Friday, February 7, 2014

Help From Above

gods of cool (redux) (aka The Bluesy Trinity)
gods of cool (redux) (aka The Bluesy Trinity) (Photo credit: ~C4Chaos)
By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Everybody needs help at one time or the other in their lives, and no one can live without an input of help from another. We are all creature that mutually depends on each other, the fact is that none of us can be an island, we cannot possibly survive without each other not to talk of succeeding without the input of help from other people. This fact is so true that life itself is based on help which we are obliged to render for each other.

The division of labour makes it possible for someone to produces his or her goods or services, render such as a help or solution to another person's problems and while doing so he will get a financial reward for his pains. Wealth increases with the rate at which you are willing and able to provide help and solution to other people's problems. Almost every possitive action we embark upon as human being is a form of help or providing solution to other people's problems, only those positive actions can bring in money to those who embark on them. If you closely observe life, you will agree with me that we start needing the help of others from the time of conception, if adequate care is not taken during the nine months of pregnancy, the new born babe may not be in top shape in terms of robust health and that will certainly affect longetivity.

After birth, it has been discovered that if the baby is not bath well, it is likely to grow up an odious person, the singular act of failing to help the new born babe to take a good bath may render him or her odious for life, a thing he could not help himself except some other person helps him. From that illustration, it is easy to follow the argument that if one's parents are poor, and if it is so bad that they cannot afford to help or give their child the basic education, the destiny of such human being will certainly be altered except God intervains. This is the reason why this write-up is focusing on the topic, "Help From Above". In the book of Psalm 46: 1, we read, "God is our refuge and strenght, a very present help in touble" God is able and willing to send you help from above but He will still use human beings.

You need help and everybody does, and even though God will help us, He will use human being, that implies that you and me must make ourselves available to God to use us to help meet other people's needs. The Bible says in one portion that "vain is the help of man", this implies that God does not expect us to be looking to man to help us, we should look up unto God as expressed in Psalm 121, " I will look up unto the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth..." We must look up unto God, no not even unto our parents but unto God alone.

We need to understand and remember always that God will not send angelic being to help us He will use human beings, if he likes He can use our parents, husbands, classmates, colleagues and so on but we must not mistake the source of help as God and God alone. Having understood that the source is from God we must not fail to acknowlegde the human instrument that God will use or is using by appreciating and thanking them. It may be that you needed some goods or services, human beings are the manufacturers, God has provided the goods or services to you through them you need to appreciate the people by paying for the services rendered.
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