Monday, August 25, 2014

The Christian Worker

English: Tiverton : Angel Hill & Remembrance S...
English: Tiverton : Angel Hill & Remembrance Sunday Reverend Gordon of St Peter's Church tells the people to go in the light of the Lord and Jesus Christ before the parade is dismissed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today Christ is looking for those Christian workers or followers who will communicate the gospel by their lives, more than by their words. Those who will set good examples for the young converts by practice rather than by precept. Will you be one of them? The spiritual lifestyle that Christ is expecting us to apply is to be seeking and setting our affection on things above not on things on the earth. This will make us to see things eternal and lay up treasures in heaven so that our going with Christ will be easy. Col.3: 1-4, Mathew6: 19,20. The home life of a Christian is of vital importance as it is commonly said ‘charity begins at home.’ The married sister professing to be a child of God is expected to submit to her own husband. This is as it is fit in the Lord, not just as a wishy washy type of submission Colossians 3: 18 and also the headship of the husband must be recognized and subjected to: exactly as the church is subject to the Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians5: 22. If you are a sister with an unbelieving and difficult husband, you are to win your spouse not by mere words, fashionable attire, fanciful adornment and delicate hairdo but with holy behavior coupled with fear 1peter3: 1-6.

Husbands are commanded by God to love their wives as their own selves. When you love your wife it means you love yourself. This love is called agape in Greek language, and this means unconditional love. You have to love your wife irrespective of what she has done or not done to make you happy. Love is like a seed that grows until it becomes a tree. With time it brings forth fruits of joy. Masters and employers both saved and unsaved must be given their due regard and honor. Our commitment and service to them should be as unto Christ: knowing that He is our overall boss in any place of employment and profession we find ourselves. He is also the rewarder of faithful service Ephisians6: 5-8. 1Peter2: 18, 1Timothy6: 1-2, Titus2: 9-10. This is the only way to make the Christian faith appeal to others. In all business affairs of a Christian, honesty and integrity must be his watchword. Do not give offense to others in and outside of Christ, love your neighbors, and do unto others what you will that others should do to you Romans13: 9, Mathew7: 12. You have to be consecrated: and be specifically useful in the service of the Lord

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