Saturday, December 19, 2015

What is Problem?

Problem is the very difficult situations and circumstances that we find ourselves and to which need urgent and desperate solution. When we struggle hard but failed to get the desired solution, then it becomes a real problem. Problems differ from one person to another, what one sees as a problem may be nothing but a child's play to another fellow. Problem is not just the difficulties of life but those difficulties to which we cannot find immediate solutions. While challenges are situations that we can overcome with some intelligent planning and actions, problems are often more difficult than those challenges. When a problem is easily solvable, it is still at the level of challenges, but when you have tried some of the popular ways of solving problems and you still have the situations in hand, then know that problem have set in.

Please understand that not every difficult situation can be called a problem, no mater how difficult the situation is, it is not a problem if you can find immediate solution to it. When the difficulties defile solutions and it seem as if it will not go away, then it is a problem, but I bet you every of such problems have a solution. There is no problem that does not have solution, even though it  is not so easy to get solution to some, God built the earth with some principles that make it possible for human beings to be able to find solution to every problem that he faces on the face of the earth. This is the reason man who couldn't deal with malaria fever before can now cure the disease easily now. HIV & AIDS that were threats to human longevity on earth are becoming easy to deal with. I want you to understand that whenever a problem defile solution, it is not the end of the world, with further planning and actions, you will get the solution.

There are certain principles that every man should know so we will not think that the end has come when we have problems and difficulties. Problems that plague man on this planet were not built to last for ever, that is why these two statements are true:

  • When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and
  • Tough times never last but tough people do

I have seen it ones and again people getting out of tough situations; people overcoming very many impossible obstacles; I have seen people turning obstacles to miracles. Many really successful people on this planet have actually started out in life broke and without any god-father who could help them yet they succeeded. There must be a secret to life that if you know and keep, you will never end up in life as a failure no matter what difficulties you may ever face on this planet. Success or failure in life is not dependent upon the conditions of life you find yourself, it depends more on the way you handle it. Maybe I should take you back to some point in time on planet earth when people do not have access to some of these creative technology that is common to us today.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Who Said It

What is said is not as important as who said it. The person behind the word you hear determines its effect in your life. The same words spoken by different people in the same situation can never produce the same effects and result this is a very important point for you to note as from now on. When you focus on the word of a man, the personality of that man will determine how much you can hold onto that word. Anytime you hear what God has said or is saying, you can count on it because of the personality of God. When the liar (devil) tells you anything, no matter how close that thing is to the facts on ground, you ought to choose the WORDS of God over that of the devil (liar). The Bible says, "It is impossible for God to lie" also that "God cannot lie", in another place, it says, "God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent, Has He said it and will He not do it?"

Our problem is not the situation or the condition we are going through, our problem is the inability to take God at His word and follow Him blindly. Faith is following God blindly, faith is taking your eyes off the situation or challenges, it is fixing your eyes on what God has said and believing that He is able to make it good. Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego followed God blindly, never considering the fiery funance of fire, did they burn? When you follow His word because of who He is rather than considering your situation, you will be pleasantly surprised at the end of the day, a spectacular miracle will be born in your life because of it. Peter had a more understanding of this as he walked on water to go and meet our Lord Jesus Christ, but as soon as he took his eyes off Jesus and considered the present situation of storms, he sank. Those who believe operate at the realm of possibilities and the bible says nothing shall be impossible to anyone who believes, do you?

What is my point in all these? Very simple, in every situation, there are voices speaking to you, some voices are saying one thing and others are saying some other things, these are the voices of man, voices of circumstances, voice of the devil or voice of God, which voice are you to follow? The voice of circumstancial evidence or the voice of faith? When you are going through stuffs, the circustances around always speaks with the voice of doubt and discouragement, people will always show you reasons why you should give up. Many a time, people and events will show you those who attempted to go against the tide of circumstancial evidence and perish or die and many times this has caused fear and made many to stop trying.

Remeber this always, what is said is not as important as who said it. If for example, circumstances said that you will die in this sickness. Who said it? Either devil or circumstances. what is the word said? That you will die. I am affirming to you that what is said is not as important as who said it, so it means that you should shift your focus away from what is said and rebuke the one who said it, pure and simple. Men of God who excel do not struggle with what the devil has said they simply rebuke the devil who said it. Many people spend all their lives focusing on what is said instead of battling with the one who said it. Remember, Jesus said, "We are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and so on. When you focus on what is said, it will come to pass, but when you rebuke the one who said it and rebuke the words said, you shall triumph, it is the simple truth of the Word of God, I hope I have spoken to your heart, be blessed and remain blessed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winning In Life's Battles

Life is full of battles, everyone must face his own, and no one is exempted. The mystery of life is this, “that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong”. The best or the strongest do not always win. The interesting thing is, you are highly favored by God to win the battle, the door of blessing is opened before you and no man can shut it. 

This book shows you how to discover the mysteries of life that helps you to win in every battle. These secrets, if you find and believe, will cause you to always win in every battle. You may think you’re not ‘smart’ or ‘strong’, or ‘connected’, victories are attainable by you no matter what. Read this book and discover the secrets to greatness in life. 

You will be grateful to God for this book. God created you and brought you here to this world for a very important purpose, read this book and learn how to find out the secret why you are sent here, what you are sent here to accomplish. Nobody can succeed in this world without this knowledge

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The Mystery of Problems

Life is full of problems, but these problems are not intended to kill man or wicked him, they are allowed by God to happen to man so that they can help man to develop his world. I have seen through history of man that every problem that came to humanity had been subdued... 

The mystery of Problems was written to help you see the innate power within you that can help solve any form of problem that life may have tossed at you. It will let you see the fact that you can make it, this book will inject fire into your soul and energize you to stop at nothing less than the perfect solution to that problem plaguing you and your family. 

You will see the reasons why God allowed problems in your life and the way out of every problem, you will learn from this book the powers behind your problems and how you can dethrone them. You are created to solve problems not to be overwhelmed by them. There is a tremendous capability inside you: you are giving unlimited capacity for success, in fact, nothing is impossible for you

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