Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rule Your World

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Your world is your area of influence, it is your domain, where your territory of influence begins and end. In real life this includes your body, soul and spirit; it includes your plans for your own future; your home; your wife or husband; your children; your business or job; even up till your spiritual environment.

In this write up, my intension is to motivate you and provoke you to the level where you want to take control of your life and not just leave things to chance or luck.

You need to realise that when God created man, He gave him power to be
(1) fruitful
(2) multiply
(3) replenish the earth
(4) subdue the earth
and (5) to have dominion over all the other creatures:- whatever they may be, fish, birds, creaping things and all animals.
This is clearly telling us that it is the will of God for man to have success power and self improvement.

The Bible says in IIIJohn2 that God wish ABOVE ALL things that you and I prosper and be in health. Anything that goes contrary to that is not of God.
The responsibility lies on us, you and I, to develop ourselves, to increase our power and become more successful

To rule your world you have a lot of responsibilities, most things we think are up to God are really up to us. If you do not act God will not act, if you move heaven will move with you. Heaven helps those who help themselves. You are in charge of your life. Please note this and note it well, you are in charge, not the devil, not your boss, not your country or your president. You are the one who rules: whatever happens to you is an effect of a course which you have initialised.

By creation every human being have the power to rule his word according to the word of God. So my friend, take action, RULE YOUR WORLD.
To be continued...

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