Saturday, May 2, 2009

Motivation Slump? 7 Steps to Banish Unproductivity

All of us have times in business that zap us from the energy or the desire to keep going. When we are not motivated to work our business we jeopardize success. When we are unproductive we are losing valuable income by being idle. Instead of generating cash we are immobilized. As we continue in our unmotivated state we perpetuate the problem by finding more and more ways to avoid the action we should be taking. Then we begin to feel guilt or we give in to a bit of panic. Worse, we start to lose our desire to make this business work. This cycle must stop before we sabotage all the effort we have put in previously.

So how do you regain your motivation?

1. Take responsibility to stay motivated. You alone are responsible for your motivation. Don't count on others. This is your life.

2. How do you find motivation? Each person has their own inner motivation triggers. What are yours? Think back to times when you have been completely revved up to accomplish something. What was the driving force behind that motivation. Stir up that motivation trigger again.

3. Keep your goal/goals forefront in your mind. Keeping your goals alive gives inspiration. Keep a dream journal. Use pictures of your dream as your screen saver. Keep a list in your day planner and schedule time at least weekly to review your goals.

4. Support from others. We need encouragement to know we are doing the right thing. Develop a mastermind team that knows your goals and encourages you to pursue those goals.

5. Know your purpose. When you know your purpose your life takes on meaning. Following your purpose gives you the fulfillment that puts you on a path of inspiration.

6. Action breeds motivation. Do something right now that will give you results. You will discover that the first step is the hardest. Once you get involved in that first action step generally the motivation returns.

7. Do what you love. Still stumped? Take the most exciting part of the project and begin with that part. Pick one thing from your list of action steps you need to take, make it something you enjoy doing, and determine to spend 15 minutes doing that task.

And for your benefit, one extra tip:

8. Listen to motivational speakers. Find motivational speakers that can get you excited about living life to the fullest. Some of my favorites are Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and John Maxwell. Find some podcasts and be prepared to be ready to get back on to the fast track to success.

As you keep referring to this list and the things you've discovered about yourself you will find the times of being unmotivated become farther and farther apart. You will have found your own inner drive and that's the best motivation of all!

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