Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Value of Help

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Have you observed that no single human being can survive in life without receiving one form of help or the other from other people? Consider a new born babe in the pool of its mother's blood: it needs help of the nurses as well as that of the mother. My people believes that such new baby must be properly bathe for and thoroughly cleaned up to avoid future bad smell or body odor. if there is no experienced nurse to help clean up the baby immediately after birth, then the damage will be done and for the rest of his life such human being who could not enjoy the help of a nurse will remain with bad body odor throughout his life on earth. Help is essential for every human being both old and young, poor and rich, and of course, male and female.

At every point and stage of our lives we need the help of other people, and lack of such type of help has led many people to loosing valuable things in life and even some have lost their very lives. As you read this article, you may like and admire my style of writing, remember I was not born with this skill, I learnt it, some people helped me by teaching me how to be a good writer at one point or the other, this was done either consciously or unconsciously.

Life would be so boring if we could not get help from other people.The world today is a better place to live in because people are helping each other to live better and achieve greater result. Doctors for example are helping us to restore and maintain our health; Lawyers are helping us to maintain justice, law and order; Teachers are helping us and especially our children to become responsible citizens in future; Farmers are helping us to get good food as at when needed, and so for all the other profession. All sorts of things that people do is to help meet human need.

If what you are doing is not remotely or directly linked with helping meet a human need, then something must be wrong with you and it is not possible to make money at that level of living. Success comes as you help others, the more you help others to become happy and successful the more you will succeed in life, it is as simple as that. It is a pity but there is no other way of becoming successful in life if you refuse to go by this route.

HELP! This is one word that has and action that have made our world a better place and also it differentiate man from animals. There is no kingdom of animals that help each others as much as man does...

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