Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Money Is Not Everything

Boat to KasImage by Steve's Wildlife via FlickrBy Sunday Joseph Adenuga

It is written in the Bible that money answers all things, and considering the way life stands as at today that statement seem to be absolutely true. When we consider the fact that money is needed for any developmental project embarked upon by any individual or group, even nations that do not have lots of money are seen as undeveloped ans so they are called and rated as third world. Have you observed that no matter how intelligent a man is, if he does not have money, nobody respects or pay attention to him?

In this write-up, I do not intend to pitch my tent against this biblical statement known to be a truth that transcend ages, but I hope to let you see the fact that money, as important as it is in human affairs is not everything. This implies that you do not need to look for money so desperately that you can do anything to get it, it should not be a do or die affair. The craze for more money has turned many hitherto good people to criminals and the prison houses are congested because of these categories of people.

The truth is that money is good but it is not everything, the above Bible quotation is always quoted out of context. The statement preceding that was "As feast is made for laughter so money answers all things" meaning that all things that pertaining to making a feast grand and gorgeous are attached to money.

Money cannot answer all things the way many people believe it today, money cannot buy love, money cannot give you joy, yes, it can give you temporary happiness not everlasting joy. Money cannot buy you life when you are ready to die otherwise many rich people would live forever, this tells you that money does not and cannot answer all things. As you need more and more money to live a better life, think not on how to get money by all means with a desperate stance, not minding who is cheated or offended in your quest for more money.

Go about amassing wealth with good plans to help other people to solve their problems whereby they will gladly be willing and ready to part with their money because they know you are helping them become better, so they too will not spare their money to help you succeed as much you want. You can make as much money as any human being has ever made on planet earth but your plans to earn money must be good, smart and come with a solution to human problems otherwise, the money will soon stop coming in.

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