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Multiple Streams of Income

Stream (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)
By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Money is one of the most important thing in our world today because it dictates the level of life you live, the calibre of people you move with, the kind of house you live in and so on. This mean that your money is your life, there is no doubt about that. Think about it and you will agree that your money has a lot to do with how you will live, it determines the quality of everything you do, so you do not need to shy away from the fact that you need a lot of it here and now.

Having established the fact that you need more money to live better quality of life, I want to go ahead and encourage you to go for legal means of making more money with peace of mind. If you do not rise up and make up your mind to earn more money through every available legal means, then nobody can help you, and money will never come for you, it has never come for anybody. Every rich man in this world has gone for money through careful planning and passionate desire and a product and or service that solve a human problem. Money has never gone in search of anybody, it must be wooed, enticed, and passionately desired for anybody to have it in large sums.

One of the best ways to have money in abundance is to plan to set up a machine to suck it in for you through many easy to do income channels which people call "Multiple Streams of Income". This is the only way have money in abundance without much struggling and breaking of your head. Multiple streams of income is the system of earning money through many easy to manage businesses either online or offline or even both. It is possible to embark on multiple streams of income while keeping your present 'day' job, there are so many things anybody including you can do to make money here and there.

The major advantage of embarking on multiple streams of income is easy to understand because if you have three to four channels of income working to swell up your bank account, at least two may work well for your favour and if you do it well all your income channels may work well for you to earn you more and more money. What are those things you can do simultaneously to make more money? Very many businesses on the internet that you can do to make money by the side as you do your normal daily business so that you income channel can be increased through them. Some of these are affiliate marketing, website hosting, information product marketing, blogging and monetising it with pay per click adverts, writing articles for money, and so on. Try your hands today on many of these online business to begin your multiple income streams for the betterment of your life and that of everyone in your family.

Another good thing you should know about multiple streams of income is that you can begin most of these businesses with very little capital and expect to make as much money as you desire if you understand the rules of the game and play according to rules with hard work done smartly. There is no doubt that you can make millions of dollars with online businesses and combine it with offline businesses to establish for yourself a powerful multiple streams of income.

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Unseen Laws That Guides the Universe

Law, Ruth
Law, Ruth (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)
This whole world operates with principles that cannot be broken till eternity. For example there is the physical law of gravity that states that every object is pulled or attracted to the earth by certain forces. This implies that every thing that goes up must surely come down; meaning that, no matter how smart you are, you can never float or keep an object in the sky perpetually because eventually that object must hit the ground.

These laws that operate in the universe guide and keep our world going, they bring order and beauty to our world. This is a thing that makes success possible for all and sundry provided the people know how these laws operate and they can follow or cooperate with these laws. They make life predictable, if you know how the laws of life operate, you can predict the end of the life of any man by the way he lives.

There are physical laws that cannot be broken except you can introduce greater laws that can temporarily suspend the operation of the lower laws. The Airplane flies by laws and principles that are higher than the law of gravity, and so an airplane can stay in the sky for as long as man intends, all things being equal. This is very important point to note by anyone and everyone that intend to greatly succeed in this world wherein we live.

There are physical laws, psychological laws, spiritual laws and so on. Some of these laws are universal, meaning that they are true anywhere on this planet; while some of them are timeless, meaning that they are true one thousand years ago, right now they are still true and will continue to be true till God knows when. My duty in writing this book is to show you the very principles and laws that commits the  Invisible PayMaster to serve you. He does not only pay you for all your effort but also continue to handsomely reward you for every effort you contribute to the development of mankind.

The Invisible PayMaster is a spiritual law that God, The creator of this our world and The Maker of the entire universe has put in place. This invisible PayMaster cannot be cheated, you can never out smart him. He is very accurate and a just rewarder, he pays you according to what you deserve. You are judged or paid based on how you follow the laws of this Invisible PayMaster. If you know and follow the laws of this Invisible Paymaster, it does not matter who you are, you get paid; it does not matter where you live, you get paid; it does not matter whether you are strong or weak in the body, you get paid.

This Invisible Paymaster is so much entrenched into our world that it does not fail to pay whosoever follows and obeys his laws. It does not regard your strength, intelligence, beauty, connection and the fluency of your language or speech. All it cares for is to dutifully pay all those who faithfully obey its laws with riches untold. This explains the reason why we have people with weak bodies, and some you call disable or handicapped become so rich that able bodied, handsome and beautiful people works under them and are in their payroll.

The point is this, you or anyone else in the universe can be richly rewarded by the Invisible PayMaster if you know what it takes to attract the blessing, and that is what God have sent me accomplish in this book. You are not inferior to any mortal man on the face of the earth, you can have what any rich man had if you know and follow these laws of the Invisible PayMaster, these laws were established by God and kept by strong and unfailing principles.

I want to assure you by the prophetic WORD of God that if you learn this laws and follow them, you will turn your financial destiny around for good in no time at all. Let your mind be opened for great blessings to happen in there, for your success proceeds from your heart and mind. God bless you as you read along.

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Heritage of Blessing

gods of cool (redux) (aka The Bluesy Trinity)
gods of cool (redux) (aka The Bluesy Trinity) (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)
Every member of a rich family is entitled to an inheritance. The wealthier the family, the more wealth is inherited by the offspring of the family. Members of the family who became members by birth are always more privileged and advantaged to have larger shares of the family wealth.

There is a family on earth who’s head is God. Anybody can become a member of this family by the process called the second birth through Jesus Christ. This family of God is the richest or wealthiest; there is no other family on earth or anywhere in the universe that have up to millionth (conservative estimate) of the wealth of this family. Psalm 24:1 says,
“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof …”

Everything here on earth or any other place in the universe belongs to the Lord God Almighty. Also in Haggai 2:8, we read, “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of host”
If you are already a member of this family, I want to congratulate you for this is the greatest achievement in the land of the living. As a child of God, you have access to unlimited resources and wealth of the family where God, your father is the head. One of the many privileges is the heritage of success in any endeavour you are involved in.

On the other hand, if you are not a member of this highly blessed family, you can be, now. The requirement is very simple and clear. John 3:16 says, “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. The only condition that qualifies you to be accepted into this family is, “believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved and your household”.
To believe in Him, you must recognize the fact that you are a sinner by birth and by nature, you confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. You believe in your heart that He died for your sins and that God raised Him again from death for your justification.

As this goes on in your heart, a transformation begins; you go ahead to pray to the Almighty God to have mercy on you as you confess Jesus as Lord. John 1:12 Says, “As many as received Him (Jesus Christ), to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name”. You cannot confess all your sins, by nature you are a sinner, your real man (that is the real you) is deeply soaked in sin. By receiving Christ Jesus into your heart, you are given a new nature; you are made a new creation II Cor 5:17. You become born-again, not of corruptible seed but of the incorruptible seed by the WORD OF GOD.

This means that your old man (sin nature) will die as you are being translated from the kingdom darkness (or the devil) to the kingdom of God (Christ). Col 1:13 – 14. This change does not affect the colour of your skin, your height or physical make up, but in the spirit (your heart, the real you), there is a lot of changes and difference.
If you join the police force, it will not affect your physique immediately but you have the authority of the state anytime you are in the uniform, you have become powerful, you can now act on behalf of the state etc. You have all these powers even though you had not grown taller or fatter, even though your complexion had not changed.
The same goes when you have become born-again, you gain spiritual powers and pre-eminence, you become a member of success family. All the powers of God is now made available to you: you now have at your disposal the treasures of God. This article is out to teach you to understand that success is your heritage as a child of God. As you have read through this article, I pray that the Almighty God will open your understanding to be able to comprehend the great treasures in God at your own beck and call. Let’s read I Corinthian 2:12-13.
"Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, gut the spirit which is of God. That we might know the things that are freely given to us of God which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual".                                                                                                                
As you have spiritual understanding of these things, you will come face to face with those things which God had freely given to you and will be encouraged to speak them forth until they become real in your real world.
Have a wonderful and blessed time enjoying God's heritage of blessing.
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The Evil of Pride

Lexi Proud
Lexi Proud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Pride is defined by a Dictionary as having a high opinion of one's worth or possessions when one have a very high opinion of him or herself, one is said to be proud. A conceit somebody who feels he or she is better than others, scorning others and didadaining other people's opinions and worth. Many people are proud and they do not know it, after reading through this article, you will be able see yourself and judge whether you are indeed proud or not.

When you always think yourself to be the right fellow and all others wrong, when you feel you are the best and every other people are not as important as you, then look to it, it may be a seed of pride in you, get rid of it today before it gets rid of you. When other people's opinion is of no consequence to you and have no consideration in your heart, that may also be a seed of pride. Also you have the seed of pride when someone offends you and begs you but you refuse to forgive and forget the offence, especially when the offender has called other people to beg you and you still refused bluntly, check yourself for cleansing from the seed of pride.

Pride comes because of one's great accomplishments and success, when you excel beyond others, you need special grace to remain humble, when God blesses you above your equals and mates, you need special grace to keep humble. Some become proud because of their beauty, some because of their position of power, some because of their parents wealth.

God's Warning Against Pride
In the Bible, the book of Proverbs 6: 16-19, Psalm 138: 6, The Lord warns that He hates the proud one, God keeps a very good distance from the proud one, so be careful that God do not keep a disturbing distance from you. We are told in Proverbs 11:2 that pride brings shame. At the end of the day pride brings strife and un-necessary fighting because pride is not of God. He expressly commanded us never to be proud see 1 Samuel 2: 3

The following people were recorded in the Bible to have exhibited pride and faced the music in a hard way, one of them is Pharaoh Exodus 5: 2. He ended up loosing all his precious souldiers, chariots and horses in the red sea. Naaman the captain of the host of Syria was humbled by a simple Word of the Lord from the mouth of Elisha, Nebuchadenezar was sent to the bush for seven years when he became proud. The art of pride has always led to destruction from all available records of history from age to age. The fall of Lucifer who later became Satan is the best illustration of all, please see Isaiah 14: 12 - 17, Revelation 12: 7 -12, and Ezekiel 28: 14 -19
God bless you.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Recommended Diabetes Diet

A variety of foods made from wheat.
A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Aug. 11, 2010) Lt. j.g. Chris...
PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Aug. 11, 2010) Lt. j.g. Christina Bologna shows a diabetic patient at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) the proper way to read food labels to help monitor her blood-sugar levels. The girl is visiting NMCP for the annual Diabetes Marathon, a day to update diabetic children's school health plan and to refresh the participants' knowledge of the ongoing care needed to manage the disease. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Riza Caparros/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A diabetes diet, medically referred to as medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, translates into eating a variety of nutritious foods in moderate quantities and sticking to regular meal times. Rather than a restrictive diet, a medical nutrition therapy is a healthy eating plan that is naturally rich in nutrients and low in calories and fats, with emphasis on vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Details of the diet
With the help of a dietitian, you can put together a diet based on your tastes, health goals and lifestyle, with valuable information on how you can change your eating habits. A diabetes diet should contain the following recommended foods.
- Healthy carbohydrates: Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates (starches) are broken down into glucose during digestion. It is very important that you focus your diabetes diet on healthy carbohydrates such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, legumes (lentils, beans and peas) and low fat dairy products.
- Healthy fats: Focus your diabetes diet on foods containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats such as almonds, avocados, olive, canola, peanut oils and walnuts. Even though these fats can help lower cholesterol levels, it is important to eat them sparingly.
- Fiber-rich foods: Fiber is very essential as it helps in controlling blood sugar and decreasing heart disease risks. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole wheat flour are all fiber-rich foods.
- Healthy fish: Fish is one of the best alternatives to high fat meats, and is highly recommended by nutritionists. Cod, tuna, and halibut all have less saturated fats and cholesterol compared to poultry meat.
Additionally, salmon, tuna, mackerel, bluefish and sardines are rich in Omega-3 fatty-acids which are very effective in promoting heart health by lowering triglycerides. It is however important to avoid fried fish and fish high in mercury such as swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel.

Creating the diabetes diet plan
There are several ways to creating a diabetes diet that keeps your sugar levels within the normal range. With the help of a dietitian, you may find a combination of different methods working for you.
- Counting carbohydrates: Since carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, they have a huge impact on blood glucose levels. It is therefore important that you ensure the amount of carbohydrates are the same in your diets, especially if you are on medication.
- Exchange system: It is highly recommended that you adopt an exchange system that groups foods into categories including carbohydrates, meat substitutes, fats and meats.
- Glycemic Index: The glycemic index is used by many diabetic people to select foods, particularly carbohydrates. Those foods with high glycemic index are associated with increase in blood sugar levels than those with low glycemic index. Bread, cereals and whole grain rice among other complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber, have low glycemic indices than simple carbs such as white rice and bread.
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Bread for Diabetics

Sourdough bread.
Sourdough bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To beat your diabetes you need to eat food that is low in sugar, low in fat, low in salt, high in fibre and has low GI values, ie it releases glucose into your bloodstream relatively slowly. Some kinds of bread fit this bill; others do not.
Bread is made from flour, ie grain that has been ground into powder. Common wheat is usually used because its flour has high levels of gluten, which gives the dough sponginess and elasticity. But bread is also made from other species of wheat (eg, durum and spelt) and other grains such as rye, barley, corn (maize) and oats. The non-wheat grains usually have wheat flour mixed into the flour.
The quality of bread depends largely on the protein content of the flour. The best breads use flour with 12 to 14% protein rather than all-purpose wheat flour which only contains 9 to 12% protein.

Whole grains or refined grains?
When cereal grains such as wheat are harvested they are surrounded by a tough protective coating called a husk. Before you can eat the grains, the husk has to be removed. This is done by threshing (beating the grains) and winnowing (blowing away the chaff, ie the broken off bits of husk).
The grain without its husk is called a groat. It consists of three main parts: the endosperm, germ and bran. The endosperm is the main tissue inside the grain and provides nutrition in the form of starch, protein and oils.
The germ is the embryo, the reproductive part that germinates and grows into a plant. It is surrounded by the endosperm. The germ contains several essential nutrients. Wheat germ, for example, is a concentrated source of vitamin E, folate, phosphorus, thiamine, zinc and magnesium, essential fatty acids and fatty alcohols.
Bran is the hard outer layer of grain. It is rich in dietary fibre and essential fatty acids and contains starch, protein, vitamins and minerals. As you can see, the germ and bran contain lots of healthy stuff that is not found in the endosperm.
Whole grains are cereal grains in their natural state, ie they contain all three main parts, endosperm, bran and germ. Refined grains are groats from which the bran and germ have been removed by grinding and sifting.
Refining causes the grains to lose some of their nutritional value. Sometimes nutrients such as vitamins are added back. But, as these represent a small fraction of the nutrients removed, refined grains are nutritionally inferior to whole grains.
Removing the bran and grinding the grains into a fine powder increases the glycemic index value (GI) of the grain, ie you digest glucose from refined grains quicker than glucose from whole grains which, as a diabetic, is not what you want. It is the high fibre in the bran of the whole grains which slows the release of glucose.
Whole grains are great for our health in many other ways, thanks to their high levels of vitamins and minerals. Most whole grains are particularly rich in B vitamins. Whole grains also have plenty of protein.
One of these proteins is gluten. Gluten makes dough elastic, which helps it to rise and keep its shape. It constitutes about 80% of the protein in wheat seed, which is one reason why wheat is popular for bread-making. It is also found in barley and rye.
Making bread
Bread is made by mixing up dough, a paste of flour and water (or other liquid). The dough is usually leavened (see below), allowed to rise, and then cooked.
Breads may also contain extra ingredients, such as salt or butter, to improve taste. Improvers are additives used to quicken the rising time, increase volume and enhance texture. Salt is one of the most common improvers; it is used to enhance flavour and the crumb (the inside of the bread) by strengthening the gluten. Improvers may include ascorbic acid and ammonium chloride.
Certain fats such as butter, vegetable oils, lard and egg fat are solid at room temperature. These shortenings, as they are known, are used to keep the structure together during the development of the gluten. A fat content of about 3% by weight is considered best to enhance leavening. Fats also help tenderise bread and preserve its freshness.
Cooking is usually by baking in an oven. But bread can be made by frying in oil (eg, Indian puri), baking on a dry frying pan (eg, Mexican tortillas) and by steaming (eg, Chinese mantou).
As you can see bread can contain ingredients that those of us who have type 2 diabetes need to avoid... salt and fats. It pays to check the labels.
Leavening is the adding of gas to the dough, creating bubbles that make it swell up. This makes the bread lighter and easier to chew.
When flour and water are combined to make dough, the starch in the flour mixes with the water to form a matrix. When this mixture is leavened (ie gas is added), the dough 'rises'. Then, when it sets, the bubbles remain trapped in the dough.
There are several ways dough can be leavened. However most types of bread are leavened using biological agents containing micro-organisms that release carbon dioxide as part of their life-cycle. These are either yeasts or sourdough starters.
Yeast ferments some of the carbohydrates in the flour. This produces bubbles of carbon dioxide, which makes the dough rise. This kind of leavening requires proofing, ie a resting time to allow the yeast time to reproduce and consume carbohydrates. Breads leavened with yeast have a distinctive flavour.
A sourdough starter is a paste of flour and water containing yeast and lactobacilli which has been obtained from a previous batch of dough. It works in the same way as yeast, by creating bubbles, but it requires much more proofing time than yeast. Sourdough bread has a sour, tangy taste. It is used for rye-based breads where yeast is not really effective in leavening the dough.
Chemical leaveners are chemical mixtures that release carbon dioxide or other gases when they react to moisture and heat. The most popular is baking powder, a mixture of a carbonate or bicarbonate (usually sodium bicarbonate) and one or more acid salts.
Baking powder works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into the dough when it gets wet, creating bubbles that expand the wet mixture. It is used instead of yeast for breads where the flavours of fermentation would be undesirable or where the dough lacks the elastic structure needed to hold gas bubbles for more than a few minutes.
Because carbon dioxide is released at a faster rate through the acid-base reaction than through fermentation, breads made by chemical leavening are called quick breads. Examples of quick breads include Irish soda bread, banana bread, pancakes, carrot cake and muffins.
The big question for diabetics, of course, is whether the rising method has any effect on the glycemic index (GI) value of the bread. The intuitive answer is that it must worsen the GI value because it introduces air into the matrix. But according to researchers in New Zealand the leavening agents used in making bread do not have any impact on the GI of the bread.
Types of bread
There are hundreds of different breads in the world. Here are a few of the most common. Notice the subtle differences which may or may not be designed to confuse the consumer.
White bread is made from refined flour, ie grain from which the bran and germ have been removed so that it only contains the endosperm (the central core of the grain). By contrast, wholemeal bread is made from the whole of the wheat grain (endosperm, bran, and germ), ie from unrefined flour.
Brown bread is not the same as wholemeal bread. In fact, brown bread is nothing more than white bread to which a (usually caramel-based) colouring has been added to make it brown; it may also have up to 10% added bran.
Whole-grain bead is white bread to which whole grains have been added to increase its fibre content; eg, '60% whole-grain bread'. It is not the same as wholemeal bread which is made from 100% whole grains.
Granary bread is made from flaked wheat grains and white or brown flour. Wheat germ bread is any kind of bread to which wheat germ has been added for flavouring.
Rye bread is bread made with rye rather than wheat. It has more fibre than most other breads, a darker colour and a stronger flavour. Crisp bread is a flat and dry type of bread or cracker, made mostly of rye flour.
Flatbreads are made from unleavened dough of flour, water and salt, though a few are made with yeast. Flatbreads are especially popular in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Roti is the unleavened whole-wheat bread of India; chapatti is the large version of roti; naan is the leavened equivalent.
Bread for diabetics
To beat your diabetes you need to ensure that the food you eat is low in sugar, low in fat, low in salt, high in fibre, and has low GI values. This is a fairly easy thing to do... all you have to do is read the labels to see the amount of sugar, fat, salt and fibre in a particular loaf of bread.
The problem with the labels for breads is that they do not normally indicate the glycemic index (GI) value of the bread.
Bread and the glycemic index
The glycemic index rates foods on a scale of 1 to 100 based on how the foods affect your blood glucose levels. A rating of less than 55 is considered low, 56 to 69 medium, and 70 plus high.
Bread ranges from 34 to 73 or more depending on the kind of grains used to make it. Bread with a low rating will be broken down more slowly in your gut giving you a steady increase in your blood sugar level. Bread with a GI value of 70 or more will cause your blood glucose to spike, ie to surge and then drop suddenly.
Labels for bread do not usually show whether bread has a low GI value. However you can usually estimate whether the GI value is low or not by checking the ingredients. These are usually listed in descending order by weight. So, if the first ingredient is whole-wheat flour, it is likely that the bread has a lower GI value than bread for which refined flour is listed as the first ingredient.
Sometimes the percentage by weight of each main ingredient is shown in brackets in the list, and this information can be used to estimate whether the bread has a low GI value.
Breads diabetics should avoid
White rolls have a GI value of about 73, white loaf about 71, and baguettes a rating of 95 which is extremely high. Indeed, to control your diabetes, you need to avoid all white bread and also brown bread as it is essentially only coloured white bread.
Other breads you need to avoid are quick breads, such as Irish soda bread, unless they are made from wholemeal flour, breads with a high salt content, and malted breads which usually have a high sugar content.
You also need to avoid breads made with shortening unless the fat content is less than 3% by weight, as well as all fried breads such as Indian puri.
This still leaves you with plenty of breads you can eat and still beat your diabetes.
Breads diabetics can eat
Whole-grain breads usually have low GI values (less than 56). Regular whole-grain bread has a GI value of about 51, while the rating for pumpernickel is about 50. Barley bread (if you can find it) is very dense and has a GI value of about 34, while wheat tortillas have a rating of about 30.
Thus as a diabetic you can eat most wholemeal breads, rye breads and crisp breads made from rye. You can also eat unleavened flatbreads, such as whole-wheat Indian breads like roti and chapatti, though you need to check the salt and fat content.
Plenty of breads can be classified as semi-wholemeal, ie bread made form a mix of whole grains and refined grains. It is noticeable that as the ratio of whole grains in the flour drops. For example, a 50:50 mix of wholemeal and refined flour usually has a GI value of at least 58, while 100% wholemeal bread has an average GI value of 51.
Thus you need to be cautious when eating whole-grain bread (white bread with added whole grains) and granary bread. You should only eat small amounts of white pitta bread (GI value about 57). Whole-grain pitta, however, has a slightly lower GI value due to the phytates they contain, which slow the rate of digestion.
So there you have it. When deciding which bread to choose to beat your diabetes, you should favour bread made from 100% wholemeal flour which has a low salt (sodium) content, little fat (maximum 3% by weight) and does not contain added sugar. You'll find all this information, as well as the amount of fibre the bread contains, on the label.
Paul D Kennedy is a type 2 diabetic. He used his skills as an international consultant and researcher to find a way to control his diabetes using diet alone and, about five years ago, he stopped taking medications to control his blood glucose levels. You can find out more from or by contacting Paul at His book Beating Diabetes is available for download from Amazon or as a printed edition from Create Space online book store.
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Type 2 Diabetes - Living With Depression and Diabetes Puts You At an Increased Risk of Early Death

English: Overview of the most significant poss...
English: Overview of the most significant possible symptoms of diabetes. See Wikipedia:Diabetes#Signs_and_symptoms for references. Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A new review of evidence published in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry has found people living with diabetes who also have untreated depression, are at an increased risk of dying before their time.
This review focused on more than 42,000 people who were living with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes together with depression.
The team reviewing the information discovered depression was associated with a 1.5 fold increase in the risk of dying early. In 4 of the studies reviewed, a 20 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death was found to be associated with those living with co-morbid depression as well as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes is the world's fastest growing chronic disease according to Diabetes Australia, and on December 20, 2006 the UN General Assembly passed a UN Resolution No. 61/255 stating diabetes is recognized as a major health crisis facing all nations of the world. The most recent figures show the number of people living with this disease:
  • is expected to rise from 382 million in 2013 to 592 million by the year 2035, and
  • 80% live in low and middle-income countries.
Approximately 30 percent of all people diagnosed with diabetes experience symptoms of depression.
Mijung Park PhD., lead author of the review, made the following comments on this...
"Depression consistently increased the risk of mortality across virtually all studies. We can now postulate that the harmful effect of depression is universal to individuals with diabetes."
An associate professor of medicine and epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Todd Brown M.D. Ph.D., reports it is extremely common to see a patient with:
  • Type 2 diabetes,
  • high blood pressure,
  • obesity, and
  • depression
go into a downward spiral when faced with these co-morbidities...
"Obesity can lead to worsening metabolic status that can lead to hopelessness and decreased physical activity, which in turns worsens obesity, and the cycle continues," Dr. Brown said.
Depression is a highly treatable condition and if you are struggling with signs of depression, please do not suffer alone. Feeling sad, blue and depressed at times is common for everybody. But if you feel down for two or more weeks, talk with your doctor as you may have depression. The good news is there are treatments that can help.
Speak to your doctor about how you feel and what you are going through as they will be able to ensure you get the right help - counseling or medicine can help you feel better. You will be able to start enjoying life again and you will be able to find it easier to take care of your blood sugar levels.
For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found a number of secrets to help you build a healthy body. Go to to learn about some of those secrets.
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Help From Above

gods of cool (redux) (aka The Bluesy Trinity)
gods of cool (redux) (aka The Bluesy Trinity) (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)
By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Everybody needs help at one time or the other in their lives, and no one can live without an input of help from another. We are all creature that mutually depends on each other, the fact is that none of us can be an island, we cannot possibly survive without each other not to talk of succeeding without the input of help from other people. This fact is so true that life itself is based on help which we are obliged to render for each other.

The division of labour makes it possible for someone to produces his or her goods or services, render such as a help or solution to another person's problems and while doing so he will get a financial reward for his pains. Wealth increases with the rate at which you are willing and able to provide help and solution to other people's problems. Almost every possitive action we embark upon as human being is a form of help or providing solution to other people's problems, only those positive actions can bring in money to those who embark on them. If you closely observe life, you will agree with me that we start needing the help of others from the time of conception, if adequate care is not taken during the nine months of pregnancy, the new born babe may not be in top shape in terms of robust health and that will certainly affect longetivity.

After birth, it has been discovered that if the baby is not bath well, it is likely to grow up an odious person, the singular act of failing to help the new born babe to take a good bath may render him or her odious for life, a thing he could not help himself except some other person helps him. From that illustration, it is easy to follow the argument that if one's parents are poor, and if it is so bad that they cannot afford to help or give their child the basic education, the destiny of such human being will certainly be altered except God intervains. This is the reason why this write-up is focusing on the topic, "Help From Above". In the book of Psalm 46: 1, we read, "God is our refuge and strenght, a very present help in touble" God is able and willing to send you help from above but He will still use human beings.

You need help and everybody does, and even though God will help us, He will use human being, that implies that you and me must make ourselves available to God to use us to help meet other people's needs. The Bible says in one portion that "vain is the help of man", this implies that God does not expect us to be looking to man to help us, we should look up unto God as expressed in Psalm 121, " I will look up unto the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth..." We must look up unto God, no not even unto our parents but unto God alone.

We need to understand and remember always that God will not send angelic being to help us He will use human beings, if he likes He can use our parents, husbands, classmates, colleagues and so on but we must not mistake the source of help as God and God alone. Having understood that the source is from God we must not fail to acknowlegde the human instrument that God will use or is using by appreciating and thanking them. It may be that you needed some goods or services, human beings are the manufacturers, God has provided the goods or services to you through them you need to appreciate the people by paying for the services rendered.
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Fulfilling God's Call Upon Your Life

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By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

The call of God upon the life of a man is the assignment that is expected of him by God to be performed here on earth for the benefit of mankind. Many people attribute calling to the work of God that a man is assigned to carry out such as preaching or evangelizing. The truth is that everybody who is born to this world is called by God to carry out one assignment or the other, it does not matter whether that assignment is spiritual or secular. The assignment had been there since we were born.

Success begins in the life of any man the day he discovers this call of God upon his life and follow it carefully to carry out that assignment that he is persuaded is the reason for his living. If a man fails to discover this call he may never be fulfilled in life no matter how rich he may eventually become. The call of God is the assignment you are created to carry out on earth for the benefit of many other people, the discovery of this assignment is the beginning of breakthrough and success. Your assignment is definitely different from that of any other human being because of your uniqueness.

The ministry of two preacher are always different, take as an instance the way T D Jakes ministers the word of God, it is different from the way Creflo Dollars do his own and both of them are very successful in their assignment. This implies that two people may have similar call or assignment but because of individual differences, the way of operation of these assignments will definitely differ. This implies that whatever you are called to do, do it, not minding whether many other people are already carrying out such assignment. Some fail because of the fear of competition, we are not called to compete with each other but to compliment each other. Do your assignment not with the mind of copetition but with the heart of complimenting those already doing it with the determination to do it differently and if possible better. To succeed therefore, you need to discover the call of God upon your life and fulfill it.

One way to discover it is to look at you from the inside and see which area of life appeals to you. What things engages your interest and attention? This may be the signal to the area you are called to be a blessing to others. Those comedians are making a hell of money because their assignment is to help other people relieve stress. If what you want and love to do is going to help other people, it could be The Lord trying to call you, all you need do is yield, and success will follow.
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God's Sure Will On Financial Prosperity

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga The best way to know God is to read the Bible to find out the acts of God. The Bible is the best way to start your journey into wealth because God is happy and willing for you to succeed beyond your wildest imagination. The Bible teaches us how to live healthy; it teaches how to become rich and wealthy; it shows us how to overcome the forces of evil and become winners in life's battles. The Bible is the oldest book in print, in fact the first book ever to be printed in the history of the planet earth, so the information contained in it is reliable. The truth is that even up till now, the Holy Bible is still the highest best selling book on earth. More copies of the Bible are daily been released into our bookshops everyday, this is telling you that the information contained therein is of high value and very reliable. God said in His word that, "I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end" (Jeremiah 29: 11). This mean that He wants you to end well; He wants you to succeed and He want to give you hope in all you do. God is so good and so full of blessings for all of us, all we only need is to find out His plans and purpose for our lives and follow it. God said in 3John2n that, "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth". One of the most crucial fact you will discover in the Bible is the fact that God wants you well and happy but He has left it ALL in your hands. Whether you will succeed on earth or not depends more on you than anything. The reason is that God has given you all that you will ever need to make it in your life, everything is already put inside you. You only need to discover these things and use them to your own advantage to the glory of God, and to the blessing of fellow human beings. The first opportunity we are all given by the most high God is the ability to choose what we want to do or become in life. He did not leave us to do this alone, He put in each of us the ability to do certain things better and easier, and we can detect this through our desires and interests. When you find yourself at ease doing something; when you find great joy in doing that thing, and you feel very satisfied, then, that will help you to decide what to do to earn money and live a good and successful life here on earth. I believe with all my earth that there is no human being on the face of the earth who can not prosper tremendously if he or she discover this simple truth and use it to his/her own advantage. Dear reader, you too are destined to succeed and prosper; it is the will of God for even you to be rich and comfortable in life. Wake up from now and begin to do what you should do to get what you desire.