Monday, August 18, 2014

Power for Effective Living

Thomas Edison built the world's first large-sc...
Thomas Edison built the world's first large-scale electrical supply network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Success in life start by taking risk. Can you imagine what this world would be like if the Wright brothers did not take the risk by inventing a flying machine? Thomas Edison took a lot of risks before he gave the world many machine inventions. Every successful marriage started as a risk because no one knows the future.
Is there a good thing in your heart that you

You are a unique human being, there is no one in all the earth that is exactly like you. GOD made you specially in a wonderful way. Therefore it is useless envying someone else or wanting to be like another. If you want to be a carbon copy of another human being, you are directly telling GOD that you are HIS mistake.
Accept the you, develop yourself, discover your talent and use it for the glory of GOD. You have a contribution to this world that can help to advance the earth. Stop seeing yourself as the small you. Remember always that you matter, and that's no flatter. Be excited about yourself, no matter how small you may think your contribution to humanity is, it matters to GOD. Be blessed and remain blessed.

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