Thursday, August 14, 2014

When Problem increases

Have you experienced an increased intensity in the heat of problems? Have you prayed for long and it seem as if the more you pray the more the problem? Maybe the pastor has prophecy to you that success is close and yet it seem not to be in sight. Today, I want you to understand what is going on, GOD is getting ready to bless you.

When GOD called Moses to go to Pharaoh, king of Egypt to deliver the people of Israel, most of them were very happy that day. But when Moses confronted the king and demanded the release of the people of GOD, pharaoh increased their burden, he suffered them the more, he caused them to serve with rigor. See Exodus 5:7-23.

In fact, it got bad to the extent that the people withstood Moses and expressed their bitterness for causing them more sorrow and anguish, Exodus 5:21. Have you suddenly experienced an increased difficulties or problems? It is because GOD is getting ready to set you free, GOD is getting ready to bless you.

You need to burst out with a shout of halleluyah, when Nebuchadenezar increased the heat of the fiery furnace, JESUS appeared to deliver the three hebrew men. It is time to shout halleluyah in spite of the difficulties, the solution is nearer. I see you triumph over those problems, I see you succeed beyond your own imagination, don't stop believing. Be lifted, be blessed and remain blessed.
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