Friday, August 29, 2014

Watching In Prayer

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Jesus commanded us to watch and pray. Today many pray and are not watching; much like the early church who were all praying for Peter's release but kept on praying and would not believe that their prayer had actually been answered and Peter is released. Rhoda told them Peter was released but they thought she was crazy and they all continued to pray for his release. Stop praying 4 things you should be doing, pray and believe GOD for the answer and go out there to do what you need to do knowing that GOD heard you. This is how to work miracle, this is how to experience breakthrough, you have prayed enough, begin to act.

It is very essential to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in every aspect of our lives. HE was the One worked in our hearts, convicted us of sin and inspired us through the word of GOD to give our lives to CHRIST. We need HIM for daily strength and guidance, we can cannot experience God's glory without HIM.
Open your heart to the Spirit, allow Him to lead and instruct you, he does that primarily through the word of GOD. A gentle quietness is necessary to hear what HE has to say, and there is always a word for you for every moment. May HE inspire you from within and empower you from without.

Nothing works without a working man, if you want to enjoy plenty and remain in that realm, you need a continuous life of daily work. Next to your family is your work, the scientific breakthrough we are enjoying in this generation is a result of hard work. This earth was not like this 200 years ago, people have brought about this development and beauty to our world by nothing but hard work and ingenuity.
An idle man cannot escape poverty and disgrace. Although the devil is a great enemy, idleness has led to poverty in people more than devil have caused, but we blame the devil for everything. Rise up, do your work, take care of it, GOD recognizes you only by your work.

I learn to accept responsibility for any failure or mistake I make in life. Knowing that none is perfect and if anybody is, I am not, so I have decided to face the fact, accept responsibility, see where I missed it, make necessary correction and move on. Many people blame others and events for their mistakes and failure in life, this will lead to more mistakes and failure.
You've got to learn to leave the past behind you, the past is gone, and should not be allowed to tamper with your future. When you blame someone else for your misery, you will not see the lesson that GOD is trying to teach and moving forward will be difficult. Hmm, hope you see it, that's why everything works together for good for those that love GOD. Be lifted, be blessed and remain blessed

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