Monday, September 8, 2014

You Are Created to Solve Problems

Hard Time on Planet Earth
Hard Time on Planet Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the mystery of problems is that we are created to solve them, they are not here to destroy us but to make us stronger. There are two types of people on the planet earth, those who create problems, and those who solve them. When we look at this world, everybody falls into one of these two categories, the big question is, on which side are you, problem creator or problem solver? There is nobody who can sit on the fence. The purpose of this write-up is to motivate you to be among the problem solvers of this world.

People who live a problem centered live always cause more problems for other people, do not allow your present problem take the best of you, refuse to be a problem centered individual. Problem centered people are those who carry their problems on their faces, they go everywhere with the consciousness of their problems, exposing their problems to everyone around them. They live as if their problem is the only thing that this world is all about, they usually weep, and show a very sorrowful countenance.

Some who are problem centered go all out to make lives difficult for the rest of the world, some of them go in the guise of religion, causing riots and unrest, leading to unnecessary killings and destruction of lives and valuable properties. The story is always a bad one especially when a problem centered politician losses an election, he uses his problem to cause problems and political unrest in the nation.

Please note that there will always be problems, there is no living human being on the face of the earth today who does not have his or her own problem. You do not need to use your own peculiar problem to disturb the peace of your immediate or remote environment, to do that is to become an unthoughtful problem centered individual. There is no problem that you are facing that someone else had not faced at one point in time or the other. The same problem which you have allowed to break you has given some others a great breakthrough in life, many have become rich and famous because they have worked hard with great courage to overcome that same type of problem which you are using to disturb your community.

I have found out from my study of great men that greatness begins when you face that problem squarely and with a determined effort to solve the riddle behind it. Those who faced the problem with the intention to get a solution have always gotten the solution they so desperately desired. They have helped mankind to become better and turned this world to a paradise of some sort, you are called to be among those who will help make this world a better place for the coming generation of people. What is your own little or big contribution to the development of your environment?

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