Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Speed Reading Manual

"Now You Can Finally Learn How to Double or Even Triple Your Reading Speed Easily, At the Same Time Improving Your Comprehension..."

If you're interested in being able to read 3 times as fast as anyone else, with a comprehension level that's 20% higher than the average, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's what this is all about:
My name is Stephen Manley, and until very recently, I was an "average" reader. It took me ages to finish a book, I often got bored and distracted while reading, and even if I tried to just sit down and dedicate some time to reading something important, I would have to re-read it several times to make sure I understood it. Since then, however, my reading speed has tripled, my comprhension has gone up by 20%, and I enjoy reading now more than ever.

So how did I go from being an average slow reader to now being a super-productive speed reader?

Allow me to explain...

Little Did I Know, A Simple Shift In Perspective Would "Unlock" A Reading Ability I Had No Idea Existed.

In my first day of classes at University, almost every one of my professors greeted the class with more warnings than welcomes.

"This course is going to require
you to do a lot of reading."

All the professors said the same thing. If you're in University or College, I'm sure you've heard something similar from your profs.

For every course, there was a required textbook. Each textbook was between 500 and 800 pages long. My stack of textbooks ended up being over 6 inches thick.

After a little math, I found out that if I wanted to keep up, I would have to read about 200 pages a week!

That Was A Problem.

I didn't mind reading - I even enjoyed it occasionally. But textbooks? How am I supposed to enjoy reading textbooks?

Textbooks are very strange things. You KNOW they're packed with information, you KNOW they're useful, you KNOW that they'll help you learn tons of things, but still, they're just unbearable.

You sit there with the textbook in front of you, trying to trudge through to the end of the chapter. You just want to "get it over with."

But while reading, you think to yourself "I just need to check my email..." or "I just want to check Facebook for a second. " And of course, you never feel like going back to studying.

Or sometimes you'll be in the middle of a paragraph only to realize that you're only looking at the words, and not really letting them sink in. So then you keep starting the paragraph over, but you can't seem to hold your focus on the text.

Or, maybe you decide "OKAY! Right now I'm going to read through that chapter I was supposed to read through." You slam down the book, get comfortable, and start plodding through the text. After you finish a section, and you get up to get yourself a snack... a clock catches your eye - you see the time, and to your astonishment, you realize that you just spent 3 hours reading, and you're not even done the chapter you were supposed to read.

I was experiencing the very same things...

I knew that this couldn't continue. I needed a change. I needed a solution.

And then I discovered "speed reading"

I'm sure you know something about speed reading already. Being able to read faster than normal, at a higher comprehension rate? Why not?!

But once I did some research, I found out there are...

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The Speed Reading Manual

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