Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Is Tough

Life is tough, only the strong survives and so you must "be strong in The LORD and in the power of HIS might". There are so many things that are ready to pull us down, so many things that are against us. We must be strong and learn to say NO to anything or anyone that is out to limit us in anyway. For instance when sickness or disease tries to invade your body, you've got to rise up to the occasion and say a firm NO by faith claiming your victory and declaring that by the stripes of JESUS, I am healed. Actually, we were healed 2000 years ago with those stripes laid upon the body of JESUS, but you need to appropriate it by faith. How? By speaking the words of healing to your body. Be blessed and remain blessed.

It is not enough to have a word from The LORD, prophetic words and declarations are good but not enough. Knowing what to do and how to make that word or prophecy come to pass in your life is the big deal. Wisdom is the ability to know what to do and how to do it in other to make the word work in your life.
Remember that many people who died in abject poverty also have a word from the LORD that they were supposed to be rich. Pray therefore for excellent wisdom and grace to know what to do per time. It is well with your soul, be blessed and remain. Blessed.

Have you ever wondered why Jacob bowed down to Esau seven times? Why would Jacob who by prophecy was favoured to be served by Esau call him lord? The prophecy had it that the elder shall serve the younger. Why then did Jacob cause all his children to bow down to his brother Esau?
When Jacob took the birthright by cunning and greedy attitude and supplanted his brother by taking the blessing, what did Esau do to turn the table in his favour?
He followed his father's advise in Gen 27:40 that he should live by the sword and break the yoke from his neck. The word of GOD is the sword of the spirit, and breaking the yoke is a warfare prayer. Go by the WORD, and face your realities by prayer, you will surely win. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Every blessing due for you in this month which is yet to come to you, receive speed of delivery today IJN. May the grace of GOD open every closed door and liberate you from the powers that are enforcing sadness and bitterness in your life. As the month passes away so will all disappointment and lack. As we enter into the new month so will you enter into a new realm of blessings and abundance. Receive a new power to attract all the good things and people you have always desired. May you be connected with timely helpers of destiny IJN.

I want to assure you that this daily words of encouragement that I send to you were fully inspired by the Holy Spirit. These words come to me every morning after I have had a time with GOD in prayers. Some people reply me everyday by telling me that they were really blessed and that I had touched the real thing they were facing. I thank GOD for using me to send these words to you, but you have an assignment to meditate on the words and gauge it with THE WORD of GOD and be a doer of the WORD of GOD. Its no use to say "powerful word" and yet not make use of it. Be blessed and remain blessed.

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