Saturday, October 25, 2008

Principles Of Success

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

(1) Identify a human need:-

Lasting success is easy and possible if your life is based on meeting a human need. The basic human needs are food, clothing, health, home (habitation) and happiness. Any business be it service or production that caters for any of the above mentioned will surely get the approval of the people and this means good business for you. If your business is good, then your pocket will be good too. You have to study your environment and your people, see what is the pressing need in your society and help provide the service or product. To meet this need, you may have to be trained in the technology of producing that product or service; you may become an apprentice for some time. You are to do everything that it requires of you.
In the area of meeting the food need of human beings (and indeed all the basic human needs) there are a lot of areas where innovative people like you are needed. People are needed in Agriculture, food processing, animal feeds concentrate etc. Human needs are many and insatiable, but you have the responsibility of discovering that area of need you can help meet for reward that can bring in millions.

Innovation of Strategic method:-

We are in the era of information technology, many people are millionaires today because they have come up with methods of doing business better and are teaching people this methods of how to perform better in their chosen businesses. There are better ways of doing things, if you can study life and come up with strategic methods of doing things better, cheaper and faster then you are in a good business.
In 1996, I got some computer software that introduced our school to new methods of teaching some aspect of mathematics. In the CD Rom, we were taught the whole process – that was an innovation. You have to pray, study the word and meditate upon the word of God. Through meditation, God will open you up to new ideas. This is the reason I took you through the deep teaching of the real you in the earlier chapters. In those chapters, I pointed out to you the importance of your heart and of your thinking process. There are new ways of doing things (business, inclusive of service and production), that will be easier, cheaper, faster and better than the conventional way. Discover these methods and teach them to the operators of these business for cool cash, in this case you will establish and run a consultancy outfit

Setting Plans for Immediate Action:-

Can you imagine the task before the Biblical Noah? When he was told to build an ark that would house all the animals on earth (male and female) the ark would house all these animals for the time space of about one calendar year (or twelve lunar month). For Noah to build such Ark demanded a lot of planning and praying. It must be an ark that would cater for the needs of those animals that thrives only on greens (or vegetations), it would cater for those other animals that feeds on other animals. And none of the animals must be an endangered specie; they must all be cared for and made to survive beyond the time they would spend inside the ark. The most difficult part of this assignment is that all the animals would not be on hunger strike. I studied my bible and found out that Noah and the animals were inside the ark for at least one full year. Many of the animals would not survive a day without water, they must have enough ventilation, must be able to freely move about, some soil of earth must be provided inside the ark for some that needs to hide their eggs inside the soil, and those that needed frequent visit to rivers or ponds must have a kind of an environment that is very close to their ideal natural habitat. And yet, there must be room enough for reproduction and expansion. How was he able to plan for the disposal of human and animal wastes in the same Ark for one year at an age when there was no water system of flushing our human wastes. How did he plan to keep the Ark fresh? What did he do to keep it from smelling bad to prevent an outbreak of diseases? How did he prevent the lions from eating up all other less powerful animals? How was he able to preserve their food and some other perishables at an age when there was no refrigerator and or electricity? Think of all the task and assignment before Noah, nobody can make a success of it without proper planning. On the lighter mood, I watch a movie, my children compelled me to watch it, the title of it was ‘king Kong’. If king Kong was real and Noah had to take both the male and female into the ark, can you imagine how big the ark would be? Even at that, this Kong must survive inside the ark for one full year with all their needs met and without endangering other species of animals. Can you imagine, a few days inside the Ark when the rain was heavy, if Noah suddenly remembered that proper arrangement was not made for some specie of animals, so he then needed to go out to get some materials, the whole expedition would have been a failure. That is how you will understand that Noah really had everything planned out before the rain. Noah definitely needed a lot of wisdom. One thing is to have wisdom to build the ark, another is to have the necessary wisdom to woo the animals to enter the ark; and yet another thing is the wisdom to domesticate the wild animals (without removing their wild nature). Think about the task before Noah. If Noah was given five hundred billion dollars, I doubt if such an ark can be built today. Even if you build it, what of the wisdom needed in getting all specie of animals and birds into the ark and yet arranging and putting each of them into their natural habitat inside the arc. How did Noah make it, how did he succeed at this assignment? Noah set up a plan for immediate action. It is impossible to fail if you plan properly. Plan your life, plan your business and you will not fail. Part of planning is having a time table; you must be able to pencil down what you intend doing from the time you wake up till the time you would go to bed. As you plan your time, be determined to follow your own plans, there is no need to plan if you will not follow it. Planning can help you to make a good success of your life, so plan. Noah succeeded because he followed God’s plan in building the ark.

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