Sunday, August 10, 2014

I have a burden to share with you today the need to know what is right for you and go for it regardless of what others have to say. People judge us based on their own believe and purpose in life, we are not called to live the same type of lives. It is very important for you to operate based on your own vision and conviction. To allow anyone's opinion to become your reality is to fail woefully and disappoint GOD who made you unique. HE loves what HE made when you were born, so the wise thing is to find out his purpose of creating you and go after it irrespective of what anyone thinks or says about you. The caution of course is this, if what you want to do will hurt anyone, that cannot be of GOD, so you have to drop it. Be blessed and remain blessed.

Adenuga Sunday Joseph is a pastor who believes in empowering people, and teaching them how to succeed in life inspite of difficulties. For more information: Go to or his ministry website at or simply watch his video presentations at

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