Thursday, August 14, 2014

Great Men are Ordinary Men

Yesterday is gone, it is useless to bother yourself with whatever happened in the past. Leave the past to where it belongs, its gone, don't allow its ghost to hunt you. Paul said in the Bible, "This one thing. I do forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth to those things which are before. I press toward the mark for the prize" You need to forget the mistakes, the hurts, the offenses, even the successes of the past because these always hinder future achievement. Past success leads to pride and cuts people short of new innovations. Past mistakes blinds people of new opportunities. Don't allow any of them to stop you, be blessed and remain blessed.

Take note of this fact, weaker people than you have done more difficult things than you are presently doing. Less intelligent people than you have done great things that anyone can be proud of. People who have little or no help with lesser opportunity than yours have done marvelously well.
It is time to rise up and stretch yourself to do greater than anyone is expecting of you. It is time to go beyond the average, it is time to innovate and act so that you can prove to those who think that you will fail that they are so wrong. Rise up, it is time to do more than the usual, yes, my friend you can do it in this new month
. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Have you noticed that great men and women in all fields of life are as ordinary as anyone else. In fact, if you observe very well you will notice a great weakness in may of them.
You will notice that despite their weaknesses they were able to make a mark upon the earth. There is no great man upon the earth who was not a victim of circumstances at one point or the other.
The difference is that they did not allow those temporary setbacks or bad mood to spoil their future or career. It is time to brush aside anything that my slower your pace or disturb you from running your race. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Appreciate what you have and be contented with what GOD gives you. Everybody has something and nobody have everything, envy and jealousy is a sign that we are not happy with what we have. You are unique and special, GOD has not finished with you, HE is still at work. What you don't appreciate will eventually depreciate, so be happy with what you have and have a workable plan of achieving great things that you envy in others. One thing is sure, you have the capacity to make it to any level you may ever desire in life. Receive power to move forward, be blessed and remain blessed.

Someone says, "in life if you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything". The only course that is worth standing for is that of CHRIST. A song says, "stand up, stand up for Jesus...". Those who stand for Jesus never fall for anything in this world.
To stand up for Jesus simply means to be able to tell others about the love of JESUS everywhere we go. Tell someone about JESUS today, in your office, in your house, everywhere.
Jesus loves you, and so does HE love your friends and family but HE wants you to tell them. Begin today, tell somebody that Jesus love him, be blessed and remain blessed.

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