Monday, March 31, 2008

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Have you ever heard the story of men (and women) who got so frustrated in life as a result of poverty that they decided to use spiritual means to get wealth? I have heard the story of such men and women, they went to the spiritualist (called Babalawo in my native language), and the spiritualist promised them wealth and actually gave some real wealth. To every such wealth promised and delivered, there is always a strong attachment, a strong demand, and or commitment on the part of the seeker. To some they must pay with the life of their wives (or husbands); to some it is their first born child; to some their aged parents; to others it may be part of their body. Note that the part of the body so donated or sacrificed may continue to decay till the day of their death.

Getting wealth from the kingdom of the devil is never free; it is a big deal you must pay for it through your nose. The terrible aspect of it is this, they will not tell you what the condition will be; they would not know at the outset what their oracle would demand from the seeker. So you would not know what they will demand until you follow them to the point of no return, sometimes they give stupendous wealth with the condition that the seeker will not live beyond a certain number of years, commonly between one and nine years. The point of no return is the point you have entered into a strong covenant with them, to this you are bound, and so at that point, they name their price. As I pointed out earlier, the demand may be short life for you here on earth, or the life of your wife, or that of your aged mother, or your son or daughter, or even your potency if you are a man and your womb if you are a woman, meaning your inability to ever produce a biological child. In this case all your unborn children are said to be working for the money you are enjoying on this earth. Such person though rich will die barren. Please note this well in your heart; the devil can never give you wealth for free.

I heard the story of three men who went to an old spiritualist and told him they want wealth but not with the life of any of their loved ones or unborn children. This wealth that they want will not affect their sexual potency and ability to produce babies. The old spiritualist consulted his oracle that agreed that such wealth was possible, but the three of them would turn into birds first; as birds they would be made to fly to somewhere to bring some spiritual materials with which their wealth would be made. This was a good arrangement to them the two of them agreed to the deal, but the third declined. To cut the long story short, they both flew away as birds and flew back to the shrine at the appointed time, then the spiritualist tried to bring them back to their human form, he succeeded half way, so half of their bodies turned back to human the remaining half bird. He then remembered that there was something he forgot to bring to the shrine, he rushed back home to bring the remaining spiritual materials and on his way, he was knocked down by a fast moving vehicle and died instantly. Those wealth seekers remained half human, half birds: this is a true-life story. The detail given above may not be exact or complete, but the truth is that the spiritualist died and there was no one to bring back the two wealth seekers to complete human form and they died a most shameful death.

Another wealth seeker was told to sleep with a dirty old completely mad woman if he wants great wealth but this also backfired. He too was not only disgraced but also lost his life in the process.
Are you looking for money? The truth is that money is not evil, the Bible says, "The love of money is the root of all evil". Notice that it says the love of, not that it said money is. The truth is that money is neither good nor bad, money is a neuter. It is good when you use it for a good purpose, and of course, it is bad when you employ it to accomplish evil act.
Thomas Carlyle, the Scottish Essayist and historian, once declared that, "Adversity is hard on man: but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred men that will stand adversity." Many people want to be wealthy, but very few people can really handle wealth. Many will fumble when money comes, only few people can remain humble when real wealth enters their hands. You cannot know the true nature of a man until he is rich; a man is truly humble if with all his wealth, he is still meek and considerate of others. I know some brothers who seemed to be so humble and loving: when they got little money, they began to class themselves; others are no longer worthy of them, they are now superior to all others: meanwhile these are the people they use to play with before. This is pride; beware of this as you grow to become successful in life.

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