Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Prayer for You

Greatness and success is a very precious achievement. Some people attain it by fighting and struggling to get to the position they are, there was no way they could get there without a dogged determination and hard work, one example in the bible is David. Some other people get to that level by inheritance, these ones did not fight any battle, they simply occupied a great position because of the family they were born into, one good example in the bible is Solomon. Some others get to the position of great success by getting favour and help from someone else, Mordecai is an example of such, he became very great because he was promoted by the king.

The important aspect of life is that, it does not matter how you get there, either by fighting, inheritance or by receiving favor, you need to be successful in whatever you have choosen to accomplish on earth. I pray that the grace of God that makes rich and add no sorrow to it will be your portion in the land of the living. One thing I want you to go away with is this, whether you are born to a great family or not, you too can attain to greatness in life. The truth is that those achieve great honor and power by their own effort treasure are more than those who inherited it, so you can rest assured that God will help you to be the person who will leave great inheritance for the coming generation.

May the heaven open for you today to empower you with strength and anointing you need to become great in life. The grace of God will come upon you that will make you worthy of the inheriatance of the saints in light in Jesus name. Receive the grace to be favoured by those who will help you to accomplsh greatness in destiny in Jesus name. May God open to you today a book of remembrance that will attract great blessings to your life in jESUS NAME, be blessed and remain blessed.

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