Saturday, October 4, 2008


By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

If you compare this generation with the past generation of people who had lived on planet earth, you will discover that this one is better than all others because most people in this era are out to invent things that helps humans to be much more comfortable on the earth.

About one hundred years ago, nobody could have imagined that thousands of people would be flying across nations through aircraft. Today, many thousands of people are daily traveling by air, nobody can cant the number of people who are air bound daily (that is those flying from one place to another across the globe). I was in Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos Nigeria and was counting the number of planes landing and taking off, I got tired after counting up to eighty within five hours interval. I do not know the number of people in each aircraft.

People are working to earn money but those who work to make or produce things that helps to improve other people's lives will earn more money in real life with time. If what you are doing will not add value to others; if it will not lend a helping hand to others, then I admonish you to change gear and look for something you can do to help as many people as possible. Money answers to providing a solution to people's problems, and the more problems you are able to solve for people the more money you will have. Its as simple as A B C. Real success begins when you begin to make your work count in helping other people to live a better life.

War has reduced greatly in this generation due to the determination of human race to build rather than destroy, we value human lives now than they did in the times when war was the order of the day. This generation of people are building, working and helping each other. The result is the sophisticated cities we have built across the world. Human being have built gadgets that helps us to launch space stations where scientists lived for more than a year to carry out experiments that helps us to improve our planet. The little things done by individuals here and there to help each other has brought this world to this level of advancement that I am sure the Almighty God Himself will be proud of man's achievement on the earth. Why? Because God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it. Not only that but that we should als have dominion over every created things.

Now man, with the help to each other and cooperation with each other, have competed with bird in the air and won because no bird can fly out of the earth's atmosphere. He also competed with the fish in the sea and won, for no fish can perform the feat that man can inside the ocean.

Let me conclude by asking you this salient question.
What is your own contribution to this word and this planet?
In what way are you helping others?

You daily receive help - consciously and many times unconsciously, how do you plant back what you are reaping? It is the only way to keep the earth moving. Don't you know that each time you use the phone, though you paid for the services, but you were helped. Each time you visited the hospital and received medical solutin,it is an invaluable help irrespective of the amount of money paid by you. Let us begin to appreciate these things. Our fore fathers suffered because of these things and we have them freely because some people invested their lives and times to develop these things. So now, what do you want to add to life? Do you want to live this earth only taking and taking without giving anything back to help others?

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