Welcome to this website where we have God's mandate to help you to overcome any form of problem that may be plaguing your life or business. We believe that there is always a sure solution to every problem any man under the sun may ever be facing.

I congratulate you for finding this website which is packed full with godly ideas that liberates people all over the world from the bondage of problems.

My name is Sunday Joseph Adenuga, I am the Pastor of Success Dimension Church, Ibadan, Nigeria. Also now in Pretoria, South Africa working for God to start another branch of the church. God inspired me to create this website because he had helped me to pass through series of problems in life, so many problems that have claimed the lives of others HE had helped me to survive them. God told me, “its time you begin to teach others some of those things you learnt from me by experience to help them survive and more than that succeed”. It becomes part of my assignment and ministries to help people overcome their problems through the Word of God and by sharing some of my life experiences. I created this website to help you overcome that seemingly impossible problem.

Life is full of problems, but these problems are not intended to kill man or wicked him, they are allowed by God to happen to man so that they can help man to develop his world. I have seen through history of man that every problem that came to humanity had been subdued, transportation problem had been dealt with by the provision of motor vehicles of different types, different types of ships and submarines, different types of airplanes. The problem of laborious hard work of using cutlasses and hoes had been settled by the invention of different types of modern farm implements.

The problem of carrying large sums of money have been solved by the invention of Visa cards, Master Cards, even mobile money which you can operate through your mobile handset. There is no doubt that problems that came to our world have led to more open doors for people, more opportunities, more avenue for expansion and making our world easier and better to live in. Anybody who is crying because of any type of problem does not know the power inside man and needs to read many articles in this blog to discover that problems are easy to deal with and even you can defeat that seeming gigantic problem.

Every man including you was born with stupendous abilities to win and overcome problems and difficulties of life. Man is generally awesome, can you imagine how man has conquered his world, he is the master everywhere, on land, sea and even sky. There is nothing man has set to do that he had not done excellently well, the first airplane was a glorified helicopter, now man has perfected the art of making of airplane that it is even a home in the sky, all the conveniences you would want in a house is there. Man keeps on making it better with new productions. These inventions of other men should make you mad at your little problems, that if a fellow man can invent handset, what is this little problem before you that you will not solve, surely, you have the power to overcome this problem. With that mentality, you will overcome.

The article was written to help you see the innate power within you that can help solve any form of problem life may have tossed at you. It will let you see the fact that you can make it, the articles inside this blog will inject fire into your soul and energize you to stop at nothing less than the perfect solution to that problem plaguing you and your family.

I want to challenge you from this time forth, to begin to look at problems from another advantaged perspective, see problems as opportunities which they are, see them as another great challenge that will add solution and ease to the way people live on planet earth. You need to set out from now and position yourself as a solution provider to other people's problems.


General: All about problems that people face generally in life.

Financial problems: The deals with problems of finance

Marital Problem: All problems relating to family and marriage

Health Problem: This deals with problems relating to health, bodily sickness and solutions to them

Spiritual Problem: Most of the problems of man have their origin from spiritual source, here you will see how to engage spiritual forces to bring solution to all types of problems.

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