Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Life 3

By Pastor Sunday Joseph Adenuga

In this issue, I want to concentrate on what the purpose of life should be since this is the only foundation for successful living on earth. No man can be successful in any venture without having a clear cut goal and purpose in that area of endeavor, it is the clear purpose that points to you how far you have gone. Life is not complete and you cannot be fulfilled without having a definite purpose you have to pursue.

Let us start this study by casting our minds back to the first few generations of human beings on planet earth. You may not know how they were, but your imagination can help you to understand the point I am proving here. Those who lived in the first few generations had more problems and challenges than those in this generation, considering the fact that they do not have any of the conviniences we freely have these days.

Can you imagine a generation where there were no cutlasses, hoes, knives, plates to serve ditches. Earlier generations did not even have the opportunity of using fire, clothes, modern medicine, there were no schools, hospitals, law courts, stadium, roads, motor vehicles, electricity, rail roads, trains or trams, not to even mention airplanes. A society where is is no modern means of communication like cell phones, fax, tele-conference, internet facilities and so on. You can continue to think and mention so many things that generation of human being have invented and developed in the past few years. One hundred years ago, many impossible things are now toys that little children can operate with ease.

Generations of human being have come and gone and each generation is leaving the world better that they met it. We know that there are a few people here and there who came to destroy and spoil things that other good people are doing or building. The intension of this write-up is to gear you up; to engineer you; to challenge you to be among those human being who will contribute something of note that will make the coming generation of human beings better and happier than those of this generation. It is in view of this assertion that I want to write seven points which I believe should be the purpose of everybody who want to be successful and leave a footmark on the sand of time. These seven purposes of life are reasonable and full of wisdom and if followed, you can not fail now and in the world to come.

The first purpose is for you to know your God. The Bible says, "...The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploit". This knowledge of God is very crucial to everything that you do on planet earth, for it will determine your destiny here on earth and your destiny when you depart from this world. In part one of this series, I explained this fact much more elaborately, you can try to look for the part one and read it again for a better understanding.

The second purpose you must understand is that God intends that all life should reproduce after its kind. This mean that dogs will continue to increase and multiply in the dog life and no cross breeding of different life. God is not happy for a man or woman to sleep with dog or horse, it stinks in the nostries of God. It is God's joy for you to increase and multiply not only biologically but also physically, materially, and spiritually.

The third purpose of life is for relationship. We need to relate with our God and with our fellow human beings. This is the place for kindness and friendship, you need to know that you are created to be kind to other people. God is concerned about how you treat other people; the way you relate with them, those higher in rank and/or status, those below you and those of the same level. Part of this involves helping people to become better and not bitter, sometimes the only thing another person need from you is smiles, sometimes it is an ordinary word 'thank you', sometimes it is just a visit of solidarity. God who said, "It is not good for man to be alone" means business and knows that no man can ever be fulfilled alone; we need other people to make useful contributions to our lives and we need to do the same for others.

The fourth purpose of life is for you to be fruitfull, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over all your world. These are the five fold blessing God gave to you and me to fulfill and it becomes our responsibility to make these good in our lives. This is the reason I do not support abortion in any way. Nobody knows the exact time a child is formed in the womb, sometimes you think you have it, and then its not there, and sometimes its there, you even continue to experience your monthly period and yet you are two or three months pregnant. God Himself is invoved in that conception, why dont you give that baby a chance to live; you may be on your way to aborting the next president of your nation. God intends that we increase biologically and financially, He wants you to succeed.

The fifth purpose is for you to be good both in character and the works of your hand. By this I mean God wants you to be good to yourself. Whereas in the third purpose, God wants you to be good to others, in the fifth, He wants you to be good to yourself by behaving well, living a holy life.

The sixth purpose of God's intention for your life is to discover your own assignment and do it with all your heart and mind. Have you considered the fact that God finished the creation of the world with many potentials for the sons of men to develop His creation. He did not create the roads, the computers, the rail roads, the trains and so on. We have a much developed world today because different people have come at different times to discover their purpose and do it for the betterment of our world. The question now is this, What is your own contribution to the world? You can only have a meaningful contribution to this world when you discover that 'thing' God brought you here to accomplish: otherwise, it will end up being a wasted life which I pray will never happen to you.

The seventh purpose of God for your life here on earth is for you to glorify Him in all you do. The Bible says, "God inhabit the praises of HIS people".

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