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This Life 2

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By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

In part one of this series I drove in the point that Jesus Christ is "The Life", and this is not my own opinion but what God said in the Bible and I believe it. In this article, I want to begin the exploration of this important topic by going to the origin of life itself. You have to understand the fact that God is the origin and source of all form of life: He is the beginning and the end; the Alpha and Omega; the First and the Last; the Creator of all things and beings physical and spiritual. When you understand this point then it will be easier for you to have a good understanding of life, and the purpose of life.

Were you created the day you were born or the day your dad's sperm fertilized the egg inside your mum's womb? The Bible tells us that Jeremiah was known by God, called by Him and ordained to be a prophet to the nations even before he was formed in his mother's womb, and I know this is true of many people including you. See Jeremiah 1:4,5. Infact God said, "before I formed thee in the belly" meaning that God Himself formed people in their mother's womb, and he knows them before forming them. Samson's life was revealed to his mother before she ever conceived him: Jacob and Essau were well known to God before they were born hence God said, "Jacob have I loved and Essau have I hated". The truth is very clear, YOU existed before you were ever born. This is the truth of life you have to grapple with and understand well, and also that, departure from this phisical world is not the end of you or any body else who is human. Man cannot ever cease to exist, he is alive somewhere in the spirit or in the physical for as long as only God knows when.

Study the Bible very well and you will understand that God have you in mind before the foundation of the earth. Let's read Ephessians 1:4

"According as He has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world..."

You issued out from Him. It is a fact that you got your life from your parents, they got their's from your grand parents, and so on till we get to the first parents on earth. The first parents were Adam and Eve, these first parents got their lives from God. We are told in Job 33:4 that, "The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life". For better understanding of the above point from the Bible, see also Job 34:12-15. The understanding of this point is the beginning of knowing the meaning of life and its purpose and this is wisdom.

You really need to work on yourself to love the Lord because you are an extention of Him, you are his and you are from his bossom. The fact that you belong to Him should thrill you, but I am more thrilled to know that I am of God (1John 4:4). When he says that you are of God He is saying that you are made of God's stuff; you are made of God's properties or materials; meaning that you matter, no matter what anybody thinks or says, pure and simple. You are not only God's property, you also carry part of God's breath, you are not ordinary. There is something about you that the enemy hate, it is the great thing that God put inside you, it is the life that I am writing about in this article. There is a reason why God gave you this life, use it to the glory of God.

This life is broad and nobody can understand everything in this world, we know in part, but you cannot afford not to have some basic understanding of your life. You are what you know; you operate at the level of your knowledge; nobody can perform beyond his actual knowledge. You are limited in life by your knowledge, for example when I gave my mum who never went to school a laptop computer, she couldnt use it because she didnt know anything about it, she was limited or couldnt enjoy this technology and the internet facilities I put into it because of her limited knowledge. I hope you understand the point I am trying to prove here. This is the reason you must have some basic understanding of life so that you can master some aspect of it and that is the reason for this series of articles to help you; to open you up to success; to open you up to wisdom.

Let me drive home the point here once again that you existed before you were born and you will continue to exist after departing from this world, an experience we call death. So you have to take heed to the way you live your life because it matters and can affect your existence in the next world. Nothing that is done goes un-noticed; all things done by you is recorded somehow for or against you and there is a record for all spoken words and actions. To this end, as I round up this article, I want to charge you to do the good you can now, do your best, help people, speak kindly to them for all these things matter.

Next in this series I am going to delve into the very purpose of life, watch out for part three, coming soon

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