Friday, April 4, 2008

The Power Of Your Mind

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

The mind of man is the most important part of him that differentiate him from animals. The mind of man makes him to be the most impotant of God’s creatures. Man’s mind is so awesome and powerful that there is absolutely nothing that is impossible with any man that believes that he can. Whatever you believe you can achieve, if you put your mind to work, you find out that the impossible will suddenly become possible.

Nothing is ever impossible for a man who’s mind is made up, man’s mind is so powerful, if put to good use will make him to get whatever he desires in this life. With this mind power, man has made this world or earth better than he met it, man has put into this earth a lot of imput that makes this world easy for all of us to live in.

Can you imagine, man has competed with the birds in the air and floor them, beat them to any level, what man is doing in the sky, the birds whose natural habitat is the air cannot do it.Man competed with the fish in the sea and beat them hands down, this is the power of the mind. No fish can do what man has been able to do in the sea, man is AWESOME, because he has a mind.

On land there is no animal under the sun that can do what man is doing. Man is not an animal, man is created by God to rule this world with the power of his mind. Mna has exploited every opportunity to the extent that I am working on this weblog and in minutes you can read it from any nation of the earth. We have used our mind power to the extent that you can speak with a friend or client anywhere in the world with just a little hanset, so little are these hansets, yet so great are the functions they perform.

Do you see what I am saying? Only a few years ago nobody would believe that a time will come when you can get breaking news of happenings around the world with the aids of television and now internet. Something they taught was impossible in those days are common things to us in this generation, the model of cars we use today were made possible by the power of the mind of people like you and I.
Every convinience that we enjoy today were brought to be because somebody believe he could do it, used his mind and came out with a breakthrough that has brought great blessings to mankind. These things were brought to be by people like you and me, the only difference is that they used their minds. You too can do what others are doing, all you need to do is use your mind.Use your mind well, you can do whatever you set out to do, say I can. Yes say it again, I can do all things. The bible says, I can do all things through Christ that strenghtens me. You can do it, friend, go out and do what you need to do tobe successful

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