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Unseen Laws That Guides the Universe

Law, Ruth
Law, Ruth (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)
This whole world operates with principles that cannot be broken till eternity. For example there is the physical law of gravity that states that every object is pulled or attracted to the earth by certain forces. This implies that every thing that goes up must surely come down; meaning that, no matter how smart you are, you can never float or keep an object in the sky perpetually because eventually that object must hit the ground.

These laws that operate in the universe guide and keep our world going, they bring order and beauty to our world. This is a thing that makes success possible for all and sundry provided the people know how these laws operate and they can follow or cooperate with these laws. They make life predictable, if you know how the laws of life operate, you can predict the end of the life of any man by the way he lives.

There are physical laws that cannot be broken except you can introduce greater laws that can temporarily suspend the operation of the lower laws. The Airplane flies by laws and principles that are higher than the law of gravity, and so an airplane can stay in the sky for as long as man intends, all things being equal. This is very important point to note by anyone and everyone that intend to greatly succeed in this world wherein we live.

There are physical laws, psychological laws, spiritual laws and so on. Some of these laws are universal, meaning that they are true anywhere on this planet; while some of them are timeless, meaning that they are true one thousand years ago, right now they are still true and will continue to be true till God knows when. My duty in writing this book is to show you the very principles and laws that commits the  Invisible PayMaster to serve you. He does not only pay you for all your effort but also continue to handsomely reward you for every effort you contribute to the development of mankind.

The Invisible PayMaster is a spiritual law that God, The creator of this our world and The Maker of the entire universe has put in place. This invisible PayMaster cannot be cheated, you can never out smart him. He is very accurate and a just rewarder, he pays you according to what you deserve. You are judged or paid based on how you follow the laws of this Invisible PayMaster. If you know and follow the laws of this Invisible Paymaster, it does not matter who you are, you get paid; it does not matter where you live, you get paid; it does not matter whether you are strong or weak in the body, you get paid.

This Invisible Paymaster is so much entrenched into our world that it does not fail to pay whosoever follows and obeys his laws. It does not regard your strength, intelligence, beauty, connection and the fluency of your language or speech. All it cares for is to dutifully pay all those who faithfully obey its laws with riches untold. This explains the reason why we have people with weak bodies, and some you call disable or handicapped become so rich that able bodied, handsome and beautiful people works under them and are in their payroll.

The point is this, you or anyone else in the universe can be richly rewarded by the Invisible PayMaster if you know what it takes to attract the blessing, and that is what God have sent me accomplish in this book. You are not inferior to any mortal man on the face of the earth, you can have what any rich man had if you know and follow these laws of the Invisible PayMaster, these laws were established by God and kept by strong and unfailing principles.

I want to assure you by the prophetic WORD of God that if you learn this laws and follow them, you will turn your financial destiny around for good in no time at all. Let your mind be opened for great blessings to happen in there, for your success proceeds from your heart and mind. God bless you as you read along.

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