Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stress, an enemy of Success

stressed and worried
stressed and worried (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Since the major aim and focus of this website is to teach and reveal to people the simple strategies that can help anyone to become successful in a very short time provided the principles shared here are strictly followed. I send this to you to call you attention to the danger of stress in the pursuit of success.

Stress is caused by unfulfilled dreams and desires, it is also sometimes caused by disappointment and inability to meet set targets and goals. Anxiety and worry are the major weapons that gives power to stress that makes it very destructive. When a man is stressed up, you will notice it easily as many symptoms will begin to show up. Many people who are stressed loose appetite and all desire for food, some loose their sleep and can hardly sleep normally, some loose concentration and the ability to focus.

If stress is not dealt with at the early stage, then it can cause a rise in blood pressure a situation that can lead to hypertension or even stroke.You can learn more about how to handle stress if you Click Here!

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