Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Incredible You

The Power of Yes
The Power of Yes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One important thing I will like you to know is yourself. You need to understand that you are unique, important and deserve the best. No matter how low you may be as at now, you carry a great potential that can make you to sit with kings if you can just stop and learn how to capitalize on this potential. On the inside of you lies dormant a dominant power that can conquer the world, 1John 4:4 tells us that, "You are of GOD little children and you have overcome them because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."
There is a great treasure on the inside of you, you can overcome and you ought to, but until you recognize this power on the inside of you and use it, nothing will work for you. A great secret of success is to recognize this dominant power that GOD put in you to have dominion over all the earth. This dominant power is both creative and full of initiatives. Genesis 1: 26-28 tells us that as a man we should rule over situations and circumstances.

Having dominion is not equivalent to an absence of problems, but it is the power and ability to solve problems and make every situation turn out for your favor eventually. You have the power, Jesus said in luke 10:19 that "I give unto you power to tread..." No matter how tough or difficult an assignment is, I believe that you have enough power to do it and make a success of it.

Pray therefore every morning, GOD give me the wisdom to recognize the great power on the inside of me.
Give me the grace to daily activate this power to work for my well being and that of everyone that is connected to me.
Help me Oh Lord to grow this power on the inside of me to the extent that it will make me a blessing to my generation.
Lord let your potential on the inside of me become a point of attraction to my helpers of destiny IJN

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