Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Highest Paying Job Ever

Which is the highest paying job? Which profession is the best, that will guarantee a very high pay? Some people think that money comes based on the profession chosen, or that it is the job that you do that determines how rich you will ever be. Initially, I also agreed with that assertion, that it is your job that determines how rich you will be. I thought that some types of job will authomatically make you rich while some cannot help you to go beyound the level of "Just Enough".

As I considered the rich people in my environment, I was shocked to discover that riches has nothing to do with jobs or position held or even the profession chosen by any man. I have seen medical doctors living a little above average while common pepper sellers are living in affluence. I have seen some lawyer struggling to survive while common cobblers are rising from the level of nothingness to the level of movers and shakers of society. Wealth acquisition is not tied to any profession or work, it is tied to the heart of the man. It is not your profession that determines how rich you will be, it is the YOU inside that determines these things.

The highest paid jobs are determined not by the jobs but by the person behind the jobs. This is the reason we have very rich lawyers and poor ones; we have extremely rich doctors and poor ones; we have rich school teachers and poor ones, and so for any profession you may ever think of. People have made a good success of seemingly unattractive jobs and profession. The story of a man who started out in Lagos, Nigeria as a packer (and disposer) of dung (human wastes), a type of job considered to be the basest of all, not even a school drop out will consider that type of dirty, low paying job. This man kept faithfully at his job, he later began to use trucks to evercuate congested sockaways, and since he was ever faithful and loves his job, he became a multi-millionaire, a financial position envied now by many doctors and lawyers. He has employed hundreds of people, qualified doctors, accountants, and many other professioners are on his pay-roll.

What job are you presently doing? It is the highest paying job if you want it to be so and are determined to give it what it takes to be that way. Highest paid jobs do not fall on anybody from heaven like a riped cherry, people work smart at it to make it what they want it to be. A man complained about how difficult it is to sell insurance policies, while the other man is smiling to his bank every day as a result of new sales. To one it is high paying job, but to the other, it is a very unattractive type of job. Let me say however that I have found it easy making money on the internet, many millionaires have been produced through internet related businesses. I mention this because it is the only high paying business I have experienced personally. The only thing about this type of highly paid job is to have a good training from experts, in which case, the "World Internet Summit" can help you through it international training outfit carried out two times a year. You need good training or personal development in any job or profession you may be presently involved.

You can just go to to see how to benefit from this world class internet training that will ensure you get a high paying job in only four days.

My candid advise is that you work hard and smart on your job to make it what you want it to be. If you are not fully interested in what you are presently doing, changing it to the one you love can get you to the level of highest paying job soonest.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Life 3

By Pastor Sunday Joseph Adenuga

In this issue, I want to concentrate on what the purpose of life should be since this is the only foundation for successful living on earth. No man can be successful in any venture without having a clear cut goal and purpose in that area of endeavor, it is the clear purpose that points to you how far you have gone. Life is not complete and you cannot be fulfilled without having a definite purpose you have to pursue.

Let us start this study by casting our minds back to the first few generations of human beings on planet earth. You may not know how they were, but your imagination can help you to understand the point I am proving here. Those who lived in the first few generations had more problems and challenges than those in this generation, considering the fact that they do not have any of the conviniences we freely have these days.

Can you imagine a generation where there were no cutlasses, hoes, knives, plates to serve ditches. Earlier generations did not even have the opportunity of using fire, clothes, modern medicine, there were no schools, hospitals, law courts, stadium, roads, motor vehicles, electricity, rail roads, trains or trams, not to even mention airplanes. A society where is is no modern means of communication like cell phones, fax, tele-conference, internet facilities and so on. You can continue to think and mention so many things that generation of human being have invented and developed in the past few years. One hundred years ago, many impossible things are now toys that little children can operate with ease.

Generations of human being have come and gone and each generation is leaving the world better that they met it. We know that there are a few people here and there who came to destroy and spoil things that other good people are doing or building. The intension of this write-up is to gear you up; to engineer you; to challenge you to be among those human being who will contribute something of note that will make the coming generation of human beings better and happier than those of this generation. It is in view of this assertion that I want to write seven points which I believe should be the purpose of everybody who want to be successful and leave a footmark on the sand of time. These seven purposes of life are reasonable and full of wisdom and if followed, you can not fail now and in the world to come.

The first purpose is for you to know your God. The Bible says, "...The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploit". This knowledge of God is very crucial to everything that you do on planet earth, for it will determine your destiny here on earth and your destiny when you depart from this world. In part one of this series, I explained this fact much more elaborately, you can try to look for the part one and read it again for a better understanding.

The second purpose you must understand is that God intends that all life should reproduce after its kind. This mean that dogs will continue to increase and multiply in the dog life and no cross breeding of different life. God is not happy for a man or woman to sleep with dog or horse, it stinks in the nostries of God. It is God's joy for you to increase and multiply not only biologically but also physically, materially, and spiritually.

The third purpose of life is for relationship. We need to relate with our God and with our fellow human beings. This is the place for kindness and friendship, you need to know that you are created to be kind to other people. God is concerned about how you treat other people; the way you relate with them, those higher in rank and/or status, those below you and those of the same level. Part of this involves helping people to become better and not bitter, sometimes the only thing another person need from you is smiles, sometimes it is an ordinary word 'thank you', sometimes it is just a visit of solidarity. God who said, "It is not good for man to be alone" means business and knows that no man can ever be fulfilled alone; we need other people to make useful contributions to our lives and we need to do the same for others.

The fourth purpose of life is for you to be fruitfull, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over all your world. These are the five fold blessing God gave to you and me to fulfill and it becomes our responsibility to make these good in our lives. This is the reason I do not support abortion in any way. Nobody knows the exact time a child is formed in the womb, sometimes you think you have it, and then its not there, and sometimes its there, you even continue to experience your monthly period and yet you are two or three months pregnant. God Himself is invoved in that conception, why dont you give that baby a chance to live; you may be on your way to aborting the next president of your nation. God intends that we increase biologically and financially, He wants you to succeed.

The fifth purpose is for you to be good both in character and the works of your hand. By this I mean God wants you to be good to yourself. Whereas in the third purpose, God wants you to be good to others, in the fifth, He wants you to be good to yourself by behaving well, living a holy life.

The sixth purpose of God's intention for your life is to discover your own assignment and do it with all your heart and mind. Have you considered the fact that God finished the creation of the world with many potentials for the sons of men to develop His creation. He did not create the roads, the computers, the rail roads, the trains and so on. We have a much developed world today because different people have come at different times to discover their purpose and do it for the betterment of our world. The question now is this, What is your own contribution to the world? You can only have a meaningful contribution to this world when you discover that 'thing' God brought you here to accomplish: otherwise, it will end up being a wasted life which I pray will never happen to you.

The seventh purpose of God for your life here on earth is for you to glorify Him in all you do. The Bible says, "God inhabit the praises of HIS people".

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Life 2

Akha couple in northern Thailand. The husband ...Image via Wikipedia

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

In part one of this series I drove in the point that Jesus Christ is "The Life", and this is not my own opinion but what God said in the Bible and I believe it. In this article, I want to begin the exploration of this important topic by going to the origin of life itself. You have to understand the fact that God is the origin and source of all form of life: He is the beginning and the end; the Alpha and Omega; the First and the Last; the Creator of all things and beings physical and spiritual. When you understand this point then it will be easier for you to have a good understanding of life, and the purpose of life.

Were you created the day you were born or the day your dad's sperm fertilized the egg inside your mum's womb? The Bible tells us that Jeremiah was known by God, called by Him and ordained to be a prophet to the nations even before he was formed in his mother's womb, and I know this is true of many people including you. See Jeremiah 1:4,5. Infact God said, "before I formed thee in the belly" meaning that God Himself formed people in their mother's womb, and he knows them before forming them. Samson's life was revealed to his mother before she ever conceived him: Jacob and Essau were well known to God before they were born hence God said, "Jacob have I loved and Essau have I hated". The truth is very clear, YOU existed before you were ever born. This is the truth of life you have to grapple with and understand well, and also that, departure from this phisical world is not the end of you or any body else who is human. Man cannot ever cease to exist, he is alive somewhere in the spirit or in the physical for as long as only God knows when.

Study the Bible very well and you will understand that God have you in mind before the foundation of the earth. Let's read Ephessians 1:4

"According as He has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world..."

You issued out from Him. It is a fact that you got your life from your parents, they got their's from your grand parents, and so on till we get to the first parents on earth. The first parents were Adam and Eve, these first parents got their lives from God. We are told in Job 33:4 that, "The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life". For better understanding of the above point from the Bible, see also Job 34:12-15. The understanding of this point is the beginning of knowing the meaning of life and its purpose and this is wisdom.

You really need to work on yourself to love the Lord because you are an extention of Him, you are his and you are from his bossom. The fact that you belong to Him should thrill you, but I am more thrilled to know that I am of God (1John 4:4). When he says that you are of God He is saying that you are made of God's stuff; you are made of God's properties or materials; meaning that you matter, no matter what anybody thinks or says, pure and simple. You are not only God's property, you also carry part of God's breath, you are not ordinary. There is something about you that the enemy hate, it is the great thing that God put inside you, it is the life that I am writing about in this article. There is a reason why God gave you this life, use it to the glory of God.

This life is broad and nobody can understand everything in this world, we know in part, but you cannot afford not to have some basic understanding of your life. You are what you know; you operate at the level of your knowledge; nobody can perform beyond his actual knowledge. You are limited in life by your knowledge, for example when I gave my mum who never went to school a laptop computer, she couldnt use it because she didnt know anything about it, she was limited or couldnt enjoy this technology and the internet facilities I put into it because of her limited knowledge. I hope you understand the point I am trying to prove here. This is the reason you must have some basic understanding of life so that you can master some aspect of it and that is the reason for this series of articles to help you; to open you up to success; to open you up to wisdom.

Let me drive home the point here once again that you existed before you were born and you will continue to exist after departing from this world, an experience we call death. So you have to take heed to the way you live your life because it matters and can affect your existence in the next world. Nothing that is done goes un-noticed; all things done by you is recorded somehow for or against you and there is a record for all spoken words and actions. To this end, as I round up this article, I want to charge you to do the good you can now, do your best, help people, speak kindly to them for all these things matter.

Next in this series I am going to delve into the very purpose of life, watch out for part three, coming soon

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Life 1

Day 6: The Jesus Storybook BibleImage by Travis Seitler via Flickr

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

One dictionary defines life as "The union of soul and body" but this definition may not adequately describe plant life. Another definition was put up as "the state of been alive" yet another definition says "it is the period between birth and death". Life is described by another dictionary as "the property of a plant or animal that involves growth, nutrition, respiration and reproduction.

Looking into the Bible I saw another definition in John 14: 6 Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life". Here we see that Jesus is THE LIFE, not a life. After a lot of studies of the WORD of GOD, I found out that there three kinds of life in existence, they are as follows:

Physical life,
spiritual life,
and eternal life.

Let me explain each of these lives one after the other and show you where each connects and where one depends on the other.

The first one (Physical life) is what many people know, and the scientists have done their best to teach us that there are actually three forms of physical lives and they are plant life, animal life and human life. Animal life is further subdivided into the following, aquatic life which is the lives of animals that live inside the waters, river, lake or ocean; Bird life which comprises of animals with feathers and of which most of them can fly except for bat which is a mammal and yet flies like a bird; Insect life which compass different types of insect in the world; mammals which are animals that feed their young ones with breast; reptiles and so on. The physical life can be seen with our eyes, we can touch and feel it, we can interact with it and have it respond to us as we observe it.

The second type of life is the spiritual life which comprise of living creatures and beings which can not be seen with our physical eyes, even though they are as real as any physical life which can be seen with our physical eyes. The spiritual life is real and can also be felt and interacted with, the spiritual world has a higher dimension than the physical world. The physical world is of three dimension but the spiritual world is of four dimensions. Those living in the spiritual realm are the ones who possess this spiritual life that I am promoting here, these beings are called Angels, some of them are called demons. In the spiritual realm, there can be either the force of good spiritual lives called the Angels and they are in hierarchical order; or the force of bad spiritual lives called the demons which are also in hierarchical order. The Bible talks about principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. See Ephesians 6:12

The third type of life is the eternal life. This is the life of God or as some people calls it, God's type of life. The Greek word for eternal life is "Zoe" which means God's type of life; it is the life of dominion; the winning life. This eternal life is the one that is imparted on you when you give your life to Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Eternal life is a gift, it is imparted on man when he accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and master. We read from 1John 5:11,12

"And this is the record, that GOD HAS GIVEN TO US ETERNAL LIFE, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life, and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life".

From the above scripture, we gather that number one God has given us eternal life, he has done it already. He is not going to give us, He has given us eternal life, pure and simple. Understand it, belief it, that you have the eternal life now and here. Number two, this life is in God's Son Jesus Christ; and number three, anyone that have the Son of God in him has this eternal life that I am talking about here. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you are already imparted by the zoe, if not; you can just accept Him now into your life as your Lord and Savior, and eternal life will be yours, nothing can be simpler than that.

The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He is not just talking about physical life but eternal life. He is the only one that can impart this life unto you and it is very easy to get imparted by this life; all you have to do is to accept Him into your life as Lord and Saviour. We also learn from the Bible that all things were created by Jesus and without Him was not anything (physical things and beings) made that was made, see John 1:3,4, Hebrews 1:2, Collossians 1:16,17

Watch out for part two soon

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Friday, May 7, 2010


By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Let me tell you some cold facts about the wonders of God

You have to understand that God doesn't do any of His wonders without using a man. We are never told that God came down at any time to perform any of the wonders or miracles, He always and will continue to find a man He can use to perform these signs and wonders. God is always looking for a man, the Bible says,

"And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found not".

That can be found in the book of Ezekiel 22:30. What is written in Isaiah 59:16 is even more direct,

"And He saw that that was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor; therefore His hand brought salvation unto Him: and His righteousness, it sustained Him".

When God wanted to preach the gospel of salvation to Cornelius and his household, though an Angel was sent to him, the angel could not preach the gospel, he only told Cornelius to get a man, Peter, to teach him the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The angel could have easily explain to him the gospel, but in this realm, God uses man to do His works like preaching, teaching, working of miracles, signs and wonders and so on. It is true that God rained down bread from heaven, but Moses was used to do this great miracle.

God cannot work except He uses a man to perform His works. What does this imply? It is very simple, God will always use a man to bless you, He will help you through a man, He will reach out to the world, bless the teaming population of the poor of the earth through an instrument called man, and that man can be you or me. He uses ordinary men like you and me, this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It doesn't matter how ordinary a man may be, if God has decided to use him, He gives him power, wisdom and grace to perform miracles, signs and wonders: not only that, He backs him up and supports him to do great things no one can ever believe he is ever capable of doing. Once you are chosen, you are instantly given the power to 'bind and loose'; the decreeing power. See Mathew 18:18,19.

Anyone that God will use must be a man of FAITH, for this is the only connection source recognized by heaven. Some of the people God uses to perform signs and wonders got involved with the supernatural through their personal interest, active participation in the things of God. When a man desire to be used by God to perform miracles because of the need to help solve human problems, such a man may be blessed and gifted to perform extra-ordinary miracles that will baffle the greatest critique. Sometimes God is the one who will so much endow a man to be so powerful to perform great feats that are beyond scientific explanations. Such a man may not even be interested in the things of God initially, he may not even know the scripture but when the deed is done and the call is manifested he or she will do well to get educated in biblical studies.

My purpose in writing this article is to help you see the fact that wonders of God are still real today, and that people are still enjoying God's supernatural intervention: that is not all, God is still using ordinary people like you to perform miracles. If I succeed in getting you to see this point, then you will come to a situation where you are ready either to accept and expect the gift of a miracle which may already be on your way. Or you may also be put in a position where you will be ready to allow God to use you to perform a miracle in the lives of people around the world. If the later is the case, then you should be acquinted with the following qualifications for working the wonders of God.

1. Your life must be completely dedicated to God. You must be ready to live a life of total submission to the will of God in all humility and meekness. You will put God first and His kingdom from now on because you will know that God is more than enough to supply all your needs. See Matthew 6:32-34.

2. Your life must be given over to the ministry of the WORD and PRAYER, see Acts 6:2-4. The WORD of God is the power of God, He couldn't do anything without His word, and since you want to work wonders and miracles which only God can perform, then you need His word with which He created the entire world. The word of God is the raw material for miracles, while prayer is the ability to communicate and get God's undivided attention and intervention on any matter. The result of prayer is the direct working of miracles and signs.

Through the instrumentality of prayer, Hannah was blessed with Samuel, one of the greatest prophets of all time. See 1Samuel 1:10-17. Jabez's life and destiny was changed because he prayed to God 1Chronicles 4:9,10. Hezekiah's days on earth were prolonged because he dared to pray. Which miracle is greater than eliminating death and getting healed of a disease that was sure to consume a man? Prayer is so powerful and important that even dry bones in the valley received new flesh, sinews, tissues and life because a man of God just spoke words of faith to them see Ezekiel 37:1-13. No matter what you are facing now, there is a miracle in store for you, I only need you to believe this write up and you can experience a miracle right away.

Monday, May 3, 2010


By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

We are serving a God of wonders! His words are full of wonders, His acts are all beyond comprehension. He is God indeed, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient and ALMIGHTY; he can do all things. I cannot but wonder at the magnitude of His creation, when I see some mountains and seas, I cannot but wonder at the craftiness and wisdom with which all these things are put together. Consider the vastness of the earth, consider the great natural resources, the animals, the life in the oceans and seas: the fact that the Almighty God made all these things for His pleasure. The North America is so big, I do not think one man can travel the length and breadth of it on foot in one year, not to talk about traveling the whole wide world on foot in a life time . No wonder the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11,

"He hath made everything beautiful in His time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end".

His wonders are so numerous that no man can find out ALL of His great works in the land of the living. When you consider the stars in their numbers; the fact that we have more than one hundred million galaxies of stars and each galaxy of stars contains more than one hundred billion stars. The milky way is the galaxy that the sun of our solar system belongs have more than one hundred billion stars, the sun is just one of those stars. There are many stars in the galaxy that are far bigger than the sun, and yet the sun is many times bigger than our earth. All these things are created by the Almighty God. This knowledge should make you fear God the more: it should drive you to want to know Him more: it should drive you to love Him more that He still count you worthy to be created in His own image.

let's take a look at some of the great wonders God had performed among the sons of men in days gone by to appreciate some of the claims I am making in this write-up.

1. God rained down a type of bread called manna from heaven for the people of Israel for about forty years see Exodus 16:14. When you consider the fact that one of the physical laws of nature states that matter is neither created nor destroyed and in a way it is absolutely true as far as the physical world is concerned, even the Bible confirms this law in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:15. God had to suspend this law by creating matter out of nothingness, He gave them bread from heaven an action which no man can explain scientifically; an action which defiles logic of any sort.

2. He is the God that answered by fire to honor Elijah His servant at Mount carmel see 2kings 18:30-39. Elijah had earlier asked that a lot of water be put into the sacrifice, yet the fire licked up the water. No science can explain the falling down of fire from heaven, an effect without a cause other than prayer. This should teach you that prayer is the greatest cause that can produce the greatest effect in this life. With the cause of prayer there was the effect of fire from on high, truly He is the God of wonders.

3. Jesus fed five thousand men excluding women and children with only five loaves and two fishes, and they were able to gather remnants that fill up twelve baskets. What a God of wonders. Read the whole story in John 6:5-12

4. Peter and John healed a man born lame see Acts 3:1-10. They met him on their way to the beautiful Temple at Jerusalem and offered him not silver or gold but the name of Jesus Christ which never stopped working wonders. The result was glorious, the man began to walk, and leap and praise God. There was no way anybody could afford not to notice the miracles, even their greatest critiques agreed that it was an undeniable miracle. The God of wonders is still around; He is the same yesterday, today and forever more, and he can do a miracle in your life even now.

5. Paul raised a dead man named Eutychus see Acts 20:7-12

I can mention many instances of God's wonders and miracles in the lives of ordinary people in this world. God have privileged us to see many modern day miracles. Miracles are still happening today and I pray that you will experience one even now.

Watch out for part two where I intend to go deeper into the wonders of God.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Law of Sowing and Reaping

Claas-Lexion-570-2Image via Wikipedia

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Let's read from the Bible book of Genesis 8:32

While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease

Also in the Bible book of Galatians 6:7-9, we read

Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
For he that soweth to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the spirit shall of the spirit reap everlasting
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

Seed time and harvest time shall never cease as long as this earth remains. This means that if you plant, you will harvest. No matter how good or bad you are, you will harvest what you planted. Success in life does not answer to been good or holy, it does not respect fasting and prayer alone, it responds only to sowing and reaping. Three things must be continually sown by you if you want to experience a continuous harvest. They are your Time, Talent and Treasure.

Your Time
First it is profitable for you to invest your time for the things of God, then for your family after that your business or work. The more time you give for God, the more favor God gives you, and the more supernatural power of God works on your behalf. Also as you invest quality time on your family, you are able to influence and give your family a good direction. When you invest a very good time for your business, you will become more profficient in that job.

Your Treasure
Giving your money is very essential. You must to God qualitatively and generously. Solomon beyond the normal one big offering, he gave a thousand offerings and God blessed him beyond the normal natural blessings. Give your money, your tithes, sow a big seed into the kingdom of God, these are the spiritual raw materials that goes on to build the pillar of success that no man or force on earth can shake. Bless your pastor, envelop some money and give to him. This is for your own good, you are the one to benefit from such giving, not the one to whom you give, or the one receiving it from you. Financial prosperity answers to giving, not fasting, not a holy life, I sincerely hope you will understand this simple fact of life without distorting it or misunderstanding my point.

I learnt the art of giving from Bishop David Oyedepo through his books and tapes, initially it was difficult for me to understand it. The truthis that the things of God are not meant to be understood, they are meant to be fully believed and obeyed, that is why we are called believers. I then began to sow good seeds into people's lives, the offerings I give began to increase, my tithes became more regular and guess what? God has not ceased to bless me ever since.

Dear Reader, give to God, sow good seeds into the Kingdom and your harvest will be a big one. As you give to God, you must also invest your money into a profitable business venture. You can never be rich collecting salary, it will only make you comfortable. If you want financial prosperity and independence, then you must invest in a profitable business venture.

What kind of business is good for you?

There are a thousand and one businesses, but you must know yourself and what you love doing, if you do what you love, you will not get bored or tired, though you are working hard, it will be fun doing it because you love it. It is also good to study your environment and watch out for a need, find out what is lacking; what you can give in terms of products or services that people will gladly pay you for with appreciation.If you can find a need of the people in your environment and make a plan to proffer a solution, this is how to locate a hot business business.

You can make it, only let your motive be right, let it be to help others, to proffer solution to their problems, to help meet a need, then in a matter of time you will see yourself becoming a big success in your community. Your financial increase will be unstoppable by any force on earth.

May I suggest that if you are a salary earner, you should begin to think of how you will fire your boss. Think of what you can give to mankind in exchange for their money; think of what you can invest that can yield millions back to you in real time.
David C Joe said that, “you will either resign, retire or be retrenched in your present job” Why wait till you will be retrenched or retired? Why don't you resign now to begin a business; though the beginning may be small, with time and hard work, you can turn that small business into a mighty multinational company.
As I write this, I feel in my spirit that someone reading this book is getting out of slavery; someone is moving up the ladder; are you the person?


You must be ready to give all your talent to whatever you finally decide to be doing as a business. Your all, must be given into that business, your thinking, your energy, all your ability, everything.
Check yourself, which special ability have you found, I mean that thing you find easy and interesting, that is your talent, use it and exploit it to the fullest. That is your rod, that is what will divide the red sea of life before you, use that talent. A lot of things and people will gain from that talent of yours if you properly channel it to the right direction. You are not a biological accident, you are not a waste, there is a reason for your existence, find it out and fulfill your purpose.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How To Operate An Online Ministry

Hi, my name is Sunday Joseph Adenuga, I am the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Success Dimension Church, Ibadan, Nigeria. When God called me, He gave me a mandate to teach people how to succeed in spite of any difficulties they may ever be going through in their lives. This implies that I have the mandate, the ministry and the assignment to help as many people as I can to make a success of their lives despite problems, difficulties or challenges that they may be facing at the moment.

This is a clear call, but I have a challenge, and it is this, how do I get many people around the world to hear this good news? I have the cure for people's problems but nobody knows I have the solution, how do I get people to know that I have God's word that can bring them success in the midst of their difficulties? I know that Radio and Television are a great means of blasting my beliefs and teachings to the world but they are too expensive and unaffordable for me at this initial stage of my ministry. I thought for a while and then decided to begin the production of a quarterly magazine which I distributed free of charge, but due to financial limitation at that time, I could only reach my immediate environment, but my target was the whole world.

I knew it was time to do some as fast as possible to get the message out to those going through difficult times that they too can succeed in spite of diificulties. I needed to reach the whole world with the message to teach as many people as I can the principles God asked me to teach them that will surely help them to succeed in spite of any difficulties they may be going through in life.

At a point in time the idea of Internet Ministry came to my heart, even though I did not have a personal Internet ready computer, I could still have an Online Ministry to the people around the world by using the available cybercafe's around me. Thank God I now have my own internet ready computer, if you don't have you can start the way I started - using cybercafe. I knew it would favor me, it would be able to do the following if only I can invest some little amount of money and time:

(1) Have a free website/blog to post all my teachings
(2) Another website free or paid to show the world all my ministry activities
(3) Preach on video for free and have people anywhere in the world with computer and internet access to see my video presentations and hear my messages of hope.
(4) Have an audio recordings of my sermons uploaded to my website and ready to be listened to by people around the world.
(5) Sell my stuff on the internet to earn Dollars or Naira. I can sell e-books, real books, video or audio messages on CDs and DVDs or downloadable, the opportunity is vast.
(6) And many more benefit.

With the above information, I ventured into online ministry and the story of my life have changed ever since. Right now I enjoy all the above facilities, people phone me from all over the world after hearing and seeing me preach on the internet. God have used this internet ministry in my hand to bless many people around the world, more than 5000 people have downloaded my book "Winning In Life's Battles" other books have also been given freely, and many people are sending mails to thank me for allowing God to make me a blessing to them. Many are now happy and willing to support my ministry and offerings are now coming in through foreign currencies like Dollars and Pound Sterling, praise God.

I have packaged this same product for you Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist or even Singer to help you start your very own online ministry with little or no stress. The packaged is now on CD and can be downloaded on your computer hard drive through the internet. After reading through some of these materials, you will be able to start your own website in less than ten minutes from now, begin your own audio and video internet prodution and like me be a blessing to your generation all around the world. No longer will distance be a barrier to reaching people all over the world. If you buy into this package now, you will be able to do the following:

1.Have a website called 'blog' where you will be able to publish your articles, audio messages and printed sermons as often as you may ever want to publish it all for free

2.Have another website where you will be able to post or send your videos, recorded messages for the viewing pleasure of the internet public, and remember that about 850 million people are actively using the internet on the daily basis

3.Show you tricks on how to get people to come visiting your website and read your blog articles which are full of your messages and beliefs.

4.Teach you how to make little money here and there with your free websites

5.Give you information on how to update your weblog and get fresh ideas published without stress.

6.Teach you how to sell your audio and video messages online, and how to collect your money in Naira and even in dollars if that is what you want.

7.Show you how to use the power of social networking website to popularize your church and your website.

8.And many more.

Ministers of God and Singers should especially go for this package, you will mail me to thank me and appreciate me for showing you this secret.

To get the downloaded version will cost you just N5700 payable to my account (see instuction below). You will be able to download this version immediately your payment is confirmed by us. If you need the CD sent to you via courier then just pay the sum of N7500 to my account and you will get the CD in 3 to 4 days of confirmation of your payment.
Pay now to Guarantee Trust Bank (any branch) to Account Name: Sunday Joseph Adenuga and Account Number: 405 445 2001 590 After payment, send by text message or e-mail your name, amount paid, e-mail address, teller number to my phone number 08054041462 or e-mail address

Get your copy now because this is an introductory price and will go up without notice. Invest this token amount to your ministry and reap the dividend that you will continue to enjoy to eternity.


We train pastors and ministers in their churches, if you want us to come to your office to give you a one on one intensive training on how to use internet facilities to put your ministry to international frontiers, then call me on 08054041462. The price range is as follows:

Churches/Ministries in Ibadan and environs will pay N20,000
Churches/Ministries outside Ibadan will have (in addition) to the above, cater for our transportation fees, lodging and meals for the three days of intensive training. At the end of the training, we shall give you all the necessary software you will need to make a good success of your online ministry.