Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greater Power In You

A pregnant woman
A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You have far greater potential than you are presently operating. No matter how much power you are presently using to make things work for you, the fact is you have far more power on the inside of you that you have not discover even as of now. God has put on the inside of you the power to make anything happen, unfortunately, you can use this power to create or to destroy, to build or to cast down, to establish or demolish and to raze hell or raise hell.

Every human being on the face of the earth has got potential to become anything they desire in their lives. This is the reason it was written in the Bible that "Let the weak say, 'I am strong.'" When you look weak, you can still draw strength from the inside. The story was told of a pregnant woman who was so weak that she was wobbling as she walked along, suddenly a mad dog began to bark seriously at her, she ran with all speed to escape from the fury of the barking dog. When asked how she got the strength to ran to safety, she could not explain the reason.

Many people have survived great dangers because they tapped in to that inner power on the inside of them. People tap into and use their inner power to survive in the times of danger but unfortunately people do not tap into and use this inner power to make a good success of their lives. People give up too soon when it comes to doing things that can make their lives better, they give up at the sight of the slightest problems but when it comes to the matter of death they use all their strength to escape. If you will use the strength that comes during danger when you are fighting for survival in your business or endeavor in life, you will succeed far beyond your imagination.

Nelson Mandela said, "It always look impossible until its done" You should never from this time forth see any situation as impossible. The truth of life is this, impossibility does not exist. that is my slogan, that is my belief, and that is my anchor, make it yours today. says it a million times everyday, impossibility does not exist. I agree that there are situations that seem impossible, but to seem impossible is not equal to being impossible. The fact is that when it seem impossible, its a sign that it is possible.

You may say, but I have tried and tried and it still seem impossible, try again, use some other methods, change your style and surely, soon, in fact very soon, you will reap the fruit of seeing a seemingly impossible situation becoming possible. Let the words of the Bible in Philippians 4:13 be your watch word, it says, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

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