Sunday, March 14, 2010

How To Operate An Online Ministry

Hi, my name is Sunday Joseph Adenuga, I am the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Success Dimension Church, Ibadan, Nigeria. When God called me, He gave me a mandate to teach people how to succeed in spite of any difficulties they may ever be going through in their lives. This implies that I have the mandate, the ministry and the assignment to help as many people as I can to make a success of their lives despite problems, difficulties or challenges that they may be facing at the moment.

This is a clear call, but I have a challenge, and it is this, how do I get many people around the world to hear this good news? I have the cure for people's problems but nobody knows I have the solution, how do I get people to know that I have God's word that can bring them success in the midst of their difficulties? I know that Radio and Television are a great means of blasting my beliefs and teachings to the world but they are too expensive and unaffordable for me at this initial stage of my ministry. I thought for a while and then decided to begin the production of a quarterly magazine which I distributed free of charge, but due to financial limitation at that time, I could only reach my immediate environment, but my target was the whole world.

I knew it was time to do some as fast as possible to get the message out to those going through difficult times that they too can succeed in spite of diificulties. I needed to reach the whole world with the message to teach as many people as I can the principles God asked me to teach them that will surely help them to succeed in spite of any difficulties they may be going through in life.

At a point in time the idea of Internet Ministry came to my heart, even though I did not have a personal Internet ready computer, I could still have an Online Ministry to the people around the world by using the available cybercafe's around me. Thank God I now have my own internet ready computer, if you don't have you can start the way I started - using cybercafe. I knew it would favor me, it would be able to do the following if only I can invest some little amount of money and time:

(1) Have a free website/blog to post all my teachings
(2) Another website free or paid to show the world all my ministry activities
(3) Preach on video for free and have people anywhere in the world with computer and internet access to see my video presentations and hear my messages of hope.
(4) Have an audio recordings of my sermons uploaded to my website and ready to be listened to by people around the world.
(5) Sell my stuff on the internet to earn Dollars or Naira. I can sell e-books, real books, video or audio messages on CDs and DVDs or downloadable, the opportunity is vast.
(6) And many more benefit.

With the above information, I ventured into online ministry and the story of my life have changed ever since. Right now I enjoy all the above facilities, people phone me from all over the world after hearing and seeing me preach on the internet. God have used this internet ministry in my hand to bless many people around the world, more than 5000 people have downloaded my book "Winning In Life's Battles" other books have also been given freely, and many people are sending mails to thank me for allowing God to make me a blessing to them. Many are now happy and willing to support my ministry and offerings are now coming in through foreign currencies like Dollars and Pound Sterling, praise God.

I have packaged this same product for you Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist or even Singer to help you start your very own online ministry with little or no stress. The packaged is now on CD and can be downloaded on your computer hard drive through the internet. After reading through some of these materials, you will be able to start your own website in less than ten minutes from now, begin your own audio and video internet prodution and like me be a blessing to your generation all around the world. No longer will distance be a barrier to reaching people all over the world. If you buy into this package now, you will be able to do the following:

1.Have a website called 'blog' where you will be able to publish your articles, audio messages and printed sermons as often as you may ever want to publish it all for free

2.Have another website where you will be able to post or send your videos, recorded messages for the viewing pleasure of the internet public, and remember that about 850 million people are actively using the internet on the daily basis

3.Show you tricks on how to get people to come visiting your website and read your blog articles which are full of your messages and beliefs.

4.Teach you how to make little money here and there with your free websites

5.Give you information on how to update your weblog and get fresh ideas published without stress.

6.Teach you how to sell your audio and video messages online, and how to collect your money in Naira and even in dollars if that is what you want.

7.Show you how to use the power of social networking website to popularize your church and your website.

8.And many more.

Ministers of God and Singers should especially go for this package, you will mail me to thank me and appreciate me for showing you this secret.

To get the downloaded version will cost you just N5700 payable to my account (see instuction below). You will be able to download this version immediately your payment is confirmed by us. If you need the CD sent to you via courier then just pay the sum of N7500 to my account and you will get the CD in 3 to 4 days of confirmation of your payment.
Pay now to Guarantee Trust Bank (any branch) to Account Name: Sunday Joseph Adenuga and Account Number: 405 445 2001 590 After payment, send by text message or e-mail your name, amount paid, e-mail address, teller number to my phone number 08054041462 or e-mail address

Get your copy now because this is an introductory price and will go up without notice. Invest this token amount to your ministry and reap the dividend that you will continue to enjoy to eternity.


We train pastors and ministers in their churches, if you want us to come to your office to give you a one on one intensive training on how to use internet facilities to put your ministry to international frontiers, then call me on 08054041462. The price range is as follows:

Churches/Ministries in Ibadan and environs will pay N20,000
Churches/Ministries outside Ibadan will have (in addition) to the above, cater for our transportation fees, lodging and meals for the three days of intensive training. At the end of the training, we shall give you all the necessary software you will need to make a good success of your online ministry.

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