Friday, February 7, 2014

Fulfilling God's Call Upon Your Life

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By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

The call of God upon the life of a man is the assignment that is expected of him by God to be performed here on earth for the benefit of mankind. Many people attribute calling to the work of God that a man is assigned to carry out such as preaching or evangelizing. The truth is that everybody who is born to this world is called by God to carry out one assignment or the other, it does not matter whether that assignment is spiritual or secular. The assignment had been there since we were born.

Success begins in the life of any man the day he discovers this call of God upon his life and follow it carefully to carry out that assignment that he is persuaded is the reason for his living. If a man fails to discover this call he may never be fulfilled in life no matter how rich he may eventually become. The call of God is the assignment you are created to carry out on earth for the benefit of many other people, the discovery of this assignment is the beginning of breakthrough and success. Your assignment is definitely different from that of any other human being because of your uniqueness.

The ministry of two preacher are always different, take as an instance the way T D Jakes ministers the word of God, it is different from the way Creflo Dollars do his own and both of them are very successful in their assignment. This implies that two people may have similar call or assignment but because of individual differences, the way of operation of these assignments will definitely differ. This implies that whatever you are called to do, do it, not minding whether many other people are already carrying out such assignment. Some fail because of the fear of competition, we are not called to compete with each other but to compliment each other. Do your assignment not with the mind of copetition but with the heart of complimenting those already doing it with the determination to do it differently and if possible better. To succeed therefore, you need to discover the call of God upon your life and fulfill it.

One way to discover it is to look at you from the inside and see which area of life appeals to you. What things engages your interest and attention? This may be the signal to the area you are called to be a blessing to others. Those comedians are making a hell of money because their assignment is to help other people relieve stress. If what you want and love to do is going to help other people, it could be The Lord trying to call you, all you need do is yield, and success will follow.
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