Thursday, August 14, 2014

God Is With You

Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My friend Popson said, "do not accept defeat for what you can still repeat, those who accept defeat can not live to defeat what they can repeat". This is very correct; are you. defeated or have failed in  any endeavor? You can repeat it, do it again taking all the details into consideration, and you will make it this time around. Even if you fail, you can still try it again, it is impossible to fail if you keep trying: that much I can guarantee you. I see you lifted and favored, be blessed and remain blessed.

The truth about problems is that worry and anxiety never solve them. What bring solution to every problem is the courage to face them with the truth of the word of GOD. A problem faced with the word of GOD can't stand the test of time, it must evaporate just like water under an intensive heat of a stove. The word of GOD have power to fix any problem no matter how big. To every problem you or anyone may ever face, there is a word from the Bible that can settle it. The only challenge is finding that right word. That's why the bible says "how forcible are thy words". The word forces the problem to melt away, speak the word to your problem NOW. Be blessed and remain blessed.

As the people of Israel left Egypt, GOD gave them the law, the statute and the judgment. The law contains the dos and donts; the statute contains steps to take to atone for sins; while the judgment contains how to relate with one another. GOD is concerned about how we treat each other, and what you do or not do to others matter a lot to GOD.
The judgment contains the acceptable moral behavior that GOD expects from us. Let us go out there make someone smile, speak to lift someone, offer a helping hand. "Thank you" can go a long way to make someone happy. Be a blessing to someone today, be blessed and remain blessed.

Everything that we see today started as an idea in the mind of a man. The greatest scientific innovation started as a flash of thought with just one person. Thoughts are real, a well coordinated thought is even more real than anything you can see, feel or touch. The reason is that what you can see today, you may not see tomorrow. Things change, time flies, fashion does not last long, even strong houses collapse. Every well coordinated thought and imagination can become reality if it is given the necessary action. Start thinking right, think about what you want not what you hate, you will have eventually what you think. Be blessed and remain blessed.

The LORD is the saving strength of HIS anointed. HE will be with you today and throughout your life time, HE will defend you and fight for you.  You are HIS child, you belong to HIM, the wonder is that as big as HE is, yet HE lives in you to help you and make you win in every situation. You can never be stranded no matter the degree and level of your situation or challenges, HE will always step in at the right time. Sometimes you may feel lonely and rejected, but the truth is that you are NEVER alone, HE is there with you. Open your inner eyes this morning and see HIM helping you and making everything to work together for your good. Be blessed and remain blessed.

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