Thursday, October 2, 2008

Success Is Your Birthright

By Adenuga S Joseph

The big guys with millions and billions of dollars in their bank accounts are as ordinary as you, none of them is more priviledged than you; none of them is favoured by GOD more than you. Nobody was destined to be poor in life, if there is any destiny for you, it is the destiny of greatness.

- You don’t need to come from the perfect family
- You don’t need to have all the degrees and fancy initials after your name
- You don’t need to have a certain I.Q.
- You don’t need to have a perfect body
- You don’t need to be popular
- You don’t need to grow up in a certain part of the world
- You don’t even need to be a certain age

All you need is simple faith in God and His in-built forces of success on the inside of you. Success is inside you failure is around you, so look inward, stop looking around. You have all it takes to make real big success on the earth. So dear friend, Go for it and be the best you were created to be.

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