Friday, May 1, 2009

Mindset Tips - Are You Allowing Logic to Rule Your Life Or Are You Listening to Your Heart?

Before I came to my apprenticeship with John Assaraf, I had absolutely no reason to believe that John would take me under his wing. How could I? I had absolutely NO ties to the personal growth industry. Logic would clearly say in a run on sentence, "Sean! You have ONE more year to get your college degree and you're thinking of joining a program by this dude you don't even know for a couple thousand dollars and giving up everything you've been doing in school the last 4 years for the hope that he'll take you under his wing?! Don't be foolish!"

That logical idea reflects the thoughts that were going through the minds of friends and family when I made my choices to not go back to school and to join the Having It All Challenge. And it's easy to understand where they were coming from with the perspective of me being foolish. But what about now looking in hindsight?

The fact is that whenever you take risks in life, logic will most always win by saying that you're making a bad decision. Your heart may be telling you to do one thing, but your mind will counter it by making excuses.

It'll say "well the chance of you achieving your dream is very unlikely. Here are all the reasons you won't succeed..."

I have to ask though...


I don't believe they would.

Look, I'm not saying that we shouldn't listen to our logic. It has good points. But ultimately when you're living in integrity and true to your life's purpose, it is your heart that will lead you.

Logic is really good at creating fear for the unknown. When you're letting that rule your life, you are out of your heart space.

When logic is bringing attention to potential obstacles and allowing you to see another perspective with no emotion attached to it though, that's great! Observe it as it will help you in your journey...Just be sure that it is ultimately guided by your heart.

Now I'm curious,

What's your burning desire?
What's your burning passion?
What's your heart telling you to do right now?
Is it telling you to change careers?
Is it telling you to get out of a relationship that isn't serving you?
Is it telling you to go on an adventure?

Ask yourself if the path you are on is serving your life's purpose and if you are truly happy doing what you're doing.

I'm serious!

Stop reading right now for a moment and think about it.

Listen, sometimes we do have to undertake delayed gratification and be involved in things which are not EXACTLY what we want. There are many situations where those scenarios are preparing us for what we truly desire.

But we also have to be careful that we don't mistake delayed gratification as being a replacement for our dreams. There are people who have been living in delayed gratification for 40 years. Don't let that be you. And if it is you, think very deeply about what I'm saying here and how you could change your life by tuning into your heart.

Make sense?

I hope you'll ask yourself the questions I've written, and when you do, listen to your heart for the answer.

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From Sean Patrick Simpson, The Mindset Apprentice.

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