Sunday, August 10, 2014


Looking Up (Autopilot Off album)
Looking Up (Autopilot Off album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The shortest cut to success and fulfillment is the discovery of your major purpose in life. GOD created this world and finished it on the sixth day and rested afterward. This implies that HE created it with facilities and laws that makes it possible for the earth to run on auto-pilot. GOD no longer need to come every once a while to see how the earth is running.

There are laws in place that keeps the earth running, if you know these laws and work in consonant with them, there is a predictable outcome of event in your life. For instance GOD said, as long as the earth remain, seed time and harvest time shall never cease. This implies that when you give your talent, time and treasure to your discovered purpose in life, there is nothing, no devil or enemy that can stop your harvest. Blessing is automatic when you follow these laws. May GOD help you to know and follow them, be blessed and remain blessed.

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