Friday, March 21, 2008

God Want You To Be His Friend

I believe that God had three purposes in mind when He created man, they are
That man should worship Him here on earth (just as the Angelic beings are doing in Heaven). Today many people do not worship God. The first reason God made you is to worship Him. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing is not to complain but to worship God, songs of worship must flow out of you worshiping and adoring the Almighty God take you very quickly into the realm of the supernatural. (I shall discuss more on this later).
That man should have close fellowship, friendly relationship with Him. It is one thing to worship Him; it is another thing to have a friendly relationship with Him. He longs to be your friend, if you want to reign in life, you must be His friend, He must guide and advise you daily, you must tell him all what you’re going through, you must follow Him closely. You must be feel free to express yourself to Him.
That man should have dominion over all His created beings and things. Today, instead of having dominion, man is dominated by beings and things. Look at your life, do you have dominion or you are dominated. To have dominion means to be prosperous, to be successful, to possess your possession, to reign in life, to be in control of things, to subdue, and to influence.
As you begin to flow in the supernatural, you shall begin to have dominion in life and your domain will continue to increase as you allow the Holy Spirit to take you to the heights. If you study Adam’s life before the fall, he worships God constantly. We read of God coming to Adam in the cool of the day to have fellowship with Adam. When God visited Adam, he would prostrate and worship the Lord and they would talk together as friends, there was deep communion; there was fellowship between Adam and God. As a result of this relationship, Adam had dominion over the earth, he was given the privilege of naming all the animals, and he was fully in control of the earth until the fall. He lost the dominion after the fall because; he had lost the relationship with God. No one can have dominion without first having relationship with Jesus. If you are not connected with Jesus, you cannot be connected with success or dominion: if you do not discover the lost dominion, you will end up as a major failure in life. This is true, even though God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, yet you will not enjoy the life.
The purpose of God was for man to be His friend; that’s why He made man in His own image. He intended for man to love Him (without being forced or coerced to love Him) and be ready to reverence Him always. You cannot operate in the realm of supernatural if you are not ready to establish a rapport with God. Many people do what they like, go anywhere they please, but for you, from now, you must be ready to please God before you please yourself. Jesus is waiting daily for as many as are ready to enter into a son ship (or friendly) relationship with Him. Do you need a friend? God is calling on you. He wants to have intimate relationship with you. We’re not here talking about being born-again only but about going higher in the realm of the supernatural.
Have you ever had a friend, a true fried, somebody you love? When you are with him, you feel relaxed, you do not feel shy or ashamed to tell him anything, he is your fried because when nobody understands you, he does, and he cares. A time with him is highly treasured and can never be seen as wasted.
Do you know? You can become a friend of God. He is your Lord, and your creator and your heavenly father (if you are born-again), yet he longs to have a friendly relationship with you. He wants to be your friend; above all, he wants you to be closer to him. He wants you to make Him the closest being to you.

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SuccessDiva said...

This is beautiful reading. It's always a joy to come across those that are not ashame to spread THE Good News! Thanks for sharing!
Rena Williams