that He has done it and you act accordingly. Faith believes the truth and ignores the facts.

Truth is the testimony and affirmation of the word of God; Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life”. Whatever is written in the word of God is the truth. Although we have two types of truth: - absolute truth and relative truth. These are the definitions of truth according to the gospel of philosophers. I am giving you the definition of truth according to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the TRUTH; the word of God is the TRUTH. Praise God I believe it.

Fact is the evidence of the present reality; it is something that has really happened. But here, I assert that truth is different from fact. It may be the actual fact that as you read this book, you have no penny in your pocket, but the truth is that God’s word said, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or…. begging bread”. You are rich, that’s the truth. You are broke, that’s the fact. You must stay on the truth until the facts of the matter changes. You must insist on the truth, until the truth prevails over the fact. This is important because the fact is not real, it is virtual, truth is real.
If you are sick in the body, the Bible says, “By the stripes of Jesus you were healed”. You were healed, you are not going to be healed but you were healed – that is the truth. But the facts of pain is disturbing to your body. What do you do? The best option is the way of faith “which calleth those things that be not as though they were”. You stand on the truth, I am healed, you tell your body, I am healed, you tell the pain, you are not real, you are temporal; and the temporal must give way to the real.

If that is your stand, victory is sure. This book you are reading is in fact an actual book, yes it is a fact that it is a book. You put this book inside a burning fire and in the next two or three minutes you no longer have a book. Facts changes but truths can never change no matter what. Nothing we see is permanent, physical things are not the truth, God’s word is the truth. Physical things do change, fade away or get out of date and useless. You have to understand this, it very important
Not until your faith is deep-rooted, it will not work. Remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? The king of Babylon happened to be the maximum ruler of their time, i.e. he was the most influential (and the most powerful) leader in the world at that time. He made a decree that every one everywhere should bow down to an image he made when trumpet was blown.

Everyone in the province bowed down each time the trumpet blew. With time, these three Hebrew were noticed that they never bowed down to the image of Nebuchadnezzar, the king. After the report was made, the king commanded the fiery furnace of fire that was prepared for any defaulter, to be thrown in: to be heated seven times hotter than the usual. He then gave them the last opportunity to bow or to burn.

Read their response in Daniel 3:17,18
If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will DELIVER us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, o king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up.
That was the posture of “if I perish, I perish”. They knew God would deliver them from the fire that was faith. It was more than just to believe, faith goes a step further than believe and that is, if God does not do it, yet I believe His word. It is a big problem for the devil whenever anyone stands on the word and declares it by faith.

Heaven is brought in to the scene whenever you declare what the word says concerning your situation. Anytime you show that the fact of the matter not withstanding, you hold on to the word of God, you always win, fact changes but the truth remains. Do you understand this? May the Lord open your eyes of understanding to perceive this revelation?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blessings For You

We are serving the GOD of miracles who does great things past finding out. May the LORD count you worthy of enjoying a blessing and a miracle this weekend.

Let the heaven open upon you and the rain of blessing that no one can stop begin to fall in your life from this very moment.

Receive the grace to be remembered and called by your helpers of destiny and be helped unril you become very great indeed.

From this very moment your detractors shall begin to make mistakes that will favour you IJN. Be blessef and remain blessef.

The Word of God Is the Work of God

Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
God’s word is His work. The apostles said “… we will devote ourselves … to the ministry of the word” Act 6:4. To do the works of God: which includes winning the devil in battles. You must devote yourself to the word of God. The word of God is the work of God. Now, follow me.

Some people asked Jesus in John 6:28 “What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?” Jesus said in John 6:29 “This is the work of God that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent”. God had sent His son Jesus, and Jesus is the word of God. When you believe the word: when you speak the word: and when you devote yourself to the word, then you are doing the works of God.

If you read Genesis Chapter 1, you will observe that the major instrument used for creation was the word. No effort was recorded, no other work was mentioned other than “…And God said, let there be … and there was …” The only work God did apart from the word was the creation of man (and woman). Firstly, He spoke, “Let us make man …”. Secondly, he molded the image with dust of the earth. Thirdly, he breathe on man, and man became a living soul. Apart from man, all created things (and beings) were spoken into existence

Though faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things, which are seen, were not made of things which do appear. Heb. 11:3
And the Bible says God rested on the seventh day. The work He did was the word he spoke. This is the reason why many of us preachers get very tired after finishing sessions of preaching and prayers. Those who are involved in deliverance will agree with me that they get tired after the deliverance session, because they use God’s creative word in the process.

If anyone is sick, speak the word and God will work the works of healing. If anyone is poor, speak the word and God will work the works of prosperity. If anyone is dying, speak the word and God will work the works of life. If anyone is bound, speak the word and God will work the works of deliverance.

In the battle of life, speak the word and victory is SURE because God will work. Each time you speak the word of God, then God is ready to be at work. Using water, spiritual materials like candles, cross, oil for spiritual battle will not give you victory. Victory comes when the word is proclaimed by faith. The word is the work.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Wonders of The Name of Jesus

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...
Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglican Church http://www.stjohnsashfield.org.au, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus' description of himself "I am the Good Shepherd" (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: "To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Bible says, “that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father”. The name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are saved. There is power in the name of Jesus, there is victory in the name of Jesus, there is answer to prayers in the name of Jesus.

When you call the name of Jesus with faith, the problem must bow to you. Problems are programmed to bow down to anyone who calls the name of Jesus Christ with faith. The mystery of the name of Jesus Christ is revealed in the power to overcome all problems, this is because the name of Jesus represents all that Jesus was and is. All the authority Jesus ever had and exercised are all packaged into that name. A good understanding of this fact coupled with a never dying faith in this name will always produce victory one hundred percentage of the time.

Let me give an example of a problem that was dethroned in my son's life when the name of Jesus was invoked with faith by me. The Lord led me to organize a three days revival after the opening of the church (Success Dimension Church), at the end of the third day, my first son Moses came and told me that he felt an insect bite by his side stomach, I just laid my hands on it and prayed. By the time we got home, the discomfort was unbearable, so I laid hands again and commanded the pain to stop in the name of Jesus, and it did. By the following morning a worm like substance, crawled out of his side white in colour with red mouth almost four times bigger than a big maggot, looking exactly like a maggot. It was life, I took it and killed it and burnt it.

Can you imagine if I had not used the name of Jesus and that thing continued to grow in my son's body. It was an attack of the devil to stop me from continuing in the work of the ministry but I got victory from that using the name of Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus has a real powerful saving grace, use it when you are in trouble, use it when you are confused, use it when you are confronting life threatening situations and you will see The Lord Jesus Christ Himself intervening. The name of Jesus is one of the quickest most powerful weapon that dethrones the powers behind your problems.

All things are yours, but you must engage the violence of faith through that name, somebody call it ‘stubborn faith’. The only language that life (or success) understands is violence, consistent pressure. If you don’t push, nothing moves, if you refuse to pull, nothing can be attracted to you.

Success is stationery and it will remain in that position forever until you apply a greater force to pull it towards you. It does not come to you; you go for it and make it yours. And I know, YOU CAN DO IT. Yes, you can do it, you can be successful, and you can make it, you have that name that works wonders. It is already inside you, I mean the the name, use it, push it out, so that it manifest for all to see. Go for it, you have what it takes.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Winning By Determination

The art of successfully solving problems cannot be done without a crazy determination that knows no failure. Somebody said, “some people are successful because they are destined to be, but many people are successful because they are determined to be. This is the truth I want you to drive home, you can win over that problem, it does not matter how difficult it may be. I do not know whether you are destined to be successful, but I know you can be successful, if you are really determined to be so.

Somebody came to me and asked if I ever believe in destiny, I said that I did. He them told me his misery and failure in life is as a result of destiny. How do you know this? I asked, “because I struggle much and do not seem to have any success”, he replied. Is there any help for me? Was his last question. The only help I can give you is this little statement, “be ever more determined”. He went away sorrowfully but with a face that says, I am determined no matter what. Today, God has helped him; he travels all around the world doing buying and selling. Stop worrying yourself about destiny, start now with full determination and you too can make it.

The reason why you have to be determined is simple, there is no one on earth who does not have problems, but many people are overcoming theirs, you too must have to overcome yours. The righteous people also have problems, it is not only the sinners that have problem, so the fact that you are living right does not remove you from being plague with problems, but you have the power inside you that can overcome if only you can be determined. Some do not know that it is not only the poor people that have problems, even the rich have problems too, an English proverbs says, “the rich also cry”. It is true, they also have their own problem, but they manage it, and so can you. As an experienced pastor, I have seen very rich people going through unimaginable problems in life for which some of them are running helter skelter.

The good news is that Jesus Christ came to help us solve our problems, Bible says in Acts 10: 38 that, “How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power, who went about doing good and healing all manner of sicknesses and diseases, for God was with Him”. He has the anointing to heal you, He has the power to help you solve that problem and He has given you the power. The power is right inside you now, just draw it out and use it for your own glory.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Creating True Wealth

Most people think building wealth means getting a lot of stuff and a lot of money. The saying goes, "He who dies with the most stuff wins." Nothing could be further from the truth. When people are on their deathbed they don't ask to see their checkbook ledger one last time to see how well they have done in life, they as to see their loved ones and bask one last time in the relationships they had with them. I'm as guilty of this as the next person, because I have taken my relationships in life for granted too many times. It is way too easy to fill my day with more tasks and measure a good day by how many of the right things I have accomplished to reach my goals.
When I write about building wealth, I'm not just talking about money management. That is the most common misunderstanding. True wealth is in the relationships you have had, and how well you have done in loving your creator and loving others. When I first started this process of building wealth I began to realize that this is not "my money". I am only a manager for the one who created it all and is letting me have some of it to manage. If I manage it well, I could be trusted with more of it.
It is a sacred responsibility. That means that I need to be generous with what I've been given. I need to help others who need it. When I do I get a greater reward than any benefit I could have received by buying something for myself. I began to realize that if I kept it all for myself it would begin to make my heart rotten.
There is a lot of power in money. Lenders are masters over borrowers. The rich get to make the rules that the poor have to follow. Only the strong can help the weak. Only the rich can help the poor, and only lenders can give grace to borrowers on their debts. So accumulating a certain amount of money can be a good thing if we can guard our hearts from falling in love with the money itself. Instead we need to fall in love with what we can do for others with it.
My wife and I felt led to send a certain amount of money to a pastor we had met that needed to find a full-time job because his church couldn't afford to support him. We weren't quite sure we had been impressed with the amount we came up with, but it seemed like the right amount. We didn't send it to his church; rather we sent it to him, personally. At first this seemed a bit strange to me, but again it felt like the right thing to do. For some reason I was delayed in sending it out, I think I had difficulty with getting the right mailing address. I eventually sent it out. A couple of weeks later I got a call from the pastor, which surprised me since I hadn't given him my phone number. He said, "Jim, you have no idea what you've done!"
A bit taken aback, I wondered what kind of trouble I got myself into this time. He said, "I had an interview scheduled and started having problems with my dental implant. I was concerned about going to an interview with missing teeth, but felt God told me to go anyway and to make the dentist appointment anyway even though I didn't know how I was going to pay for it. I trusted that God would provide.
Then the morning of my dentist appointment I went out to check my mailbox and there was your check for the same amount as what I needed to pay for the dental appointment and replacement implant." Hearing that story really reached down in my heart and confirmed that true wealth isn't about the money, it is about how well I have loved God and loved my neighbors. I thanked God that He had given me the opportunity to be blessed enough to give, and that it improved the health of my own heart at the same time.
Jim Anderson is a personal finance expert, author, music artist, and ordained minister. For more discussion of a building wealth go to Jim's website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2959114

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Are You Living By The Truth Or By The Fact?

Jesus said in John 14:6, "I AM the way, the truth, and the life..." Jesus is the truth. If Jesus is the truth, what is the significance of that? Bible says that Jesus is the word of God in John 1:1-14. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God...and the word became flesh. This implies that Jesus Christ, the word of God is the truth. The word of God is broad and contains the written word which is documented in the bible and the spoken word of God which God is saying now to a specific person in a specific situation. When God speaks to a man now either through his mind or through the bible, that word is the truth.

On the other hand, fact is the evidence of the present reality; it is something that has happened or is happening. Fact is what you can see, hold or relate with, it is real. If you are broke, that is a real life experience, it is a fact; also, if you have headache, it is a fact and real. Your computer is real, it is a fact. There is something important I want you to remember about all facts, they are real but they are all temporal, facts are not permanent.

The major difference between the truth and the fact is permanence. While truth is permanent, fact is not. Facts change but truth is always the same. Truth is the same everywhere in the universe, it is the same one thousand years ago as it it now, it will continue to be the same forever. Jesus said, "Heaven and earth will pass away but not a word will pass from my word without being fulfilled. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, that is the truth, it never changes. The right thing to do is to focus on the truth in every situation rather than on the fact. Give attention to the word of God, put  your trust in the word of God and let it be your final authority and you will begin to see God work.

The high point of this article is this, you have the power to change any reality of your life that you do not like to that reality you really desire by applying the word of God which is the truth. When you are faced with a negative reality, just remember that it does not last, facts are temporal, so, just laugh and stand upon the word of God. Those who stand upon the word always win, they change realities or facts, you can do the same from this very moment, be blessed and remain blessed.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Power to Get Wealth

Fountain of Wealth
Fountain of Wealth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Deuteronomy 8:18 says, "But thou shall remember The Lord thy God, for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth..." Wealth acquisition is not an easy thing, many have tried to learn the art but are still struggling to be rich. According to the bible, only God can give you the power to get wealth. The power to get wealth that the bible talked about is the ability and skill to acquire wealth without struggles or fraud. It is true that some people get their wealth through fraud, but when God gives you the power to get wealth it is never through making anybody sorrowful. There is no doubt that those who are defrauded are thrown into sorrow and anguish of soul, in fact, I have heard of some of them committing suicide. Do you want somebody to commit suicide because you want to be rich?

When your plan to get wealth includes making someone sad or stealing from someone then you are embarking on a dangerous adventure that backfires most of the time. You have to remember that those people you are trying to defraud got their money by sweating it out. Anyone who engages in fraudulent activities in other to acquire wealth is a week person in the real sense of the word. Most of the fraudsters think they are smart and they brag on their achievement, do not be deceived, their end is bitter and I do not want you to walk in that path. The truth I want you to see in this write-up is this, the same strength and intelligence you put into fraudulent activities can be expended on worthy projects to get more money the right way.

God gives the power to get wealth the right way. You can ask for that power. Bible says, "Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" Mathew 7:7. If you desire wealth, its not a bad thing, the starting point in your quest for wealth should be to ask God for the power to get wealth. It is not by your own power or by your own might but by the spirit of God who gives power or ability to get wealth. When you ask or pray for the power to get wealth, God will not deny you, He will surely give you. When God answers the prayer, it will be manifested in your life through divine ideas. These ideas will come through your thought, you then need to believe and start working it out.

It is important for you to know that God will give you the ideas, but you will need to work it out, many times you need to do it with the cooperation of other people. So, you need divine wisdom to be able to enlist the trust of other people who will help you to realise your dream. Many get divine ideas but did not proceed to work it out, the art of working it out is called risk. You need to go ahead and take that risk because according to the popular saying, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". Be blessed and remain blessed.