Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God's Intention

By Pastor Adenuga Sunday Joseph

God who created the heavens and the earth loves the earth so much that He created man in His own image to have dominion over everything that He created. He put man in charge of all created beings and things. The earth contains a lot of what we call 'Natural Resources', a lot of different species of birds, animals, insects, fish, plants, trees, land mass, seas, oceans, rivers, mountains of different sizes and heights.

God in His wisdom thinks it right to make man the king of the earth. The Bible says in Psalm 24:1 that "The earth is the Lord's, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein" meaning that God owns the earth, it belongs to Him by right of possession and ownership. When something belongs to you, the right to do with it whatever you choose is exclusively yours.

God decided that man should be in charge of His (God's) earth, to manage it for Him. Man has not failed in this awesome assignment. man has turned this earth to near paradise considering the fact that man started with no house, no clothing, no roads, no cars, no telephones, no books nor ability to read. The only thing man was given was nothing but food and water in the garden of Eden, think about the wisdom God gave to man to turn this world from such empty earth to near paradise of cities like Paris, Hong- Kong, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Kuala-Lumpore, Johannesburg, London, just to mention a few beautiful cities of the world.

Man has done so well in the realm of science and technology that even God will give us pass mark, no doubt. The truth is this, God's intention was not just to have a breakthrough in science and technology but also to do exploit in the spiritual realm. We have failed generally in the area of the spirit, we have not known the Lord who loved us so much, who created us and gave us the wisdom to have dominion over all His earth. We have failed to recognize the one who has called us to head His corporation - earth.

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