Friday, May 1, 2009

Look For What Makes You Happy Not Just Rich

It is a tough time we keep hearing. But is it? If you think so you have not looked around at the people who are being successful, business that are booming. Yes you may have to change direction but maybe it was time to do that anyway. People think, and I was one of those, that I could never run my own business, or being an entrepreneur is not for people like me! Why not? are you an alien, do you not have a brain like everyone else. It is how we use it that counts.

Searching through the internet can be a frustrating, depressing experience as you just don't know who to trust or where to turn. But you cannot go through life thinking everyone is scamming you or they are all after your money (which you probably don't have anyway) so what have you got to lose. There has to come a time when you take a risk. I did just that and am I so glad. I found a gem, a British company that is on the London Stock market. Now there are good companies out there, find the once that are on the stock market, are doing well and are in an industry that has huge growth and huge growth potential. That is featured in such places as Which magazine which is you the public voting for those in there.

Click onto links and trawl through the information. How long have they been in business, what sort of industry, their growth, their services, do they sound like they care. Go further and chat to someone in the company. When you have all your information then you can take it further. At the end of the day it is up to you. You want financial freedom, we all do, you would like to retire earlier than you ever expected, great time for family and great journeys, live the dream. Many are doing just that, nothing is impossible if you want it enough. This is your life, don't accept what you have if it is not what you want.

Get out there do something about it now rather than later. If I can do it at 62 then anyone can. It does not matter what job you are or were doing you can easily be trained into doing something that will give you a great future and happiness. That is key to me, enjoying what you do and living a great life. Helping others do the same once you are successful is very gratifying and will always add to your success. The most successful people in the world are those who have helped others and given others a helping hand to improve their lifestyles. Remember this quote, change who you are or you will always have what you have got. This is so true, if you don't go for what you want then how can you have more than you have now.

Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. I love quotes they are simple and not too long to read and they make me feel good and motivate me too. Go for it become what you want to be.

I am a business owner working from home. It is never too late for anyone I am 62 and just started on my second business from home helping people improve their health and start up in their own business and make enough to retire sooner than they ever expected. My phylosophy is helping others always helps you. Seeing people's live change is so rewarding. The team I am working in offers free training in internet network marketing and offline too.

A great genuine British company helping people save money and make money. I have found a gem. I have four children who are very important in my life and my dream is to have a home near them and spend more time with them and through my success help them too. Never say you can never do anything or people like me don't become entrepreneurs. Not true anyone with a dream and ambition can do anything they put their mind to. I am living proof. I love my life and am living it to the full with the knowledge that I can do anything. Most important is to be happy. Information is all here to take a look and decide if you want a bite of the pie.

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