Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Created to Enjoy Solving Problems

Everyone of us was created to solve people's problem, the work you are presently doing is the avenue given to you to help solve their problems. Let me explain it in a graphical form. A doctor helps the sick people of this world get solution of healing to their problem of sicknesses and diseases, that is glaring. Some people's work does not seem to be helping other people solve problems but I say to you that every work that we do on earth helps people in one way or the other. This book you are reading is a product of hard work and sleepless nights of writing and thinking, but one way or the other, it is helping anybody that reads it to become better in handling their problems.

All human activities that are negative add to people's problem and should not therefore be encouraged by you. Activities like stealing, lying, killing, destruction of other people's properties are all negative and adds to the problems of our world. What happens to you after the encounter of a problem in your life depends so much on you and what you have on the inside of you. One of the reasons why I wrote this article is to encourage you to develop thick skin against the problem virus. To do that, it is good for you to understand the source of all problems. Who is behind my problem? You ought to know the force or forces behind every problem you may ever have in the land of the living. All problems came with a hidden agenda to accomplish in your life, but the good news is that each one of them have an expiry date. When you know the force behind your problem and the worth of that force, you can put up a greater force to overcome it.

The joy and beauty of this world is that those natural problems have helped put more money in people's pockets. The problem of rat invasion in most homes have created employment opportunities for thousands of people who works in companies dealing with rat killers. Anytime a natural problem occurs, intelligent people find solution and this solution always involved many other people who profits by making a good job out of the said problem. This tells you that most problem came to make some people rich, though it will never be seen as an opportunity except by the wise fellows in the first instance. The problem you are currently facing may be an opportunity to make you rich, think about it again, it may be an opportunity to help make many other people rich.

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