Friday, May 15, 2009

The Untouchables

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

There are some groups of people on the face of the earth who are untouchables, they are the anointed ones of God. The Bible says in Psalm 105:13-15

When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people; He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea He reproved Kings for their sakes; Saying, Touch not Mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.

The people of God are untouchables on the face of the earth, no one can touch them and go free, not even kings, or presidents of nations, they are very special to the Almighty God Himself, and He is the one that takes care of them Himself. These group of people are called by God Himself, as peculiar, they are the ones who have given their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that as many as received Him are given power to become children of God. When you are given power to become a son of the Almighty God, it puts you over any problem of life, it elevates you into an enviable position as an untouchable, favored child of the King of kings. If you have not done so already, I am inviting you to give your life to Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Savior. As you respond to this message the Lord will support you to become the best you were created to be.

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