Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Highest Paying Job Ever

Which is the highest paying job? Which profession is the best, that will guarantee a very high pay? Some people think that money comes based on the profession chosen, or that it is the job that you do that determines how rich you will ever be. Initially, I also agreed with that assertion, that it is your job that determines how rich you will be. I thought that some types of job will authomatically make you rich while some cannot help you to go beyound the level of "Just Enough".

As I considered the rich people in my environment, I was shocked to discover that riches has nothing to do with jobs or position held or even the profession chosen by any man. I have seen medical doctors living a little above average while common pepper sellers are living in affluence. I have seen some lawyer struggling to survive while common cobblers are rising from the level of nothingness to the level of movers and shakers of society. Wealth acquisition is not tied to any profession or work, it is tied to the heart of the man. It is not your profession that determines how rich you will be, it is the YOU inside that determines these things.

The highest paid jobs are determined not by the jobs but by the person behind the jobs. This is the reason we have very rich lawyers and poor ones; we have extremely rich doctors and poor ones; we have rich school teachers and poor ones, and so for any profession you may ever think of. People have made a good success of seemingly unattractive jobs and profession. The story of a man who started out in Lagos, Nigeria as a packer (and disposer) of dung (human wastes), a type of job considered to be the basest of all, not even a school drop out will consider that type of dirty, low paying job. This man kept faithfully at his job, he later began to use trucks to evercuate congested sockaways, and since he was ever faithful and loves his job, he became a multi-millionaire, a financial position envied now by many doctors and lawyers. He has employed hundreds of people, qualified doctors, accountants, and many other professioners are on his pay-roll.

What job are you presently doing? It is the highest paying job if you want it to be so and are determined to give it what it takes to be that way. Highest paid jobs do not fall on anybody from heaven like a riped cherry, people work smart at it to make it what they want it to be. A man complained about how difficult it is to sell insurance policies, while the other man is smiling to his bank every day as a result of new sales. To one it is high paying job, but to the other, it is a very unattractive type of job. Let me say however that I have found it easy making money on the internet, many millionaires have been produced through internet related businesses. I mention this because it is the only high paying business I have experienced personally. The only thing about this type of highly paid job is to have a good training from experts, in which case, the "World Internet Summit" can help you through it international training outfit carried out two times a year. You need good training or personal development in any job or profession you may be presently involved.

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My candid advise is that you work hard and smart on your job to make it what you want it to be. If you are not fully interested in what you are presently doing, changing it to the one you love can get you to the level of highest paying job soonest.

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