Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wisdom of Noah

Have you ever thought about the wisdom of Noah? A man who built an ark with such ingenuity that it could house all species of animals one year ten days. Genesis 6,7.

Noah and his family spent one year and ten days with all the animals in the ark. How did he do it? Wisdom. How was. He able to provide natural habitat for duck for example that needs water every now and then not only to drink but to play with.

How was Noah able to separate the carnivores from devouring all the others including his family?

How was he able to dispose of human and animal wastes for one year and ten days? Were they on hunger strike? What provision did he make for electricity inside the ark?

Today, the LORD would have me to challenge you to pray for divine wisdom and guidance. Ask for wisdom that will empower you to excel, be blessed and remain blessed.
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