Monday, November 17, 2008

The Power of Persistence

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

One of the most important factors of success in the universe is persistence. This is the ability to stick your neck out on something you believe in despite all the contrary circumstances. To every call in life there is always a time of wilderness experience, a time of difficulties, challenges and temptation when one seriously considers giving up what one is doing.

Even our Lord Jesus christ came to a point in His life and ministry (or business), that He really wished the cup would pass over Him. Persistence is not the absence of difficulties, it is going ahead doing what you believe inspite of difficulties, oppositions, discouragement, lack of flow of finance and all forms of evil that is hell bent in making you to pack it all up.

Let me assure you that there will be opposition and discouragement along your way if you are going to do anything worthwhile. Valuable things and accomplishment have a way of attracting forces of opposition and difficulties especially in the beginning. Learn to face life; to face difficulties; to face opposition with a determination to not only complete the task at hand but to finish it gloriously. Right inside of you is a creative power inbuilt by God to overcome every difficulties, you have that thing in you that can win any battle in life.

Please do not ever forget this, you are more than that task, you can do all things, as long as you are alive you are equal to any task. Never give up, you can make it big, so face it and do it, never fall short of accomplishing that thing you set out to do in the first place.

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