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The Evil of Pride

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By Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Pride is defined by a Dictionary as having a high opinion of one's worth or possessions when one have a very high opinion of him or herself, one is said to be proud. A conceit somebody who feels he or she is better than others, scorning others and didadaining other people's opinions and worth. Many people are proud and they do not know it, after reading through this article, you will be able see yourself and judge whether you are indeed proud or not.

When you always think yourself to be the right fellow and all others wrong, when you feel you are the best and every other people are not as important as you, then look to it, it may be a seed of pride in you, get rid of it today before it gets rid of you. When other people's opinion is of no consequence to you and have no consideration in your heart, that may also be a seed of pride. Also you have the seed of pride when someone offends you and begs you but you refuse to forgive and forget the offence, especially when the offender has called other people to beg you and you still refused bluntly, check yourself for cleansing from the seed of pride.

Pride comes because of one's great accomplishments and success, when you excel beyond others, you need special grace to remain humble, when God blesses you above your equals and mates, you need special grace to keep humble. Some become proud because of their beauty, some because of their position of power, some because of their parents wealth.

God's Warning Against Pride
In the Bible, the book of Proverbs 6: 16-19, Psalm 138: 6, The Lord warns that He hates the proud one, God keeps a very good distance from the proud one, so be careful that God do not keep a disturbing distance from you. We are told in Proverbs 11:2 that pride brings shame. At the end of the day pride brings strife and un-necessary fighting because pride is not of God. He expressly commanded us never to be proud see 1 Samuel 2: 3

The following people were recorded in the Bible to have exhibited pride and faced the music in a hard way, one of them is Pharaoh Exodus 5: 2. He ended up loosing all his precious souldiers, chariots and horses in the red sea. Naaman the captain of the host of Syria was humbled by a simple Word of the Lord from the mouth of Elisha, Nebuchadenezar was sent to the bush for seven years when he became proud. The art of pride has always led to destruction from all available records of history from age to age. The fall of Lucifer who later became Satan is the best illustration of all, please see Isaiah 14: 12 - 17, Revelation 12: 7 -12, and Ezekiel 28: 14 -19
God bless you.

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