Friday, July 31, 2009

The Making of A Great Man of God

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Great men of God are born so, but the majority of them became so because they were willing to pass through certain stages of training and development. Nobody can attain to greatness in the things of God without great discipline and purposeful persistence to the calling.

Presently, there are men and women who are actually known to be great movers and shakers of the things of God in this end time.

David Oyedepo was one man who started as small as any other man on planet earth, his rise to wealth, power and honor was not as a result of any inherited wealth, or winning any big lottery. He came to wealth and affluence through share hard work and determination with a faith that sees no failure or accept any defeat. This implies that anyone, including you can so rise if you do the same things these great men have done or are doing.

Kenneth Copeland was another man I admire from a distance, I have not been opportuned to meet him or see him on one on one

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