Friday, May 1, 2009

When Something Isn't Working - Try Something Else

When you are not succeeding in what you are doing, chances are there are a number of processes taking place.

First of all, there is the possibility that you are about to succeed if only you do not give up. It is often not so much about something going wrong with the method you are employing to achieve the goal. One may actually be applying the best method and at the right time. Persistence and perseverance becomes an important tool to getting the job done. Remember the parable of the persistent widow recorded in the Bible (Luke 18:1-18). The widow literally wore the judge out till she got justice in the end. When we persist in the project or whatever we are aiming to achieve, success comes in eventually and in due course. What does this mean for the individual, an Organisation and a nation as a whole? It means we need persistence in what we are doing. That is the key to achieving our goals.

There are instances where we are not succeeding in our area of life primarily on the basis of wrong knowledge or information base. Ignorance, it is often said, is a disease and the lack of it often leads to the 'death' of a people or a nation. No one builds a house without first of all counting the cost. You need to 'spy out your land' in order to have the competitive edge. An Organisation or business wishing to increase its market share will have to acquaint itself on where it can have the comparative advantage in order to achieve its goals. This will have to be accomplished by acquiring knowledge of the market. It also involves an Organisation setting up a research and development outfit or repositioning the already existing outfit to gather current and relevant information about their target market in order to have success. This could also take the form of paradigm shift in mindset and attitudes.

Thus having the persisting attitude is very important to the success of an Organisation as well as having the relevant knowledge base and the right paradigm.

There are however, circumstances in which it is not prudent to embark on a project. Persistence in this case will only lead to waste of time and resources which could be put to other equally important activities. This is more evident when the above processes have been used with some degree of consistency. It is important to notice that there are some activities or project that is not worth embarking on. A good discerning heart will save the Organisation the time and resources. Under such circumstances, it is clear that trying another option becomes the best choice.

All that is required is a good discernment and the relevant information base to be able to embark on a project and be successful.

Emmanuel Donkor is a budding copywriter and an entrepreneur who is committed to seeing men and women rise to their highest potential in life. As a copywriter, Emmanuel Donkor is committed to putting up well-researched, informative as well as educative articles that will inspire people to achieve their best in life.

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